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  * Christmas on Campus
  * Screening of the Cannes Grand Prix Winner Salvo (14 Dec.)
  * Visiting Lecturer in Sustainable Transport (18-20 Dec.)
  * Naħseb Biex Immur (12 Dec.)
  * Cancelled - The Italian Labour Market - some lessons for Malta (17 Dec.)
  * S-S-Spaces (13 and 14 Dec.)
  * Psychology Lab Seminars (4, 17 Dec.)
  * Junior College Orchestra at Christmas on Campus (10 Dec.)
  * Human Rights Conference (10 Dec.)
  * Open Sessions in Physical Actor Training
  * Conference on Kindergartens For Children (10 Dec.)
  * Public Lecture: From Education to Paid Work? (11 Dec.)
  * You Mean We Could Shoot It All in Malta? (9 Dec.)
  * Italia Film Festival 2013 Launch (9 Dec.)
  * Biology Symposium (7 Dec.)
  * HUMS Yuletide Symposium (6 Dec.)
  * Sociology Conference at Europe House (7 Dec.)
  * Final Year Contemporary Dance Tour
  * Lectures and Seminar by Prof Xin-She Yang (3, 4, 6 Dec.)
  * Managing Intellectual Property in ICT (3 Dec.)
  * Supporting Carers of Working Age in the UK's Welfare System (4 Dec.)
  * Managing Intellectual Property in ICT (4 Dec.)
  * The Department of Marketing Seminar in collaboration with the Department of Economics (4 Dec.)
  * Mediterranean Institute Public Seminars (2 Dec.)
  * Public Lecture: East-West: Contacts and Conflicts (2 Dec.)
  * The School of Performing Arts Research Seminar (2 Dec.)
  * Malta Mediterranean Forum Conference (29 Nov.)
  * The Boston Boys (29 Nov.)
  * Gender Issues – What Do They Mean To You? (29 Nov.)
  * Columbus never set sail... (23 Nov.)
  * Promoting Creativity in the Early Years through Science and Math (27 Nov.)
  * Global Entrepreneurship Week 2013 (18 - 25 Nov.)
  * Re - Imagining Child Protection (20 Nov.)
  * Reversible De-Identification (20 Nov.)
  * Department of History of Arts Seminar (20 Nov.)
  * Give and Take: Intellectual Property Rights, Obligations and Benefits (20 Nov.)
  * World Philosophy Day Event (21 Nov.)
  * Collaborate with the University (21 Nov.)
  * Insularity Conference 2013 (21-23 Nov.)
  * UK representation in the UN, the EU and other international organisations (22 Nov.)
  * KSU Spring Hunting Debate (22 Nov.)
  * A Robust Algorithm for Sequential ANOVA with Incomplete Data (27 Nov.)
  * Dun Karm between Nation and Faith (27 Nov.)
  * Celebrating Omani National Day (20 Nov.)
  * The School of Performing Arts launches its Research Seminars (18 Nov.)
  * Panel Discussion on Valletta 2018 (18 Nov.)
  * Painting is Freedom? (18 Nov.)
  * Mediterranean Institute Public Seminars
  * Go Back in Time with a Renaissance Meal at Discover University (15 Nov.)
  * The Translator's Role in European Institutions (7, 15 Nov.)
  * Innovative Solar Powered Catamaran Design at Discover University
  * Second Colloquium on Maltese-Spanish History (13-15 Nov.)
  * Carbon Fullerenes and Diamonds (14 Nov.)
  * University Ring Road Fun Run/Walk & Relay (10 Nov.)
  * IEEE Robot Wars Challenge at Discover University
  * Olives and Olive Oil in the Ancient World
  * Come and Discover the University Library (10 Nov.)
  * Bake Sale at Discover University (10 Nov.)
  * Teresa De Sio Live in Concert (9 Nov.)
  * Second Annual Symposium on the Visual Culture of Death (6 Nov.)
  * Newly-Discovered Original Plans of the Inquisitor’s Palace (8 Nov.)
  * International Chemistry Conference on Supramolecular Chemistry in Water (9-11 Nov.)
  * The International Role Played by the Armed Forces of Malta in Peacekeeping Missions (7 Nov)
  * The Annual Saint Augustine Lecture 2013
  * Comparative Approaches in the Anthropology of the Mediterranean (31 Oct. - 3 Nov.)
  * Lectures by Dr Paul Fryer Postponed
  * Seminar: Financial Services Regulation
  * Medicine and Law Conference: Ethical Issues in Disaster Situations (29 Oct.)
  * Theology of Human Rights: The Case of Gay Marriage in Iceland (29 Oct.)
  * Can We Not Write the Truth? (26 Oct.)
  * Translation, Terminology and Interpreting Studies Seminar Week (28-31 Oct.)
  * Geographical Perspectives (28 Oct.)
  * The Parameter Estimation of Lévy Processes (25 Oct.)
  * Psychology Lab Seminars (22, 24 Oct.)
  * Library Exhibition
  * A Sustainable Future for Europe (23 Oct.)
  * 4th Neuroscience Day
  * HUMS Annual Symposium (18 Oct.)
  * Argotti Botanic Gardens at Ġenna ta' Ġonna (20 Oct)
  * Interactive Functions of the Non-dominant Hand in the Sign Language of the Netherlands (16 Oct.)
  * Intellectual Property and Knowledge Exchange in the Arts, Humanities and Media (16 Oct.)
  * Personal Exercise to Perceive Own Growth (16 Oct.)
  * Julian Trevelyan Picture Language (16 Oct.)
  * Literature in Translation (17 Oct.)
  * European Symposium on Multimodal Communication (17-18 Oct.)
  * Lecture by Professor Kranitz (11 Oct.)
  * Italy as a Country of Knowledge (14 Oct.)
  * ReSearching Inclusion (14 Oct.)
  * Critical Leadership and Community Empowerment. A Freirean Approach (14 Oct.)
  * Michael Sant Lecture (15 Oct.)
  * Seminar on Intellectual Property in the Arts or Creative Industries (15 Oct.)
  * Classifying Connected Biregular Split Graphs (8 Oct.)
  * In the Driving Seat (10 Oct.)
  * Psychology Lab Seminars October 2013 (8, 10 Oct.)
  * Discover University 2013: For Your Diary!
  * Opening Ceremony and Freshers' Programme
  * Public Lectures: Topics in Marine Biology (2-4 Oct.)
  * SIMBIOTIC Photo Exhibition (1-4 Oct.)
  * SIMBIOTIC Project Officially Concluded
  * Formula-style Racing Car at Science in the City (27 Sept.)
  * Think of Nature Around Us (27 Sept.)
  * Have You Ever Felt an Earthquake? (27 Sept.)
  * Science Behind Technology (27 Sept.)
  * Music Recital Explores Dialogue between Music and Technology (27 Sept.)
  * MCST Brings Science Up Close and Personal (27 Sept.)
  * Light Up Your House While You Exercise (27 Sept.)
  * Grandma, Temi and the Crimean Fever (27 Sept.)
  * Infectious Art at Science in the City (27 Sept.)
  * Protons, Proteins and Particle Accelerators (27 Sept.)
  * University of Malta Library Offers Children’s Activities at Science in the City (27 Sept.)
  * The Trees (27 Sept.)
  * A Hug-able 'Popcorn' (27 Sept.)
  * Science in the City 2013 (27 Sept.)
  * Will Love Tear Us Apart?
  * Make Good Ideas Happen!
  * Panacea Final Seminar (16 Sept.)
  * Doctoral Seminar (4 Sept.)
  * Talk by Prof. Carmel Borg (3 Sept.)
  * Free Public Screening of Latest Underwater Documentary
  * Linking Marine Data Resources to Local Users and Stakeholders
  * Wieħed mill-Ġentlomi (10 Aug.)
  * Akustika Leħen Malta (9 Aug.)
  * Tiddi Stilla (10 Aug.)
  * Science of Music and Earthquakes (8 Aug.)
  * Summer School on Island Tourism
  * Meta Paulo Freire ltaqa' maż-Żwieten (5 Aug.)
  * Kuntrasti (4 Aug.)
  * Vivamus atque Amemus
  * Fight Club (29 Jul.)
  * We Live to Tread on Kings (27 Jul.)
  * Waterfront Project International Seminar
  * Are You Interested in Studying at the University of Malta?
  * Metamaterials Unit Events (17-19 Jul.)
  * Technology: Deal or No Deal? (18 Jul.)
  * Wayne McGregor I Random Dance - Professional Dance: Summer School (13-19 Jul.)
  * Lecture at the Faculty of Health Sciences (12 Jul.)
  * The Modernist Divide: The transformation of narrative contents in Art (12 Jul)
  * MUP Book Launch (1 Jul.)
  * Statistics & Operations Research Seminar (1 Jul.)
  * University of Malta Summer Schools 2013
  * Final Year Engineering Projects Exhibition 2013 (28-29 Jun.)
  * Restoration Exhibition (25 Apr. - 28 Jun.)
  * Models in Food Science (27 Jun.)
  * Xiamen University Day (26 Jun.)
  * Xiamen University Day (26 Jun.)
  * Public Lectures on Environmental Enforcement (21 Jun.)
  * Teaching, Confidentiality and Navigating Copyright (19 Jun.)
  * DA01 - MFA in Digital Arts Degree Exhibition 2013 (1-14 Jun.)
  * Light Up My Chemical Computer (13 Jun.)
  * Competitiveness Strategies for Small States (10-14 Jun.)
  * Seminar on Business Ethics (12 Jun.)
  * Towards a Better Understanding of the Role of Multi-Word Expressions in Parsing (11 Jun.)
  * It's Not All Sharks and Shipwrecks (10 Jun.)
  * Are Root Letters Compulsory for Lexical Access in Semitic Languages? (6 Jun.)
  * Interaction between Ants and Vegetation (29 May)
  * Maltese Catholicism in Detroit (29 May)
  * Maltese Convicts in Australia (28 May)
  * Patterns of Biological Invasions (28 May)
  * The Fundamental Contradiction between the Knowledge Society and the Knowledge Economy (28 May)
  * Simulation Methods in Directional Data Analysis (29 May)
  * Talks by Professor David W. Livingstone (28 & 29 May)
  * Conference Interpreter or a Translator for EU Institutions (28 May)
  * Chapel of the Crucifix: Dome Painting by Giuseppe Calì (24 May)
  * Spot German in Malta (25 May)
  * Fund Raising Piano and Saxophone Concert
  * Achieving Optimal Performance in Hospital Practice (23 May)
  * The London 2012 Olympic Park (23 May)
  * Physiology: The Science of Life (22 May)
  * Political Motivation and the Reluctance to Recycle in Maltese Environmental Behaviour (22 May)
  * Prof. Jo Vandesompele at SCISEM Series (20, 21 May)
  * Social Wellbeing and Faith (21 May)
  * Young Science Communicators Preparing for FameLab National Finals (17 May)
  * Make Good Ideas Happen (15 & 16 May)
  * Is Psychology a Cargo Cult Science? (16 May)
  * On the Evolution of Contact Languages (17 May)
  * Work in Progress in the Social Studies (15 May)
  * Anthropological Linguistics and Anthropological Pragmatics (15 May)
  * Dentistry with a Difference (15 May)
  * The Technology of Non-violence (13 May)
  * 18th Century Cottonera: a vibrant 'Smart City' open to the world (10 May)
  * Lunchtime Concert in Atriju Vassalli (10 May)
  * The Unknown Bard (10 May)
  * Talk about 'T’Adoriam Ostia Divina' (10 May)
  * Cultural Geographies Week (6-10 May)
  * On Maghrebi Literature, Music and Cinema, and Cultural Hybridisation
  * Work in Progress in the Social Studies (8 & 9 May)
  * Seminar: A Feminist Struggle for Non-Violence (9 May)
  * Facebook, Science and 21 Century Education (9 May)
  * Students for Healthy Living (3, 8 May)
  * Sivas, Home of Poets (8 May)
  * Organ Concert (6 May)
  * Return to the Brouk (6 May)
  * Commemoration of Professor Noel Zarb Adami (2 May)
  * Malta Calling (until 30 Apr.)
  * Benchmarking and Best Practices (29 Apr.)
  * Addiction Counselling Seminar (22-26 Apr.)
  * The Evolution of Forensic Medicine (25 Apr.)
  * Paediatric Seminar (25-26 Apr.)
  * Sound to Meaning and Sound as Meaning? (26 Apr.)
  * The Rights of the Child in Foster Care (26 Apr.)
  * International Week for R&D&I (22-26 Apr.)
  * The Party System in Poland since 1989 (25 Apr.)
  * Tablets in Education (24 Apr.)
  * WIPSS of 24 April - Cancelled
  * Financial System Development in Small Island Economies: The Case of Mauritius (23 Apr.)
  * Lectures by Professor Vittoria Coletti (22, 23 Apr.)
  * Two Lectures by Prof. Thimoty Webb (22, 23 Apr.)
  * Dance Studies Open Day (23 Apr.)
  * The Mediterranean’s Underwater Forests
  * Linguistics Circle Meeting (18 Apr.)
  * Make Innovation Not War (18 Apr.)
  * Marketing Science - Commercial and Societal Perspectives (17 Apr.)
  * Department of History of Art Public Lectures (17 Apr.)
  * Give and Take (17 Apr.)
  * Faith & Science (16 Apr.)
  * Synecdoche, New York (16 Apr.)
  * Workshop on the Use of E-portfolios (15-16 Apr.)
  * Marketing Science - Commercial and Societal Perspectives (17 Apr.)
  * Mental Problems, Sex and Crime (15 Apr.)
  * Exploring AIESEC (13 Apr.)
  * Francesco Vella (1793-1868) Public Lecture (12 Apr.)
  * Seminars on Family Policy Evaluation and Auditing of Family Services
  * Neutrality and Non-alignment (12 Apr.)
  * Annual Academic Evening in honour of St Thomas Aquinas (11 Apr.)
  * Nadia Farrugia Memorial Lecture (11 Apr.)
  * Language, Genes and Darwin's Last Challenge
  * Rethinking Southern European Identities (10 Apr.)
  * Workshop in Information and Communication Technology (9-10 Apr.)
  * Lectures by Professor Hans-Thies Lehmann (8, 9, 10 Apr.)
  * Reflections on Empowerment as a Central Concept in Youth Work (9 Apr.)
  * German@Work: Translation, Interpreting and EU Institutions (9 Apr.)
  * Optical Sensing and Logic with Molecules (28 Mar.)
  * Writing the Mediterranean (24 Mar. - 5 Apr.)
  * GARDMED Project Final Conference
  * End of Life Decisions (25 Mar.)
  * GARDMED Project Awareness Day (24 Mar.)
  * Public Lecture Series by Prof. Joseph Schwerha (15, 22 Mar.)
  * Writing Life (22-23 Mar.)
  * AIESEC Malta Motivational and Leadership Development Seminar (22-24 Mar.)
  * Modelling Behaviour (22 Mar.)
  * FameLab Malta
  * Public Lecture on Maritime Legal History (22 Mar.)
  * Estonia at a Glance: Youth Situation, Youth Policy and Youth Work (22 Mar.)
  * 20th Century Literature: Julien Gracq (20, 21, 22 Mar.)
  * Protection, Mistakes and Your Yellow Brick Road (21 Mar.)
  * Hybrid Interlingual Machine Translation (21 Mar.)
  * International Conference on Online Privacy (20-21 Mar.)
  * The Politics of Indignation (20 Mar.)
  * Seminar by the Department of Maltese (20 Mar.)
  * A Talk by Mr Derek Sayers (20 Mar.)
  * Żfin Fest (15 Mar.)
  * Linguistics Circle Meeting (15 Mar.)
  * Into the Looking Glass (14 Mar.)
  * Department of Social Policy and Social Work Presentation (14 March)
  * Networks of Dependency: suicide and shame in southern Sri Lanka (13 Mar.)
  * Linguistics Circle Meeting (13 Mar.)
  * Prof. Joseph Brincat at La scatola magica (12 Mar.)
  * Annual Pharmacy Symposium (4-8 Mar.)
  * Department of Psychology Public Talks (1, 4 Mar.)
  * Working with Disability in Rural Poverty (4 Mar.)
  * Ridiculous and Boring Politics in Contemporary Fine Arts (1 Mar.)
  * Celebrating the Kuwaiti National Day (28 Feb. - 1 Mar.)
  * Green Movement? Birth, Dispersal & Reproduction of Plants (28 Feb.)
  * Celebrate US Black History Month!
  * Next Stop ... Junior College (27 Feb.)
  * Students for Health Living Programme Launch (27 Feb.)
  * Department of Classics & Archaeology Public Lecture (25 Feb.)
  * The History of Maltese Libyan Relations and their Future (25 Feb.)
  * Living with Dyslexia (22 Feb.)
  * The Descent into Hades: Orpheus, Odysseus and Aeneas (22 Feb.)
  * School of Performing Arts Launch
  * (22, 23 Feb.)
  * February at the Chaplaincy
  * Science for Archaeology (21 Feb.)
  * Public Seminar on Entrepreneurship and Networking Session (21 Feb.)
  * Compromised Choices: Youth’s Individualized Life Experiences (20 Feb.)
  * Seminar for University Students and Staff on Entrepreneurship (20 Feb.)
  * Book Launch - The Maltese Legal System (20 Feb.)
  * EU Citizenship (19 Feb.)
  * Serata: Prof. Oliver Friggieri (19 Feb.)
  * Edizioni Edilingua in Malta (16 Feb.)
  * Half Day Commercial Law Seminar (15 Feb.)
  * Book Launch: Malta at the European Court of Human Rights 1987-2012 (13 Feb.)
  * Lectures by Dr Frédéric Royall (11, 12 Feb.)
  * Using Pixel Maps to Examine Typological Relations (8 Feb.)
  * Seminar on the Dialects of Malta and Gozo (9 Feb.)
  * British Writers and the Experience of Italy (1800-1940) (7 Feb.)
  * Secularisation, Mysticism and Religious Hybridities in the Mediterranean (7-9 Feb.)
  * Public Lecture: The Condition of Collective Indifference (7 Feb.)
  * Seminar on Medicine and Faith (29 Jan.)
  * International Expert for Adlerian Counselling and Therapy Seminar (29-31 Jan.)
  * Balloons, Domes and Monkeys (24 Jan.)
  * Public Lecture on Child Law (23 Jan.)
  * Book Launch: Bioethics and Society - A brave new world? (18 Jan.)
  * Plato's Republic: a book for all seasons (18 Jan.)
  * Can Lawyers Facilitate Innovation? (17 Jan.)
  * The Tunisian Revolution: Two Years Later (16 Jan.)
  * Family Violence Seminar (10 Jan.)
  * Public Lecture Cancelled - Decision Making in Hospitals
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Christmas on Campus

1 – 31 December 2013
Electrical Decorations on various buildings around campus
Christmas decorations and reflections  on outside area and Students House
Christmas Tree on Quadrangle

231 December 2013
Crib in Chaplaincy Area
Festive background music on Quadrangle

2 and 3 December 2013
1200hrs noon
Cultural Tours for University staff and students to the Malta Maritime Museum in Vittoriosa in aid of Id-Dar tal-Providenza, L-Istrina and RIDT Cancer Fund.

212 December 2013
Students through their organisations will be encouraged to donate a minimum of one euro from their SmartCard in aid of Id-Dar tal-Providenza, L-Istrina and RIDT Cancer Fund.

2 – 20 December 2013
Selling of Christmas Ponsjettas from Chaplaincy Foyer in aid Dar tal-Providenza and L-Istrina and RIDT Cancer Fund.
Collection for Istrina & Dar tal-Providenza and RIDT Cancer Fund in Chapel.
Collection in Faculties/Departments in aid of Id-Dar tal-Providenza, L-Istrina and RIDT Cancer Fund.
Identified students will be around the outside areas of campus collecting money for Id-Dar tal-Providenza, L-Istrina and the RIDT Cancer Fund and handing out bookmarks with a positive message for Christmas.

917 December 2013
Advent Week of Guided Prayer
Bookings from: Chaplaincy 2340 2341

9 – 20 December 2013
Selling of Mince Pies & Honey Rings in aid of L-Istrina, Dar tal-Providenza and RIDT Cancer Fund.
Orders from:
Chaplaincy: 2340 2341
Precincts Office: 2340 2236; 2340 2997
KSU: 2134 3085; 2340 2104

Christmas Cards Sale organised by MHSA on Quadrangle
One Nation for Christmas | Eliminating Marginalisation – Photo Competition organised by Pulse on Quadrangle
Meet Drew and a Hug for Christmas organised by SDM on Campus
All I want for Christmas is...' – What would you like for Christmas Campaign organised by GUG
Christmas Raffle and Christmas with the Mascot Photo Competition on Quadrangle organised by JEF Malta.

Monday 9 December 2013
Inauguration of Christmas on Campus 2013 with the participation of the University Vocal Ensemble on Quadrangle
1330hrs – 1830hrs
Christmas Log Competitions on Quadrangle organised by SHS

Tuesday 10 December 2013
0900hrs – 1600hrs
Christmas food items for sale on Quadrangle organised by MKSU
AIESEC Global Christmas Village – No Hate This Christmas in Common Room
Christmas Concert by Junior College Orchestra on Quadrangle

Wednesday 11 December 2013
0800hrs 1700hrs
Selling of Ponsjettas and Imbuljuta on Quadrangle by Youths for the Environment
1230hrs – 1400hrs
Degree Plus Theatre – Christmas Fun  on Quadrangle
1800hrs – 2400hrs
Movie Marathon Night in Common Room organised by S-Cubed

Thursday 12 December 2013
Christmas Blood Drive on Campus
0800hrs 1700hrs
Christmas Trivia DJ Competitions on Quadrangle organised by ICTSA & INSITE
Christmas Competitions organised by DESA
0900hrs 1600hrs
Christmas food items for sale on Quadrangle organised by MKSU
1230hrs – 1300hrs

University Wind Ensemble on Quadrangle

Friday 13 December 2013
Trekking for Charity at Golden Bay in aid of L-Istrina, Id-Dar Tal-Providenza and the RIDT Cancer Fund organised by MUSC & TDM 2000

16 – 20 December 2013
Food stall serving warm mince pies, honey rings, mulled wine and imbuljuta in Chaplaincy foyer in aid of L-L-Istrina and Id-Dar tal-Providenza 

Monday 16 December 2013
0900hrs – 1200hrs
Christmas Karaoke + Live Music on Quadrangle organised by Għ.S.T & ELSA
1000hrs – 1600hrs
Competitions and selling of mulled wine & minced pies on Quadrangle organised by SHS
1200hrs 1400hrs
Intercultural Christmas Event by Communication Students
Serving of Traditional Christmas Deserts
Christmas Novena in Chapel with the participation of the MUSEUM members and the choir from Santa Lucia Girls' Secondary School.
Tuesday 17 December 2013
0800hrs 2100hrs
Christmas Music Marathon + Gathering on Quadrangle organised by TDM 2000 and UESA
0900hrs 1600hrs
Christmas food items for sale on Quadrangle organised by MKSU
1000hrs 1300hrs
Pumpiera Raising Money for Charity – people will be allowed to wear full fore gear and ride the fire engine together with a photo at a fee organised by L-Għaqda tal-Malti in Car Park 4
Christmas Novena in Chapel with the participation of the MUSEUM members and the Seminarians.

Wednesday 18 December 2013
1100hrs 1600hrs
Christmas Baking on Quadrangle organised by ASCS
Keep Fit during Christmas in the Common Room organised by BetaPsi
Christmas Pancake and Waffle Sale organised by S-Cubed
1200hrs – 1300hrs
Christmas Prayer Reflection and Penitential Service on Quadrangle
Novena in Chapel with the participation of the MUSEUM members and the University staff
1300hrs 1600hrs
Healthy Eating in Christmas Campaign organised by MUSC on Quadrangle

Thursday 19 December 2013
0800hrs - 1500hrs
Car Free Day: all cars entering campus at a donation of one Euro
0900hrs – 1400hrs
I Spy Christmas Quiz & Bake Sale organised by ESO on Quadrangle
Christmas Novena in Chapel with the Traditional Priedka tat-Tifel followed by a Christmas Party in the Chaplaincy Foyer
1300hrs 1400hrs
Live Music by Matthew & Rebecca in Chaplaincy Foyer
Christmas Movie Night in the Chapel organised by MKSU and the Chaplaincy

Friday 20 December 2013
Keep Fit during Christmas in the Common Room organised by BetaPsi
1000hrs 1300hrs
Penalty Shoot out in Quadrangle organised by GĦSL
Christmas Novena in Chapel with the participation of the MUSEUM members

Monday 23 December 2013
Christmas Novena in Chapel with the participation of the MUSEUM members

Tuesday 24 December 2013
Christmas Vigil in Chapel

Thursday 26 December 2013
Presentation of the University cheque to L-Istrina.

Tuesday 31 December 2013
End of year Thanksgiving Mass in Chapel

Wednesday 1 January 2014
Presentation of University cheque to Id-Dar tal-Providenza


28 November 2013

Screening of the Cannes Grand Prix Winner Salvo (14 Dec.)

Screening of the Cannes Grand Prix Winner Salvo (2013)
by Fabio Grassadonia and Antonio Piazza

The Department of Italian within the Faculty of Arts in collaboration with Cinema Nuovo Italiano is proud to announce the screening of Salvo (2013), the debut feature by Fabio Grassadonia and Antonio Piazza.

The screening will be held on Saturday 14 December 2013 at 1830hrs at the Auditorium, University of Malta, Valletta Campus, Old University Building, St Paul Street, Valletta. The film is English subtitled.

Salvo will be introduced by Fabio Grassadonia and Antonio Piazza. A discussion will follow the screening of the film.  

Salvo won the Grand Prix at Cannes Critics' Week and the France 4 Visionary Award earlier this year.

Refreshments will be served after the screening. This will give the public the opportunity to meet with Fabio Grassadonia and Antonio Piazza over a glass of wine.

The general public is cordially invited to the screening. Entrance is free. Reservation is not mandatory but seating is limited, so if you would like to reserve a seat, please contact Ms Yanica Cassar on +356 2340 2309 or sending an email.


09 December 2013

Visiting Lecturer in Sustainable Transport (18-20 Dec.)

Visiting Lecturer in Sustainable Transport at the
Institute for Climate Change and Sustainable Development

The University of Malta’s Institute for Climate Change and Sustainable Development is proud to host Dr Marcus Enoch as visiting lecturer between the 18 and 20 December 2013.

Dr Enoch is currently a Senior Lecturer in Transport Studies, School of Civil and Building Engineering, Loughborough University. His research interests include: the design, financing, implementation, operation and monitoring of Sustainable Transport Systems; Transportation Demand Management and Mobility Management measures e.g. travel plans, parking policies, road pricing, car free development, tax and transport, use of the Land Use Planning System; Road Based Public Transport Systems e.g. buses, demand responsive transport systems, car sharing, car clubs, vanpooling etc.; Transport Policy in Small Island Developing States. He is the author of the recently published book on Sustainable Transport, Mobility Management and Travel Plans which charts the development of travel plans as a concept.

During his visit Dr Enoch will be delivering lectures on mobility management, island transport systems, and transport integration and the future of interchange. Details of the lectures are available online.

A public lecture entitled The Future of Local Passenger Transport is being organized on Friday 20th December at 6:00pm at Gateway Building Hall C.

Attendance is free but registration is necessary and can be done by sending an email with name, organisation and contact details. 



05 December 2013

Naħseb Biex Immur (12 Dec.)

Marjanu Vella


03 December 2013

Cancelled - The Italian Labour Market - some lessons for Malta (17 Dec.)

Please note that this lecture has been cancelled.

Dr Andrea Imperia from Rome's Universita' La Sapienza will be visiting the Department of Economics at the University of Malta. He will be conducting a Public Seminar on the "The Italian Labour Market - some lessons for Malta".

The seminar will be held on Tuesday 17 December 2013 between 1300hrs to 1400hrs venue: Mediterranean Institute room MDT122 (located behind the HSBC offices on Campus). 

Interested persons are cordially invited.


02 December 2013

S-S-Spaces (13 and 14 Dec.)

The rubberbodies collective invites you to MITP theatre, Valletta for a collaborative performance project between Adrian Abela, Rebecca Camilleri and Nicola Rayworth. S-S-Spaces is a performance derived from the book 'Species of Spaces’ (1974) by French author George Perec.

Rebecca and Nicola are both dance artists who have studied and trained together and after a few years apart they reconnected and started working with the text 'Species of Spaces'.Visual artist Adrian Abela who also studied Architecture, reshapes the literature through imagery, tasks and instructions.

In the days leading to the performances, you can be part of the process and contribute through imagery and writing. Images shall be uploaded on both the facebook and tumblr pages in .JPG format and also as downloadable links.You are expected to print these pages.

Or you might want the images sent personally to you. For this option send an email and you will start receiving the files in PDF format in various printable sizes (A4/A3/A2/A1).

Follow the process online.

This project is supported by the School of Performing Arts, University of Malta.

Performance dates
13 and 14 December
5 Euro (at the door)


03 December 2013

Psychology Lab Seminars (4, 17 Dec.)

The Department of Psychology, Faculty for Social Wellbeing, is inviting the public for a series of seminars at the newly established Psychology Laboratory. Ms Petra Sant, Bpsy (Hons), MA (Leicester), will discuss her Masters’ dissertation research on environemntal predictors of workplace bullying on 4 December 2013, while Dr Julian Caruana, BPsy (Hons), D.Couns (Metropolitan University) will talk on the relationship between religion and wellbeing on 17 December 2013.

Both sessions will be held between 1300hrs - 1400hrs at the Main Campus, Psychology Lab, Old Humanities Building Room 101. Entrance is free. For further details contact Ms Claire Ellul.


25 November 2013

Junior College Orchestra at Christmas on Campus (10 Dec.)

The Junior College Orchestra

under the direction of Mro Manoel Pirotta

on Tuesday 10 December

at 1230hrs

in Atriju Vassalli - Quadrangle

Marċ tal-Milied – Manoel Pirotta (b. 1962)

Mille Cherubini in Coro – Franz Schubert (1797-1828)
Piece for solo guitar
Cantique de Noel - Adolphe Adam (1803-56)

Sleighride (Mozart)
Christmas Lullaby – John Rutter (b. 1945)
Piece for solo guitar
Gesu’ Bambino - Pietro Alessandro Yon (1886-1943)

Marshmallow World – Peter De Rose (1900-1953)
3 Songs for Christmas I – Various
Piece for solo guitar
Halleluyah – Leonard Cohen (b. 1934)

The UoM Junior College Orchestra forms an integral part of the cultural agenda of the College. It is made up of some 45-50 young budding musicians, with well over 250 performances to its credit! The orchestra performs a vast repertoire comprised of popular classics of instrumental and vocal music under the baton of Mro. Manoel Pirotta. Some of the more prestigious venues include The Manoel Theatre, MCC and MFCC, both the University and Junior College Auditorium; hotels such as Le Meridien, The Hilton, Kennedy Nova, and Dolmen; churches, including the St. John’s Co-Cathedral, St. Paul’s Anglican Church, and Ta’ Pinu Basilica, but also the Parish Church of Għasri – the smallest village in Gozo; as well as participating in various national festivals around Malta and Gozo. In its history, the orchestra also toured France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Sicily. This year, it is celebrating its 15th anniversary since its foundation in 1998. Its first CD will be launched during a commemorative concert at the Fr. Peter Serracino-Inglott Auditorium in Spring 2014.

Mro Manoel Pirotta graduated from the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique de Lyon (1994) and lectures the Matsec music programme at the UoM Junior College. The Research & Advisory Board of the IBC Cambridge nominated him International Musician of the year for his outstanding musical achievements (2003). Awarded the Grand Prix des Arts for music composition and conducting at the 8th. Malta International Art Biennale (2007). He was conductor of the Catholic Institute Youth Orchestra (1987-9), the Maltese Youth Orchestra (1994-6), and The Euro Academy Youth Orchestra (2002-8). At present, he is musical director of the College Orchestra since 1998. His incidental music – Antony and Cleopatra won him an entry in the Shakespeare Music Catalogue issued by Victoria College, Canada It was revised and played by the orchestra Città di Ravenna (2005). His La Lyonnaise features in Murray MacLachlan’s CD Piano Music from Malta. Other works are also included in piano anthologies, among which, Kinder Garden and A Musical Tribute to Mozart from Malta. Mro. Pirotta is also bandmaster of the Soċjetà Mużikali San Ġużepp of Ħamrun A.D. 1889.


09 December 2013

Human Rights Conference (10 Dec.)

The Human Rights Programme of the Faculty of Laws, University of Malta will be hosting its first symposium on Human Rights Day, 10 December 2013. The topic selected for study and discussion is Human Rights Protection under Modern Constitutional Law, as an academic contribution to the current national debate on constitutional reform.

The day will be made up of contributions relating to specific issues under human rights protection, including workshops and a panel led general discussion. We have invited Professor Jim Murdoch from the University of Glasgow to deliver a keynote address. Professor Murdoch is an internationally renowned scholar in the field of human rights and has a particular interest in non-judicial human rights enforcement mechanisms.

We look forward to your participation and ask that you communicate with Mr James Bonnici for further information and/or registration.

Programme [PDF]


Dr Austin Bencini
Prof. Jim Murdoch
Dr Therese Comodini Cachia
Dr Tonio Azzopardi
Dr David Zammit & Dr Caroline Busuttil Naudi


07 November 2013

Open Sessions in Physical Actor Training

School for Performing Arts

Click here for full details.


20 September 2013


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