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Aspects Of Daily Life In Late Medieval Malta and Gozo A compilation of some of Godfrey Wettinger's writings
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Aspects Of Daily Life In Late Medieval Malta and Gozo A compilation of some of Godfrey Wettinger's writings

Compiled and Edited by: Camilleri Mark
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This is Prof. Godfrey Wettinger's unfinished project; completed posthumously in celebration of Wettinger as the recipient of the National Book Prize “Lifetime Achievement Award” for 2014. Shortly before he passed away, Wettinger was planning to publish a collection of articles he wrote during his career along with two yet unpublished additions to the collection which are “Laurencza, the Slave of Don Matteo De Brunecto, a woman of easy virtue in Gozo 1480s” and “A land inheritance dispute in Gozo in 1485”. This 2015 publication is the full collection as Wettinger had envisaged it originally. Common themes which bind the articles are the social and economic aspects of Maltese life in late Medieval Malta. Through these articles we get a glimpse of the various socio-economic traits of the Maltese and the Gozitans of the 15th and 16th centuries: a type of historiography which is rare to come by in the field of Medieval studies. The articles are based on research Wettinger has made of secular and religious courts at the Mdina Cathedral Archive. Instead of transcribing the court cases word by word, Wettinger describes them in a lucid and methodological manner and gives his own description and analysis of each case. Wettinger, who was one of Malta's foremost Medieval historians was quite aware of the lack of studies on social and economic aspects in Medieval studies and his wish to collect these articles into one book will in a way serve future historians as a new window from which to access and even address this historiographic gap. This book will also serve to renew the interest of the general public in Wettinger's work as well as to celebrate him as the distinctive Maltese scholar that he was. “Aspects of Daily Life in Late Medieval Malta and Gozo. A Compilation of some of Godfrey Wettinger's Writings by Mark Camilleri” was launched during the Malta Book Festival.


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