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An Exchange Experience in Slovenia
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An Exchange Experience in Slovenia


Thursday 1st July 2010 marked the start of an unforgettable experience: a two-month student exchange in Slovenia where I had the opportunity to gain practical experience in the pharmaceutical research field. During my stay in Ljubljana, I was attached with Ms. Biljana Govedarica, a Ph. D. student, with her research work at the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Ljubljana.

I was working mostly on evaluation of pharmaceutical materials (polymers, excipients, active ingredients) as well as novel drug delivery systems (solid lipid nanoparticles) using Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM). The research work included carrying out literature reviews, preparation of samples for AFM analysis, and taking measurements on the AFM instrument. Helping out in this study helped me gain insight to what research work really involves.

While in Ljubljana I also attended the 56th IPSF World Congress which brought together 360 pharmacy students from 45 countries. The purpose of the congress was to stimulate international discussion, review various pharmaceutical topics and link knowledge between countries, companies, students’ organizations and individuals. Workshops covered topics including HIV/AIDs, tubercolosis, smoking cessation and counterfeit drugs. Participation in a public awareness campaign on the human papilloma virus that was held in the streets of Slovenia, highlighted the role of the pharmacist in health education and awareness. The IPSF Congress  programme also included an educational and scientific symposium, in which I had the opportunity to present a poster about the use of EPO gene therapy in sports.



 Poster Presentation at the IPSF congress


 56th IPSF congress - Opening Ceremony



Charlene at the lab at the

Faculty of Pharmacy,

University of Ljubljana


Facebook Party



Social activities also formed part of the equation of this cherished experience. These included an international night, gatherings with the locals, experiencing different cultures, visiting new places, and numerous parties.

The whole experience was invaluable and contributed towards my personal and professional development. This is the reason why I am encouraging other local students to participate in such programmes which are organized by both EPSA and IPSF.

On a final note, I would like to thank all those who supported me throughout the way, mainly the staff at the Department of Pharmacy at the University of Malta, and the staff at the Faculty of Pharmacy in Ljubljana.

Charlene Galea
Third Year Pharmacy Student

Pharm.D. Programme

Postgraduate Programme leading to Doctorate in Pharmacy 

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