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healthHealth Issues Today
medical, societal and bioethical
by Maurice Cauchi

The aim of this work is to give some information relating to normal body function and to highlight a number of disorders which are of common occurrence. It is written in simple language which assumes very little scientific knowledge. Where medical terminology is introduced, this is explained both in text and in a glossary at the end of the book. 

While medicine is an international enterprise, local conditions in Malta are taken into consideration in both choosing the topic as well as in highlighting the current situation in this country.

This book should be of interest not only to those suffering from any particular disorder described in this book, but, perhaps more importantly, to all those who have an interest in understanding the process involved in maintaining health and prevention of disease.

A graduate of Malta (M.D., 1961) and London universities (M.Sc., Ph.D., 1967), the author worked on cancer research at the Royal Marsden Hospital, London. A clinical associate professor at both Monash and Melbourne universites, he was Director of Haematology and Immunology at the Royal Women's Hospital, Melbourne. As Professor of Pathology at the University of Malta (1992-2003), Maurice Cauchi also served as president of the Health ministry's Bioethics Council. He is also the author of several scientific papers on immunology, cancer and related topics.

Pages 284                 ISBN 978 99909 45 64 5         Price 15 euro


clownClowning in the Classroom
A new approach to healthy psychological development

by Daniele Zucca

If today laughter therapy is recognised as a form of supportive therapy in many paediatric clinics, the method is still absent from school practices, and what Dr Zucca presents in this work is a methodological application of this method in the field of teaching and training. The aim of this works is, in fact, to introduce the use of the ‘psycho-educational clown’ in the classroom with the intent of having a form of education that gears students to the use of their full potential, both in the classroom and also with respect to ‘several life-skills that are essential for lifelong development’.

The work presents a mature, well-articulated and organised guide and reference to the notion of the psycho-educational model of clowning. This subject is not easy to tackle, unless one has a relevant experience in the field, something which Dr Zucca truly shows he possesses, thus contributing greatly to educational psychology sources.

An M.A. graduate in Education, Daniele Zucca obtained a professional qualification in Counselling and recently concluded a Ph.D. at the University of Sassari, Sardinia with a thesis in Psychology. Dr Zucca lectured on clowning in postgraduate courses on “The clown at the service of the individual” organised by the Department of Psychology, University of Bologna, and the Master in Inclusive Education, Department of Psychology, University of Malta.

101 pages           ISBN 978 99909 45 62 1             Price 12 euro


Both books are available from leading book shops or online from  



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