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  * Christmas Concert (22 Dec.)
  * Christmas on Campus 2010
  * Andrew Vella Memorial Lecture (17 Dec.)
  * Public Lecture: Caravaggio Obbediente (16 Dec.)
  * Unwrapping your Stigma this Christmas (15-16 Dec.)
  * Public Theological Encounter (15 Dec.)
  * The Role of Gender in International Relations (15 Dec.)
  * Celebrating Isabelle Borg (14 Dec.)
  * Classics and Archaeology Graduate Research Seminars (14 Dec.)
  * Celebrating Human Rights Day 2010 (10, 14-16 Dec.)
  * Seminar - Caring for the Unborn Child (10 Dec.)
  * Poverty: Does common perception match reality? (10 Dec.)
  * Seminar Series Work in Progress in the Social Studies (9 Dec.)
  * Some Reasons for an European State (9 Dec.)
  * The Political Economy of the Pharmaceutical Industry in Egypt (7 Dec.)
  * So close so far: Southeastern Sicily and Malta (6,7,8,13 Dec.)
  * L’italiano a Malta: una lingua in pericolo? (4 Dec.)
  * December at the Chaplaincy
  * History of Art Seminar (30 Nov.)
  * Calvino and the Anglo-American World (29 Nov.)
  * Earthquake Ground Motion Scenarios for Southern Italy (29 Nov.)
  * The Spanish Presidency of the EU (29 Nov.)
  * National Chemistry Symposium (27 Nov.)
  * The Tolerable Risk of Error (26 Nov.)
  * Politicisation of International Institutions (25 Nov.)
  * The Asian Tiger ... A Perfect Alien (24 Nov.)
  * Mattia Preti - ripete se stesso (23 Nov.)
  * Chaplaincy Activities for November
  * Biology Symposium (20 Nov.)
  * Second National Dolceta Conference (19 Nov.)
  * Global Entrepreneurship Week 2010
  * Cooling Polarisable Particles with an Optical Memory (17 Nov.)
  * Creativity in Engineering Design (17 Nov.)
  * Cultural Evening (17 Nov.)
  * Literature and Comparison Research Seminar (15 Nov.)
  * The Role of Physical Activity and Sport in Society (12-13 Nov.)
  * Department of Commercial Law Seminar (12 Nov.)
  * Philosophy Society Meeting (12 Nov.)
  * St Augustine Lecture (11, 12 Nov.)
  * Isabelle Borg Commemoration (10 Nov.)
  * Public Lecture by Professor Robert J. Wineburg (9 Nov.)
  * Literature and Comparison Research (8 Nov.)
  * Fort Ricasoli Projects (6-14 Nov.)
  * The Maltese Economy (5-6 Nov.)
  * Maltese Environmental Law (5 Nov.)
  * Climate Change Research in Malta (4 Nov.)
  * Lectures on Migration (4 Nov.)
  * Asymptotic Behaviour of the Likelihood Process (3 Nov.)
  * Public Lecture on Neapolitan Baroque Architecture (2 Nov.)
  * Book Launch (2 Nov.)
  * Public Lecture: One Year Treaty of Lisbon (2 Nov.)
  * Third Meeting of the RoleMed Group (1-3 Nov.)
  * Lecture by Prof. Antonio Sánchez Jiménez (30 Oct.)
  * DMSTE Dissertation Showcase (29 Oct.)
  * A Machine Learning Approach to Modelling of Personal Exposure (29 Oct.)
  * Training, Research and Employment Opportunities (29 Oct.)
  * Prof. Joe Friggeri: an interview (28 Oct.)
  * Wave Energy Seminar & Workshop (28 Oct.)
  * Chaplaincy Events
  * Coastal Recreational Resources (27-30 Oct.)
  * S & T Festival 2010
  * Welcome to German! (22, 23 Oct.)
  * The Holy Grail: Literary Refractions (21 Oct.)
  * Young People and Drugs (21 Oct.)
  * Statistics & Operations Research Seminar (20 Oct.)
  * Ethnic Minorities and Social Exclusion (20 Oct.)
  * Mobile and Contextual Learning (19-22 Oct.)
  * A Concert Dedicated to Maria Ghirlando (19 Oct.)
  * Week of the Italian Language in the World
  * UoM at the China Education Expo
  * Statistics & Operations Research Seminar (16 Oct.)
  * Visit by Dr Paul Williamson (12-15 Oct.)
  * The North-West Semitic Languages (11, 12, 13 Oct.)
  * Behavioural and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia (11 Oct.)
  * Visit by SMA (Germany) Inverter Experts to UoM (11 Oct.)
  * Visit by Professor Mauro Pessia (6-15 Oct.)
  * Developing Historical Understanding (6 Oct.)
  * Large Eddy Simulations of Environmental Flows (6 Oct.)
  * Sustainable Strategies for New and Old Buildings (30 Sept.)
  * Engineering Seminar (29 Sept.)
  * Noncommutative Markov Semigroups in Infinite Quantum Spin Systems (28 Sept.)
  * An Introduction to Parallel Programming with MPI (27-29 Sept.)
  * An Introduction to Noncommutative Markov Semigroups (27 Sept.)
  * Rights and Remedies Conference 2010 (27 Sept.)
  * The Malta Railway (25 Sept.)
  * Interlacing and Conduction in Single Molecules (22 Sept.)
  * Lifelong Learning Summer Institute (9-10 Sept.)
  * Publishing Perspectives Symposium (4 Sept.)
  * An Evening with Versatile Brass (3 Sept.)
  * reading mediterraneo (10 Aug.)
  * Smile for Albania (7 Aug.)
  * Simon Mawer (7 Aug.)
  * Mixed Bill: Unexpected Encounters (6 Aug.)
  * Stealing Beauty (5 Aug.)
  * Il riconoscimento di Sakuntala (4 Aug.)
  * The Road Home (2 Aug.)
  * In Concert (1 Aug.)
  * Dawl u Diwi (29 Jul.)
  * God and Death (28, 30, 31 Jul.)
  * Les Choristes (27 Jul.)
  * Tluq (26 Jul.)
  * Professors of English to Meet in Malta (19-23 Jul.)
  * Evenings on Campus
  * Faculty of ICT Q&A Session (19 Jul.)
  * Physics of DNA (19 Jul.)
  * Suspended Spaces Workshop (16 Jul.)
  * Faculty of Science Conferences
  * Stochastic Differential Equations with Jumps (13 Jul.)
  * Analysing Hierarchical Nested Data (12 Jul.)
  * Statistics & Operations Research Seminar (5 Jul.)
  * Astrobiological Exploration (2 Jul.)
  * Digital Games Malta Talk (1 Jul.)
  * Engineering and ICT Exhibitions and Seminars
  * Encounters with Mediterranean Music (28 Jun. - 4 Jul.)
  * The Minimum Rank Problem (28 Jun.)
  * Conference Interpreter or Translator (24 Jun.)
  * Thanksgiving Mass (24 Jun.)
  * Neuroscience Seminar Day (22 Jun.)
  * Creativity, Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Foresight (15 Jun.)
  * Elements of Maltese Medieval Art and Architecture (13 Jun.)
  * Mediterranean Legal Hybridity (12 Jun.)
  * Teaching Against Islamophobia (9 Jun.)
  * Nurture Groups in Primary Schools (8 Jun.)
  * A Sea Change: Imagine a world without fish (5 Jun.)
  * Developing Resilient Youth (4 Jun.)
  * Procrustes Methods in Projective Shape Analysis (2 Jun.)
  * Biomedical Device Design & Manufacture in Malta (1 Jun.)
  * The Voyage of English (31 May)
  * SME Week Comes to Campus! (26 May)
  * Poetry Reading with Peter Campion (26 May)
  * Demonstration of Variance Reduction Techniques (26 May)
  * IP Management: TV Formats (24 May)
  * XY4 Exhibition (21 May - 15 Jun.)
  * Digital Games Production Malta (20 May)
  * Screening of 'The Cove' (20 May)
  * Refugee Children (20 May)
  * Geography Lecture and Colloqium (18, 20 May)
  * LREC (17-23 May)
  * Lectures by Professor Elzbieta Skibinska (17, 18, 20 May)
  * Negotiating Climate Change: After Copenhagen? (12 Apr.)
  * Field Terraces (12 Apr.)
  * Wine and Book Festival (14, 15, 16 May)
  * Asylum in Malta and the EU (14 May)
  * Tourism Studies Lectures and Workshops
  * e-Skills Fair (13 May)
  * Child Poverty: Do we really care? (13 May)
  * History of Youth Work and Youth Policy (13 May)
  * Modeling Compositional Data Seminar (12 May)
  * The Mediterranean Diet (10 May)
  * Teatru Qroqq (8,9 May)
  * Improving the Quality of Suburban Building Stock (7-8 May)
  * Has Religion Run Its Course (7 May)
  * Public Lecture by American Ambassador (7 May)
  * One in Four, Depression and More (7 May)
  * The Social Role of the Police (6 May)
  * LREC 2010 Information Session (6 May)
  * Human Rights and Biomedicine (6 May)
  * Stress Management Seminars for Students (5 May)
  * Neanderthal (5 May)
  * Translation & Interpreting Studies Lectures
  * New Paradigm in Manufacturing Engineering: Factory Life Cycle (3 May)
  * The Wrecking Light (3 May)
  * Visit by the Lord Mayor of Westminster and the Lady Mayoress (3 May)
  * Cine Forum (30 Apr.)
  * A Brief Review of Egypt’s Foreign Policy (30 Apr.)
  * HMAS Vendetta: The Malta Connection
  * Art by Architects (29 Apr.)
  * Literature and Comparison Research (29 Apr.)
  * System Modelling and Signal Processing (26 Apr.)
  * Gozo Lace Day 2010 (25 Apr.)
  * Engineering Seminar (23 Apr.)
  * A Brief Review of Tunisia’s Foreign Policy (23 Apr.)
  * Musical Winds (22 Apr.)
  * Gramsci, the Southern Question, and the Mediterranean (21 Apr.)
  * Stress Management (21 Apr.)
  * Visit by Dr Paul Williamson (20-23 Apr.)
  * AEGEE Week: Let's Make Europe Happen (19-23 Apr.)
  * A Series of Lectures by Professor Kevin J. Cathcart (19, 20, 21 Apr.)
  * Public Communication within the EU (19 Apr.)
  * After the Modern (16-17 Apr.)
  * Physics Annual Symposium (14-15 Apr.)
  * Security Issues in US Foreign Policy (14 Apr.)
  * French Public Lectures (12,13,15 Apr.)
  * Mental Illness and Criminal Law (9 Apr.)
  * The BFG (27, 28 Mar.)
  * Caritas in Veritate (27 Mar.)
  * Measuring Rock Spreading (26 Mar.)
  * Seminar on Behavioural Economics (25-26 Mar.)
  * Sacred Music for Holy Week (25 Mar.)
  * Joint Field Session on Techniques on Focus Groups (25 Mar.)
  * 'Non-Self’ Help (24 Mar.)
  * Playing Around with Brainwaves (24 Mar.)
  * Sustainability and Quality of Life (24 Mar.)
  * Albert Camus, le Francais de l'autre rive (24 Mar.)
  * Journée de la Francophonie (23 Mar.)
  * Structural Problems at the Urban Cliff-edge (23 Mar.)
  * Annual Pharmacy Symposium (22-26 Mar.)
  * Style and Mathematics (22 Mar.)
  * Modern Science: Insanity or Essential to Humanity? (19-21 Mar.)
  * The Spanish Presidency of the EU: A Mediterranean Agenda (18 Mar.)
  * Stress and Student Wellbeing (18 Mar.)
  * Multilateralism in US Foreign Policy (17 Mar.)
  * Work in Progress in the Social Studies (17 Mar.)
  * Public Theological Encounter (17 Mar.)
  * Towards a Sustainable Energy Future for Malta (16 Mar.)
  * French Literature in the Middle Ages (11,12,15 Mar.)
  * Student Professional Awareness Conference (11 Mar.)
  * Women and Politics (11 Mar.)
  * Work in Progress in the Social Studies (10 Mar.)
  * A Garden for the Living (8 Mar.)
  * Research by the Department of History of Art (5,12 Mar.)
  * Waiting for Tonight (5,6 Mar.)
  * Philosophy Society Lecture (5 Mar.)
  * Business Forum (5 Mar.)
  * A Sea for Encounters and Shared Waters (4 Mar.)
  * Dyslexia, Drama and Self-Esteem Seminar (3,4 Mar.)
  * Conflict Management among Irregular Immigrants (3 Mar.)
  * KSU Environmental Fair (1-5 March)
  * Health Care Reforms in the USA (2 Mar.)
  * Chaplaincy March Activities
  * Talks organised by the Gender Issues Committee
  * Education, Communities & Social Cohesion (26 Feb.)
  * Anti-Money Laundering & Funding of Terrorism (26 Feb.)
  * Book Launch - Opening Up - A path beyond fear (26 Feb.)
  * DESA Pop Culture Series (25 Feb.)
  * What is Epilepsy? (20 Feb.)
  * Concept Mapping (18 Feb.)
  * Work in Progress in the Social Studies (17 Feb.)
  * pool [no water] (11 Feb.)
  * Stochastic Optimal Control in Pension Schemes (5 Feb.)
  * Rendezvous with Spring (2,3 Feb.)
  * Book Launch: Letter to a Teacher (29 Jan.)
  * Polish Submarines in the Mediterranean (21 Jan.)
  * Public Lecture in Memory of Nadia Farrugia (15 Jan.)
  * Lectures by Prof. Giuseppe Nicoletti (11, 12 Jan.)
  * An 18th-Century ‘French Literature of Malta’ (11 Jan.)
  * Symposium on Climate Change (7 Jan.)
  * Slope Instability Management (5 Jan.)
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Christmas Concert (22 Dec.)

A Christmas concert for the christmas season by the Collegium Musicum and the University Vocal Ensemble on Wednesday 22 December 2010 at 1930hrs at St John's Co-cathedral, Valletta.


In Dulci Jubilo (Organ - Dion Buhagiar)                 J.S. Bach

Collegium Musicum Choir & The University Vocal Ensemble
Adeste Fideles                                                   Traditional
Collegium Musicum Choir
As I walked in Betlehem                              W.H. Anderson
A star was his candle                                     Th. Del Riego
O Lejl tas-Skiet                                                   F. Grüber
Carol of the Bells                                          M. Leontovich
Christmas Lullaby                                                J. Rutter
O Holy Night (Tenor - Frans Mangion)                    A. Adam

Christmas Cantata I, II, III                               D. Pinkham

The University Vocal Ensemble
Angels’ Carol                                                       J. Rutter

Ave Maria (Soprano - Alison Gatt)                       F. Shubert

Ave Maria (Soprano - Arienne Gaerty)                  J.Arcadelt
Messiah (Encerpts)                                          G.F. Handel

  • Ev’ry Valley (Aria - Tenor Charles Vincenti)
  • I know that my redeemer liveth (Mezzo-Soprano Graziella Debattista)
  • The trumpet shall sound (Bass-Baritone Louis Cassar)

Soprano - Alison Gatt & Arienne Gaerty
Mezzo-Soprano - Graziella Debattista
Tenor - Frans Mangion & Charles Vincenti
Bass-Baritone Louis Cassar
Organist - Dion Buhagiar & Romina Morrow
Strings - University Chamber Orchestra
Director - Dion Buhagiar

Collegium Musicum Choir & The University Vocal Ensemble

Hallelujah Chorus (Messiah)                              G.F. Handel

Noel X (Organ - Dion Buhagiar)                        L.C. Daquin


29 October 2010

Christmas on Campus 2010

The Joy of Being a Gift


1 - 17  December
Collection in Faculties/Departments and the University Chapel in aid of Id-Dar tal-Providenza and L-Istrina

1 – 31 December
Electrical decorations on various buildings around campus
Posters and programmes with a Christmas message around the Campus
Christmas decorations in Students House and outside area

1 and 2 December
1200hrs noon - Cultural Tour for University staff in aid of Id-Dar tal-Providenza and L-Istrina at the President’s Palace, San Anton, Attard

2 - 17 December 2010
Selling of Christmas Ponsjettas  from Chapliancy Foyer in aid of  Dar tal-Providenza and  L-Istrina .
3 and 4 December
0800hrs - Making mince pies at Dar Manwel Magri, Msida

3rd -14th December  2010
Students through the KSU Website are encouraged to donate ONE EURO from their SmartCard in aid of L-Istrina and Dar tal-Providenza.

6 - 31 December
Crib in Atriju Vassalli (Quadrangle)

Thursday 9 December
1200hrs noon - Cheryl, Fiona and Edward to perform in Atriju Vassalli (Quadrangle)
1230hrs - Ecumenical Service in Atriju Vassalli (Quadrangle) with the participation of the University Vocal Ensemble

9 - 17 December
Identified students will be around the outside areas of campus collecting money for Dar tal-Providenza and  L-Istrina and distributing bookmarks with a Christmas message

9 - 31 December
Festive backround music on quadrangle

Thursday 9 December 2010
1200hrs - noon Cheryl, Fiona and Edward to perform on quadrangle
1230hrs - Ecumenical Service in Quadrangle with the participation of the University Vocal Ensemble.
1315hrs - Becky Pirotta and band to perform on qaudrangle

Friday 10 December

Selling of Home-made Mince Pies from Students House Foyer
1215hrs - University Wind Ensemble to perform on Quadrangle
1230hrs - Talk on Poverty in Christmas organised by KSU and JEF Malta in the Students Common Room
1300hrs - The traditional Priedka tat-Tifel at the Crib in Atriju Vassalli (Quadrangle) by Owen Bray from the Parish of St Joseph the Worker B’Kara accompanied with music by Vince Fabri and Edward Camilleri
1330hrs - Video Production by MMSA/GHSK/ UESA/ - Human Rights This Christmas
2000hrs - Advent Candle Light Prayer Vigil besides Crib on Quadrangle

14 - 15 December
Christmas Blood drive on campus organised by GĦSK, MMSA and UESA
Wish tree  in Quadrangle – organised by GĦSK, MMSA and UESA & We Are

14 - 17 December
Selling of mince pies, honey rings, mulled wine and imbuljuta in the foyer of University House, in aid of Dar tal-Providenza and L-Istrina

Tuesday 14 December
1200hrs noon - Christmas Sketch by Degree Plus Drama Students in Atriju Vassalli (Quadrangle)
1230hrs - Video Production by MMSA/GHSK/ UESA/ -Human Rights This Christmas
1300hrs - Christmas Concert by the University String Ensemble in University House
Christmas Chequers game in Atriju Vassalli (Quadrangle) organised by MKSU, GĦSK, UESA and MMSA
1300hrs - Performance by Carazon in Atriju Vassalli (Quadrangle)
15 -16 December
Unwrapping your stigma this Christmas- Mental Health Campaign organized by MMSA & BETAPSI

Wednesday 15 December
1145hrs - United for Peace @ Christmas organised by SDM, MOVE and JEF Malta
1230hrs - Christmas Novena in the Chapel animated by the MSSP Formation Community with the participation of the M.U.S.E.U.M. society  members
1300hrs - Chaplaincy and Christmas on Campus Christmas Party at the Chapliancy Foyer
1400hrs - Marilyn & Jeffrey to perform at the Chaplaincy Foyer

Thursday 16 December
1200hrs – Christmas Concert in Chapel by the University of Third Age Students.
1230hrs - Christmas Novena in Chapel animated by the University of Third Age Students and with the participation of the  M.U.S.E.U.M.  Society members.
1300hrs - Christmas Concert by Junior College Orchestra and singers in the Chapel.

Friday 17 December
1200hrs - Ex-Tend perform on Quadrangle
1230hrs - Christmas Novena in the chapel animated by the Degree Plus Pop Choir and the M.U.S.E.U.M. society members, which will include the traditional Priedka tat-Tifel delivered by Mickail Mansueto from the Parish of St. Publius in Floriana. 
1300hrs - Christmas Concert in Chapel by the Degree Plus Pop Choir
1600hrs - Christmas Party for children in the Students Common Room.

Monday 20 December
1230hrs - Christmas Novena in Chapel animated by Cheryl, Fiona and Edward  with the participation of the M.U.S.E.U.M Society members.

Tuesday 21 December
1230hrs - Christmas Novena in Chapel animated by MKSU with the participation of the M.U.S.E.U.M Society members.

Wednesday 22 December
1230hrs - Christmas Novena in Chapel animated by the Attard Parish Choir with the participation of the M.U.S.E.U.M society members.

Thursday 23 December
1230hrs - Christmas Novena in Chapel animated by Ex-Tend with the participation of the MUSEUM society members.

Sunday 26 December
Christmas Commission go to L-istrina to present Cheque on behalf of the University of Malta.

Saturday 1 January
Christmas Commision go to Dar tal-Providenza to present Cheque on behalf of the University of Malta.




01 December 2010

Andrew Vella Memorial Lecture (17 Dec.)

MUHS is organising the Annual Andrew Vella Memorial Lecture. This year's lecture is by Prof. Henry Frendo,

Historical Perspectives of G. Borg Olivier (1911-1980): Thirty Years Later.

The event will start at 1900hrs on 17 December 2010 at the Aula Magna, University of Malta Valletta Campus.


07 December 2010

Public Lecture: Caravaggio Obbediente (16 Dec.)

Kindly be informed about the following public lecture:

'Caravaggio Obbediente'


Dr Keith Sciberras


Thursday 16 December at 1800hrs


the Oratory of the Decollato, Valletta

Those wishing to attend must call the Foundation of St John's co-cathedral on 21220536 in order to reserve a seat.


16 December 2010

Unwrapping your Stigma this Christmas (15-16 Dec.)

Unwrapping your Stigma this Christmas - Mental Health Issues

People with mental health illness still face stigma on a daily basis. This leads to further psychosocial challenges, employment jeopardy and negative discrimination. This is also true during the Season’s Festivities - those misunderstood people, together with their relatives, might not enjoy the holidays as we do. Such sad facts are the pediment of an outreach will take place during the Human Rights this Christmas campaign as part of the Christmas on Campus events on the 15 and the 16 of December.

The main focus of will be to make university students reflect upon this fact during time of increased solidarity and tolerance. This can be done by just informing yourself about mental health conditions and their implications on affected individuals and society.

Ultimately, the person affected might be you and the noblest Christmas gift is that of putting a smile on the face of people in need of simply being understood.

This outreach is being brought up by the recently established Malta Mental Health Network. This network is composed of the Malta Medical Students’ Association (MMSA), the University KPS (Social Policy Commission) Health Committee, BetaPsi, Arts Students' Association (ASA), Richmond Foundation, the Destigmatisers, the Malta Association of Psychiatric Nurses (MAPN) and Mount Carmel Hospital.

The Malta Mental Health Network will organise further initiatives to decrease the stigma and lack of knowledge on mental health conditions, to raise awareness on the high incidence of mental health conditions and that all people are vulnerable to it, to increase collaboration between bodies who are active in mental health awareness, and to direct the community towards mental health educational resources and professional assistance.


06 December 2010

Public Theological Encounter (15 Dec.)

Evidence of the survival of Christianity during the Arab Period
Stanley Fiorini
Charles Dalli

The public is cordially invited to attend lectures by Prof. S. Fiorini and Mr C. Dalli on Christianity in Malta during and immediately after the Arab rule. In his lecture, Prof. S. Fiorini will present new evidence to reaffirm his thesis that, contrary to what was generally believed till recently, Christianity did survive on the Maltese islands during the Arab period (870-1090). Mr. C. Dalli, a member of the Department of History Faculty of Arts, will present a paper on ‘Malta and Gozo under the two Rogers, 1090/1 to 1154.’

The event will be held on Wednesday 15 December at 1800hrs at the Archbishop's Curia, Floriana.

The Public Lecture will be followed by drinks.

Prof. Fiorini will distribute a free copy of his new published booklet - Tristia Ex Melitogaudo, Revisited.

This event is sponsored by Citadel Insurance.


01 December 2010

The Role of Gender in International Relations (15 Dec.)

The Department of International Relations
The European Commission Representation in Malta

National Responses to European & Global Issues:
The role of gender in International Relations

Aula Magna, Valletta
 15 December 2010

For further details please send an email.


0900hrs: Introduction
Dr Isabelle Calleja (Dept of International Relations, University of Malta)
Mr William Martin (European Commission Representation in Malta) 

0910hrs: Main Speakers

  • Dr Jill Steans, Birmingham University, author of  'Gender and International Relations'.
  • Dr Myria Vassiliadou – Secretary General, European Women’s Lobby.
  • Dr Joanna Drake, Directorate for the Promotion of SMEs Competitiveness.
  • Anna Borg, University of Malta, Coordinator of Gender & Development Studies. 

1100hrs: Panel Discussion
How shall we raise gender issues in Malta’s international agenda?
Panelists get 6/7 minutes to answer a question and later there will be open discussion

Chairperson: Dr Carmen Sammut, University of Malta

  • Dr Stephen Spiteri MP, Parliamentary Assistant, Ministry of Education, Employment and the Family: Shall we expect better educational credentials to open the way for more women in international institutions?
  • Dr Helena Dalli, MP: Challenges faced by women in Maltese Politics and its impact on their role at a European level/global level.
  • Alternattiva Demokratika chairman, Michael Briguglio. Where do gender relations fit in international green politics?
  • Cecilia Attard Pirotta, First woman ambassador: Breaking the Glass Ceiling in the Foreign Office,
  • Renee Laiviera, National Confederation of Women’s Organisations: Role of civil society in international affairs.
  • Assistant Commissioner of Police Michael Cassar: Malta’s role in the struggle against organized crime with particular emphasis on the trafficking and exploitation of women.
  • Therese Spiteri, National Commission for the Promotion of Equality: Gender Mainstreaming and good practices in Gender equality
  • Colonel Martin Bondin, Malta Armed Forces: Career advancement for women in the Armed Forces of Malta and their overseas deployment. 

Lunch Break

1430hrs: DVC (in collaboration with the US Embassy)
Prof. Joshua S. Goldstein: How do militaries construct and reinforce dominant ideologies of masculinity and femininity?

1530hrs: Student presentations



07 December 2010

Celebrating Isabelle Borg (14 Dec.)

On Tuesday 14 December, the Work in Progress Seminar Series, now in its 14th year, will be holding a special event: Celebrating Isabelle Borg – an evening of remembrance in honour of the artist who died on 23 September at the age of 51.  Isabelle herself used to address these seminars.  The speakers will be  Nicholas De Piro (Isabelle and Her Portraits), Yana Micallef Stafrace (Isabelle and Moviment Mara Maltija), Paul Clough (Isabelle’s Body Art and Irish Landscapes), Madeleine Gera (Friendship, Portraits and the Exchanges between Two Artists), and Vicki Ann Cremona (Isabelle – My Friend).  The audience are invited to share their thoughts about Isabelle Borg.  This event will be in Valletta at St. James Cavalier in the Theatre, from 1900hrs to 2100hrs.  

The public are cordially welcome.


06 December 2010

Classics and Archaeology Graduate Research Seminars (14 Dec.)

Department of Classics & Archaeology
University of Malta

Graduate Research
Seminar Series
Academic Year 2010-11

Renata Zerafa
Phoenician and Punic
exploitation of territory and
14 December 2010
Room 207, Archaeology Centre,
University of Malta
For more details about the seminar series please click here.

Academics and students are welcome to attend.


07 December 2010

Celebrating Human Rights Day 2010 (10, 14-16 Dec.)

The Arts Students' Association (ASA), the Malta Medical Students' Association (MMSA), the Criminology Students' Society (GĦSK)  and the University Engineering Students' Association (UESA), have teamed up to celebrate Human Rights Day 2010 and the celebrating of the 60th Anniversary of the European Convention on Human Rights by the Council of Europe.

The opening of Our rights. Our freedoms. This Christmas Fight for your Rights will be held on 10 December 2010 - Human Rights Day. The event will be from 1200hrs to 1400hrs in Atriju Vassalli (University Quadrangle) at the Msida Campus. The event will continue on Tuesday 14 December up to Thursday 16 December from 1000hrs to 1400hrs in Atriju Vassalli.

For this special week, ASA will be holding an Art and Photography Exhibition in Atriju Vassalli to raise awareness on different Human Rights aspects. ASA would like to invite you to participate in this cultural experience and share your talent by either participating in the:
Art Exhibition: Human Rights Aspects (theme)
Photography Exhibition: Human Rights Abuse in Different Continents (theme)
Poem Exhibition: Human Rights (theme)

The deadline for the submission of photography and art work will be on 5 December 2010 at 1200hrs.

Acknowledging letters and appreciation gifts will be given to all those participating.

For more information kindly send an email on or


15 November 2010


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