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General Guidelines for Aurthors

The Malta University Press has been in existence since the 1960s and its academic publications have included works by several leading scholars. Its Editorial Board’s procedure is that any request for subsidy and/or publication by the MUP should in the first instance be addressed to the chairman of the Board or its secretary, with a motivation letter indicating what the publication would be about, what the author’s credentials are, and what the particular academic value of any such publication would be, why and to what extent it is expected that it may be subsidised.

As a rule the Board does not accept to publish dissertations or theses, including doctoral ones, unless these are held to be exceptionally valuable and/or relevant academically, nor does it endorse writings which could be seen to be possibly contestable in a party political sense. As for subsidies to University of Malta academic journals, the praxis has been that of a fixed standard sum for not more than one journal per Faculty or Institute.

If the Board prima facie decides that it is worthwhile to proceed with the relevant project, it will then send the text for peer review itself, selecting and commissioning the would-be reviewers itself, and, if the outcome is positive, and the recommendations heeded, the Board will have the project costed in some detail, to see how this would slot into its own not unlimited budgetary allocation.

Author/s will be bound by a signed agreement with the publisher. Click here for a copy of the agreement. PDF

Submissions must be type-set and submitted in hard copy and on a CD or camera ready, including the table of contents and an index subject to final pagination.

Last Updated: 31 August 2010

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