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Laboratory Safety Rules

SOP ID   SOP Title
SOP/PD/101_03   Master
SOP/PD/102_03   Good Laboratory Practice
SOP/PD/103_03   Health and Safety in the Laboratory
SOP/PD/104_03   Training
SOP/PD/105_03   Laboratory Logbooks
SOP/PD/201_02   Health and Safety Point-of-Care Testing
SOP/PD/203_02   Littmann Classic II S.E.
SOP/PD/204_02   PainMatcher
SOP/PD/205_02   Force Dial FDN 100
SOP/PD/206_02   Force TEN FDX
SOP/PD/207_02   Accu-Chek Safe-T-Pro Plus
SOP/PD/208_02   Microlet
SOP/PD/209_02   Riester Big Ben Aneroid Sphygmomanometer
SOP/PD/210_02   PiC Aneroid Sphymomanometer
SOP/PD/211_02   CoaguChek XS
SOP/PD/212_02   STAT-Site M Hgb
SOP/PD/213_02   CoaguChek S
SOP/PD/214_02   Medtronic Minimed CGMS System GOLD
SOP/PD/215_02   AccuChekGO
SOP/PD/216_02   Artsana Mercury Sphygmomanometer
SOP/PD/217_02   Riester Mercury Sphygmomanometer
SOP/PD/218_02   Tensoval Comfort
SOP/PD/219_02   Bionime GM550
SOP/PD/220_02   AccuChek Active
SOP/PD/221_02   DCA2000+ Analyzer
SOP/PD/222_02   Accutrend Plus
SOP/PD/223_01   Clintek Status Analyser
SOP/PD/224_01   Medisana Upper Arm BP Monitor
SOP/PD/225_01   Medisana Meditouch Blood Glucose Monitor
SOP/PD/226_01   MulticareIn
SOP/PD/227_01   Tonoport V
SOP/PD/228_01   Urisys 1100
SOP/PD/229_01   Intradermal Injection Training Simulator
SOP/PD/230_01   Intramuscular and Subcutaneous Injection Trainer (IMSIT S403)
SOP/PD/231_01   Skinfold Caliper (GIMA)
SOP/PD/232_01   Advanced Venepuncture Arm
SOP/PD/233_01   Geriatric IV Training Arm
SOP/PD/234_01   Advanced Intravenous Training Arm
SOP/PD/235_01   Aneroid Sphygmomanometer (GIMA)
SOP/PD/236_01   OneCheck Automatic Sphygmomanometer
SOP/PD/301_02   Eppendorf Minispin
SOP/PD/302_02   Memmert Universal Oven
SOP/PD/303_02   ACB Series ACB-600H Precision Balance
SOP/PD/304_02   Precisa 180A Precision Balance
SOP/PD/305_02   Precisa 1600C Precision Balance
SOP/PD/306_02   Jouan Laboratory Oven
SOP/PD/307_02   Endecotts Octagon 200 Test Sieve Shaker
SOP/PD/308_02   Jouan BE 117R Water Distiller
SOP/PD/309_02   Vortex Genie 2
SOP/PD/310_02   Kern EW 120-4NM Precision Balance
SOP/PD/311_02   Hanna Portable pH Meter HI 9025
SOP/PD/312_02   Hanna Bench-Top pH Meter HI 8521
SOP/PD/313_02   Draper External Micrometer
SOP/PD/314_02   Friability Tester with Abrasion Drum
SOP/PD/315_02   AA Series AA-160 Precision Balance
SOP/PD/316_02   Langford Sonomatic 1400 Ultrasonic Bath
SOP/PD/317_02   Bibby Sterilin RE-100 Rotary Evaporator
SOP/PD/318_02   Sirman Cutter C6 vv
SOP/PD/319_02   Class B Dispensing Balance
SOP/PD/320_02   Gallenkamp Magnetic Stirrer
SOP/PD/321_02   Reflotron
Pharm.D. Programme

Postgraduate Programme leading to Doctorate in Pharmacy 

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