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1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th Years

Pharmacy Practice Forms & Handbook

Form A [PDF]

Form B [PDF]

Form C [PDF] 

Form C/3 [PDF] 

Form C/4 [PDF]

Handbook for Community Pharmacy Practice [PDF] - NEW

1st Years

PHR1101 Pharmacy Practice Module I Lecture Summary [PDF] - NEW


2nd Years

PHR2103 Pharmacy Practice Module II Lecture Summary [PDF] - NEW


3rd Years

PHR3107 Clinical Pharmacy [PDF]
PHR3107 Industrial Pharmacy [PDF]

PHR3106 Pharmacy Practice Module III Lecture Summary [PDF] - NEW


4th Years

PHR4112 lecture plan [PDF] - NEW



M.Pharm. students PHR 5514


Attendance Record Book [PDF] - NEW

Bibliography [PDF]
Logbook [PDF]
Handbook [PDF] - NEW
Pharmacist Tutor Assessment Sheet [PDF]

In-Service Training
Form 5.1 - Notification of Commencement [PDF]
Form 5.2 - Notification of Change [PDF]
Form 5.3 - Notification of Absence [PDF] - NEW
Form 5.4 - Submission of Report [PDF]
Form 5.5 - Final Declaration of Attendance [PDF]


Report Schedule 2011-12 [PDF] NEW

1. Prescribing non-prescription medicines [DOC] - NEW

2. Quality Care Systems [DOC] - NEW

3. Communication [DOC] - NEW

4. Formulary:  Drugs used in Eye and Ear disorders [DOC] - NEW

5. Standard Operating Procedures [DOC] - NEW


Validation Method
Handbook [PDF]

Communicating with the Patient [PDF]
Consumer Services [PDF]
Equipment and Professional Services [PDF]
Health Professionals [PDF]
Dispensing a Prescription [PDF]
Setting of the Community Pharmacy [PDF]
Responding to Symptoms [PDF]

Result Sheet [PDF]
Report Sheet [PDF]

PHR5515: Pharmacy Practice NEW

Critical Appraisal Skills Programme (CASP): making sense of evidence

10 questions to help you make sense of randomised controlled trials [PDF]

12 questions to help you make sense of a cohort study [PDF]

adapted from Guyatt GH, Sackett DL, and Cook DJ, Users’ guides to the medical literature. II. How to use an article about therapy or prevention. JAMA 1993; 270 (21): 2598-2601 and JAMA 1994; 271(1): 59-63


Research Articles

Carraro G, De Giorgi L, Scaparrotta G, Terrassan M, Tineo M, Calo' L, Del Prete D, Frigo AC, Naso A. Epoietin-alpha/darbepoetin-alpha switch in haemodialysis patients: single centre trial to evaluate the treatment efficacy in achieving haemoglobin target levels and optimisation of cost/efficacy ratio. EJHP Science 2011; 17(3): 89-94. 

Morgado M, Rolo S, Castelo-Branco M. Pharmacist intervention program to enhance hypertension control: a randomised controlled trial. Int J Clin Pharm 2011; 33: 132–140.

Johnston SS, Juday T, Seekins D, Espindle D, Chu BC. Association between prescription cost sharing and adherence to initial combination antiretroviral therapy in commercially insured antiretroviral-naive patients with HIV. J Manag Care Pharm 2012; 18(2): 129-45. 

Willoch K, Blix HS, Pedersen-Bjergaard AM, Eek AK, Reikvam A. Handling drug-related problems in rehabilitation patients: a randomized study. Int J Clin Pharm 2012; 34:382–388.

Pharm.D. Programme

Postgraduate Programme leading to Doctorate in Pharmacy 

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