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Being one of the longer established specialties within Medicine, the Department has been running the Master of Science course in Public Health since 1994.  This was the first postgraduate course run by the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery at the University of Malta and was initiated by renowned Malariologist and Infectious Disease Expert Professor Herbert M. Gilles.

The Department teaches undergraduates in Medicine and our staff members are also actively engaged in teaching across different departments and institutes at the University of Malta, particularly at the Institute of Health Care.

Public Health is a compendium of sub-specialties including such areas as Epidemiology, Health Information, Health Management, Environmental Health, Health Promotion, Medical Statistics, Health Economics and Occupational Health.  Our Department is actively engaged in teaching these and other areas both at undergraduate as well as postgraduate levels across the University of Malta as well as abroad.

The Department of Public Health is part of a tri-partite committee, together with the Ministry of Health and the Malta Association of Public Health Medicine (MAPHM), which is actively engaged in developing and running recognised in-service training within the Ministry of Health, leading to the recognition of specialist status in Public Health in Malta.

The Department is actively engaged in developing public health research in Malta and is a partner in a number of internationally funded research programmes.  It has strong links with the European Public Health Association (EUPHA) and the Executive Agency for Health and the Consumer (EAHC) of the European Union’s DG Sanco.

The teaching within the Department:

  • is based on adult learning techniques

  • is geared for all health professionals, at undergraduate and postgraduate levels

  • is conducted by recognised specialists from a number of different areas within public health hailing Malta and other countries

  • is involved in a Erasmus Teacher and Student Exchange Programme with the University of Seville.

Last Updated: 11 September 2009

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