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  * Training Seminars on ‘Effective Writing Skills’
  * Central Mediterranean Naturalist 2007 Issue
  * Graduation Ceremonies 2007
  * Fostering Links with the University of Le Havre
  * Fourth Annual MAGPOP- EU Conference: Malta 2007
  * Thematic Network ISEKI_Mundus
  * Euro Changeover: A Guide in the Transition from Lm to €
  * Comparative Study of Career Guidance in the Mediterranean Region
  * MFSA hosts Banking & Finance Students
  * New M.Sc. Launched
  * Induction Course Programme for Newly Recruited Support Staff
  * University Foundation Day Celebration Concert
  * The Maltese Islands and Sicily in History
  * A New Book on Coasts and Conflicts
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  * Interviews with Public Intellectuals
  * Main Library Extends Opening Hours
  * Proceedings of Seagrass Workshop held in Malta
  * PAVE Project
  * At the Toulouse Airbus Plant
  * Spirituality: The Human Dimension in Care
  * Malta Medical Journal September 2007
  * New MUS Course - Information Systems Control, Security and Audit
  * Language Technologies for eLearning
  * Invitation for School Visits to the Argotti Botanic Gardens
  * Reappointment of the UREC
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Award for Moral & Environmental Leadership

Dr Alan Deidun a lecturer in Biology at the Junior College has won the 2007 TOYP (The Young Outstanding Person) award for Moral and/or Environmental Leadership, as organised by the Junior Chamber International (Malta). This is only the second time that such an award was being presented.

Dr Deidun, besides being an academic, is also an environmental journalist and has been a regular correspondent with The Sunday Times for the past six years, covering several issues of environmental despoilment.


12 December 2007

Academic Development of Community Health Nursing in Malta

Dr Isabel Stabile, Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Medicine and Surgery and Jesmond Sharples, Director Nursing Services are pleased to announce that Rebecca Cachia Fearne and Mariella Galea, have recently completed an M.Sc. in Nursing with special emphasis on Community Health at the University of Salford, UK. The students’ tuition and travel expenses were funded through a scholarship from the Stabile-Ryan Foundation with matching funds from the Department of Health. The intention of this public-private partnership was to invest in the development of change-agents equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary for the further academic development of Community Health Nursing in Malta. Both nurse graduates are now providing community health nursing services through the Continuing Education Unit at the B’kara Health Centre with a focus on programme development and training. Click here for the abstracts of their M.Sc. theses.

Further information about the scholarship can be obtained by writing to

Community Health Nursing


12 December 2007

Maltese Terminology Database

A Maltese Terminology Database has been set up for the Department of Translation and Interpreting Studies at the Faculty of Arts ...

The European Commission under the Transition Facility Schemes has provided funding to the Faculty of Arts, University of Malta for the compilation of a glossary of terms and the establishment of a Terminology Centre for Post Graduate Students following Diploma and Masters Courses in Translation Studies.

Following a tendering procedure, Europa Research and Consultancy Services Ltd from Malta, and Verbivis Ltd from Luxembourg, have been entrusted with the task of creating a glossary of Maltese terminology, which will then be utilized to teach and train students at the Terminology Centre that the University of Malta intends to set up. The glossary will also be used by the translation units in Luxembourg and Brussels and by the Council of Maltese language.

The Head of Department, Prof. Joseph Eynaud, envisages that this project will contribute significantly towards facilitating the work of Maltese translators working in the various EU institutions, thereby boosting their efficiency and effectiveness. It will also be critical to standardize the use of certain “new” terminology, which is finding its way in the Maltese language.

The final product as presented by ERCS and Verbavis is of excellent quality and comprises a glossary of 24000 terms, based on the structure of the EU’s IATE (InterActive Terminology for Europe) database. Each term in the database is accompanied by a number of fields.

The following Domains were used:

Politics; International Relations; European Communities; Law; Economics; Trade; Finance; Social Questions; Education and Communications; Science; Business and Competition; Employment and Working Conditions; Transport; Environment; Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries; Agri-foodstuffs; Production, Technology and Research; Energy; Industry; Geography; International Organisations.

Terms in the database are sorted in alphabetical order. However Trados Multiterm (Computer Aided Translation Software) also provides a very effective search mechanism.

One simply has to input the initials of the term and Trados will automatically provide a list of all the related terms. Alternatively one may search terms using the relevant Domain Codes. For example under the Domain INDUSTRY one can look the sub domain codes: industrial structures and policy; chemistry; iron, steel and other metal industries; mechanical engineering; electronics and electrical engineering; building and public works; wood industry; leather and textile industries and miscellaneous industries.

The Department of Translation and Interpreting Studies has also secured funds from the European Commission and the European Parliament for the installation of an interpreters’ laboratory and for the postgraduate diploma course in conference interpreting as a fulltime day course, which started this academic year.

Present at the inauguration were University Rector, Prof. Juanito Camilleri, Prof. Joseph Eynaud - Head of Department of Translation and Interpreting, Mr De Vincente - DG Translation (Brussels) and Mr Valeri Cobo - Head of Translation Unit (Maltese) Luxembourg.

Translation & Interpreting 


12 December 2007

Leading Scholar and Art Historian to give Caravaggio Lecture

The Department of History of Art within the Faculty of Arts at the University of Malta will be rounding up its programme of prestigious extra curricula cultural events for the current calendar year with a lecture by the leading art historian and scholar Dr Gabriele Finaldi. Dr Finaldi, who is the currently Deputy Director of the famous El Prado Museum,  Madrid, will be talking on Caravaggio and Caravaggist paintings at the El Prado collection, thus bringing to a fitting conclusion the celebrations marking the four hundredth anniversary of the great artist’s productive Maltese period. Dr Finaldi’s lecture will be take place on Tuesday, 18 December, at 1815hrs, in the Erin Serracino Inglott Hall at the University of Malta. The general public is cordially invited to attend.

Dr Finaldi enjoys a great international reputation in the art historical world as a leading luminary on Italian and Spanish paintings, and before joining the El Prado Museum he was, for a number of years, Curator of Later Italian and Spanish Paintings, at the National Gallery, London. His book The Image of Christ (National Gallery, London, 2000) published to accompany a major exhibition at the National Gallery, has been hailed as a major work on the subject.

Dr Finaldi is the recipient of prestigious fellowships and is a welcome visiting professor to major universities and art institutions where his numerous publications are used as textbooks.

He has also curated a number of major exhibitions culminating in the great Tintoretto exhibition at the El Prado in January of 2007, considered as the largest exhibition of the 16th century Italian painter in the past 70 years and one of the most significant shows of his work outside his native Venice.


12 December 2007

Dr Adrian Grima

The University of Nicosia Press, in collaboration with the School of Humanities, University of Cyprus, has just published a volume entitled Cultures of Memory / Memories of Culture (Nicosia 2007) edited by Professor Stephanos Stephanides that includes an academic paper by Adrian Grima and his poem "Fifteen Minutes Away" ("Kwarta 'l Bogħod," translated by Maria Grech Ganado). It is the only poem by a non-Cypriot writer in the volume.
Dr. Grima's paper is entitled "Savage Boys and the Predatory Woman in Holland's Garden." It argues that the poetic world that emerges from Henry Holland’s poem “Il-Ġnien” (The Garden) (1998) is shaped both by the personal experiences of the poet as he reads and writes them and by the Maltese macho culture and colonial education that has forged his personality. The poem itself is an attempt by the writer to come to grips with what he perceives as his failures in life, especially with regard to his relationship with what he perceives as “the Woman.” This paper concludes that while it is in and through writing that Holland’s memory constructs itself as inevitably “belated,” it is through writing that its “immediacy” is also re-created, making “Il-Ġnien” a poem that is dealing with the present rather than the past.  

"Cultures of Memory / Memories of Culture is an interdisciplinary approach to Memory Studies. Beginning with the premise that culture and memory are coterminous, the collection of essays by scholars from around the world articulates perspectives on the complexities of this inter-relationship. They highlight how memory is situated in time and place, in historical and social experience, in unconscious fantasies and in the personal, and how it is articulated in modes of artistic and cultural expression, in legal and political systems. A section of the book brings together reflections of memory in prose and poetry by Cypriot creative writers." 


07 December 2007

BOV and Degreeplus

BOV has been appointed Education Partner of the Degreeplus Programme of the University of Malta ...

BOV appointed Education Partner of the Degreeplus Programme of the University of Malta

University of Malta Rector, Professor Juanito Camilleri and Igino Xuereb, Chief Officer Operations of Bank of Valletta today announced the appointment of BOV as the official Education Partner of the Degreeplus programme.

The Degreeplus programme is the first of its kind in many ways, as Prof. Albert Caruana, Chairperson of the Degreeplus Committee explained. “This programme sets out to provide students with the opportunity to boost their academic studies with additional practical skills and experiences that enrich their character and employability,” said Prof. Caruana. The tag line ‘More than you’d credit!’ puts across the salient message of this programme, which is that of projecting the Degreeplus activities as an opportunity to obtain a more holistic approach to education in a fun environment.

For the first year 2007/2008, the programme is targeting first year students, but eventually it will be made available to all students. Among the units on offer, there is ‘Entrepreneurship’ which focuses on inspiring participants to be the leaders of tomorrow, ‘Voluntary work’ which requires students to undertake 20 hours of social work, ‘Information and Communication Technology’ that seeks to provide a basic understanding of computers, and ‘Language Development for Professional Purposes’ that seeks to enhance students’ language competence.

“To date 640 students have enrolled for the first two semesters in the 5 streams on offer, which augurs very well for the future of this Programme,” said University of Malta Rector, Prof. Juanito Camilleri. There are 220 registrations for Entrepreneurship, 112 for Voluntary Work, 60 for Information and Communication Technology, 129 for Culture and Heritage, and 119 for Languages.

Mr Igino Xuereb expressed Bank of Valletta’s delight in supporting the University of Malta in the development of the Degreeplus Programme as its Education Partner. “This is a truly innovative and most valid programme that will undoubtedly contribute towards our students getting a more holistic educational experience during their years at University,” said Mr Xuereb. He added that the Bank’s appointment as the Education Partner of the University of Malta in the Degreeplus Programme continued to position BOV at the forefront of supporting education initiatives within the Maltese communities. “Education has always been an important pillar under our Community Programme and today’s appointment continues to consolidate BOV’s support to promote educational development in our country,” added Mr. Xuereb. He concluded by auguring the Rector well for the Degreeplus programme, whilst reiterating the Bank’s commitment to take an active role in the management of this project, so much so that a BOV representative will be an active member of the Committee overseeing the project.



04 December 2007

Central Mediterranean Naturalist 2007 Issue

The 2007 issue of the Central Mediterranean Naturalist (CMN) has just been published. The CMN (The Central Mediterranean Naturalist) is a scientific journal published for over 40 years, initially by the Natural History Society of Malta (SSCN) and later by Nature Trust, and which provides to local and overseas naturalists and biologists the opportunity to publish works of a local and/or regional interest. After the sterling editorship of Mr David Dandria, the journal has a new editorial board, composed of Dr A. Deidun (editor), Dr P. Gatt, Ms Jennifer Fiorentino and Mr Titian Schembri. The editorial board has decided to follow in Mr. Dandria’s footsteps and some of the first measures to be taken include the digitization of this year’s issue, affiliation of the journal to regional scientific associations, increasing awareness of the existence of the journal among biologists and naturalists and encouraging biologists and naturalists to publish their work in this journal.

The CMN’s editorial board would finally wish to thank the paper referees and the authors for their unstinting support to the journal, and to the Environment Protection Directorate of MEPA for funding this year’s issue. All academic submissions (for the 2008 issue), should be sent to Dr A. Deidun on or


30 November 2007

Training Seminars on ‘Effective Writing Skills’

The Office for Human Resources Management & Development, in collaboration with the Department of English, Faculty of Arts, organised a series of 2-hour training seminars in “Effective Writing Skills”. The seminars were offered to Graduate Trainees, Administrative Assistants, Administrative Officers, Senior Administrative Officers, Assistant Librarians, Senior Assistant Librarians and Technical Staff within the University who work in administration, faculties, institutes and centres. The seminars were held for a total of 47 participants on 15th, 22nd and 29th November 2007.

Mr Mario Aquilina, the seminar tutor, made participants aware of the importance of writing effectively professional documents that increase on-the-job credibility and aid accurate communication. Mr Aquilina also provided them with an overview of some essential advanced features of writing skills for administrative purposes. The main topics of each training seminar were Style, Tone, Organisation of Information, and Common Writing Errors. Mr Aquilina offered guidance on how to format documents that suit the needs of the receiver, how to make appropriate choices concerning style and tone, and how to avoid a range of common writing errors.
Participants were encouraged to work on sample material individually and in groups. They were also given the opportunity to provide their general feedback on the seminar by means of an evaluation form, distributed to them at the end of the session.  Participants were also provided with a certificate of attendance.

Members of staff who attended the training seminars were: Doreen Attard, Joanne Attard, Maria Attard, Andre Azzopardi, Nicholas Azzopardi, Carmen Bezzina, Marlene Bezzina, Colin Borg, Maria Bray, Anthony Buhagiar, Elaine Buhagiar, Gillian Cachia, Karen Cacciattolo, Anna Callus, Dorothy Camilleri, Margaret Camilleri, Mario Cassar, Evelyn Chetcuti, Bernice Cutajar, Vanessa Debattista, Marlene Debono, Norman Deguara, Marlene Desira, Claire Ellul, Alex Falzon, Emmanuel Falzon, Isabelle Farrugia, Nadia Formosa, Margaret Gerada, Maris Grech, Carmel Grech, Jacqueline Grech, Lucy Hart, Marisa Mercieca, Antoinette Micallef, Claudette Mifsud, Victoria Muscat, Marina Plummer, Romina Sammut, Fr Paul Sciberras, Maria Spiteri, Rita Stirling, Maria Evelyn Vella, Sonia Vella Zarb, Elaine Xerri, Annemarie Zammit, and Catherine Zammit.

Any other information may be obtained by contacting Karen on  2340 2479 or by sending an email at  


30 November 2007

MFSA hosts Banking & Finance Students

The 132-student class following the third year B.Comm Banking & Finance course in International Banking Law in the University's Faculty of Economics Management, & Accountancy, are this fortnight once again being hosted by the Malta Financial Services Authority for seminars extending over two full mornings.

With the collaboration of top MFSA executives Dr David Fabri LL.D and Mr Geoffrey Bezzina, these annual visits have now become a regular feature of the Banking Regulation and International Banking Law courses which Dr John A. Consiglio has been teaching in this Department for the past decade.  Presentations on domestic and international financial regulatory structures and issues are the main components of these seminars, with time also for discussions and questions. 


28 November 2007

Comparative Study of Career Guidance in the Mediterranean Region

Comparative Study of Career Guidance in the Mediterranean Region Professor Ronald Sultana, the Director of the Euro-Mediterranean Centre for Educational Research, has just published a comparative study of career guidance in the Mediterranean region.

The study, co-authored with Professor Tony Watts, and published by the European Commission (Turin: European Training Foundation, 2007: [ISBN 978-92-9157-544-2], looks at the way different Arab countries in the Middle East and in North Africa are attempting to put career guidance systems in place in order to support student transitions through education and training pathways. It also looks at the ways in which guidance can play an important role in supporting employment and labour market goals in developing economies. Turkey and Israel were also included in this study, which is the first cross-country comparative analysis that attempts to take into account the specificity of Mediterranean economies and cultures, and the impact of these for career guidance with youths and adults.

A synthesis of the study will appear in the International Journal of Educational and Vocational Guidance, due out early in 2008.


24 November 2007


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