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  * Presentation of Maltese Translation of the Koran to the University Library
  * Award of Europass Diploma Supplement
  * Degree Plus Voluntary Work
  * iGaming Academy sponsors AEGEE-Valletta's Summer University
  * The European Association of Archaeologists Conference takes off in Valletta
  * Project to help persons held back from Higher Education
  * Opening Ceremony
  * Meeting Point
  * AIESEC’s WeGrow attracts over 200 participants from 22 countries
  * Lecturer at the Junior College presents book to President Fenech Adami
  * New Department of German for University of Malta
  * Second (IEEE) Workshop on Sensorless Control
  * Maltese students’ success at the NEPOMUK summer school
  * Procurement System Training Sessions
  * Golden Anniversary of Graduation
  * Gathering for University Alumni from the 1930s to 1977
  * Online Admissions
  * Calling all Graduates from 1930s to 1977
  * WICT 2008 - Update 3
  * Oil Recovery Response Exercise
  * Reaching for the Past
  * 50th Anniversary of Graduation
  * Wine Culture and Appreciation
  * Mediterranean Society of Comparative Education
  * Meeting Point Edition 6
  * Understanding Young People in Today’s Society
  * EUREPA Pan European Train the Trainers course in Malta
  * Interfaculty Football Tournament
  * Translating Reality
  * DegreePlus
  * Induction Course Programme - November 2008
  * Vote online your favourite IOI-Kids Project
  * Engineria donates Smart Camera to Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering
  * Training on the Filing System of UOM
  * Design Competition - Deadline: 1st December
  * Design Competition - Deadline: 1st December
  * Celebration Concert
  * University of Malta Graduation Ceremonies 2008
  * The Role of the University Ombudsman
  * Liberating Praxis
  * Physical Oceanography Unit launches an Atmospheric Alert System...
  * WICT 2008 - Update
  * WICT 2008 - Update 2
  * Employee & Family Day
  * Course leading to the M.A. (Economics) Degree
  * M.A. Course in Maltese Studies
  * Mediterranean Historical Studies
  * New Chemistry Degree Courses Offered
  * Short Courses at UGC
  * Malta Medical Journal Vol. 20 Issue 2
  * Online Admissions Pilot Project
  * MRER Vol.6 no. 1 is out
  * AEGEE-Valletta: In quest of Malta’s Treasures
  * Good attendance for Marine Biology Course
  * A book by Richard Spiteri
  * Induction Course Programme Jul.-Aug. 08
  * Toly Sponsors University of Malta’s Industrial Engineering Projects
  * UoM Employee & Family Day
  * Printing in Malta, 1642-1839
  * EonC goes to Valletta
  * Universities of Malta and Victoria Australia Strengthen Links
  * Aegee-Valletta Officially Launched Su08
  * XVIII Congress of AIPI
  * Britain and Italy: Literary and Cultural Relations
  * EAA Conference 2008
  * AEGEE Style
  * Studies in Electrical Power Conversion
  * Short Course on Geographic Information and Spatial Data
  * Fifth James Madison University Summer School
  * Summer School Near Eastern Studi (9–28 Jun)
  * Coastal and Marine Diversity of Local Waters (Jul)
  * Sum Sch Clim Chng Law Pol... (23 Jun–5 Jul)
  * A Case of Meningitis
  * International Appointments for Maltese Academics
  * Training Workshops organised by the Islands and Small States Institute
  * BOV Lecture to DegreePlus Entrepreneurship Students
  * Seminar on Epidemiology and Health Statistics
  * MJES Volume 12(2)
  * Arts Dean’s List
  * Dr Paul Cassar Bibliography
  * Professor David J. Attard contributes to the Nobel Peace Prize
  * Education and Social Justice
  * Honoris Causa: Mro Roberto Benigni
  * Sir Anthony Mamo Annual Memorial Lecture
  * Two Monographs on Education
  * Dr Charles Scerri, Board Member of Alzheimer Europe
  * JMER shifts to MJER – Maltese Journal of Educational Research
  * The French Books of Malta
  * Growing Demand for New Thinking Skills
  * Honoris Causa in Gerontology
  * Dr Godfrey Grech member of EMP
  * DegreePlus Summer 2008
  * The IOI-Kids 2008 Competitions – Extension of Deadline
  * Workshops in Promoting Audio-Visual Education
  * Economic Resilience
  * Foundation and Advanced Courses in Exercise and Fitness
  * More Maltese Interpreters pass Accreditation Tests to work for EU Institutions
  * Cross of Officer of the Order Pro Merito Melitensi
  * Special Issue of Comparative Education Journal
  * Projects Exhibitions
  * Language Courses (Jul.–Aug.)
  * Announcement from the Seismic Monitoring and Research Unit
  * Engineering and ICT – Projects Exhibition
  * New Chaplain for University
  * MA in Creativity and Innovation
  * Landmark Industry-Academia Link Established
  * Students at Imagine Cup
  * Rector visits Gozo
  * Dr Borg and Prof. Mayo in Hamburg
  * Gozo Observer No. 17
  * Qualified Proof-readers for the Maltese Language
  * Seismic Monitoring Unit records Earthquake
  * Book by Joseph Troisi and Ann Lencyk Pawliczko
  * Écru - A Creative Magazine
  * InSite launches TV and Blog
  * Online Megaconference
  * Student Feedback
  * Fifth Megaconference Junior
  * MEDSLIK oil spill model for the Maltese Islands
  * Research findings in coastal park leads to special protection
  * The Crystal Structure Determination of Two Superoxide Dismutases
  * UNESCO European Literacy Research Meeting
  * Transformation: Languages and Icons
  * Incredible Turnout for SPAC 2008 Conference
  * President of Malta University Council Appointment at Pantheon Sorbonne (Paris 1)
  * Child First Aid Course
  * Journée de la Francophonie
  * Young Maltese Artist wins International Children’s Artworks Competition
  * Exchange of French and Maltese Teaching Assistants
  * Professor Briguglio contributes to Nobel Peace Prize
  * IOI-KIDS 2008 Competition
  * The Military Orders, Volume 3
  * Ms Kate Gonzi at the Gozo Lace Day
  * Wind Energy Award
  * Degree Plus
  * New Master's Programme
  * Roberto Benigni in Malta
  * Maltese Scholars in New York
  * Dante's Divina Commedia
  * The Malta University Historical Society (MUHS)
  * Translation Studies
  * Malta Medical Journal Vol. 20 Issue 1
  * Med Comp Educ Conf Malta (11 –13 May)
  * Training of the Filing System of the UoM
  * Third MESCE Conference
  * Dean of Science Awards
  * Department of Accountancy Awards 2008
  * Another Issue of JMER
  * The Seismic Monitoring Unit
  * Faculty of Arts Dean’s List 2008
  * Seismic Research Unit
  * Jan Palach Remembered
  * Energy Efficiency & Renewables: Policies, Applications and Research
  * Induction Course Programme (Jan 08)
  * Stock Markets & Portfolio Investment
  * Maltese Engineering in China
  * Solar Water Heating – Technical Guidelines
  * Book by Maltese Author Translated to Italian
  * The University of Malta leaves its mark in China
  * Short Course on Maltese Local Heritage 07
  * Professor Robert Ghirlando
  * Malta Medical Journal - December Issue
  * Faculty of Medicine & Surgery Publication
  * Sustainable Ocean Governance
  * Ġorġ Mifsud-Chircop Lecture Fund
  * On Race and Racialization
  * Ġużè Cassar Pullicino
  * The International Environment Institute in Sheffield
* 2007
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The Mediterranean Society of Comparative Education (MESCE) was launched in Catania (Italy) during a conference, 'Comparative Education in the Mediterranean,' held on 4 - 6 March 2004, organised by Giovanni Pampanini.

This organisation emerged against a background of interesting initiatives that were carried out with respect to education in the Mediterranean region. Professor Ronald Sultana, who now directs the Euro-Mediterranean Centre for Educational Research at the University of Malta, had initiated a series of research seminars focusing on education in the Mediterranean, the first of which in 1999. Papers from some of these seminars were published in edited volumes produced by such publishing houses as Peter Lang, New York. Earlier, Ronald Sultana launched the Mediterranean Journal of Educational Studies, a peer reviewed academic journal published twice a year. The journal is now in its twelfth volume.
Other activities included the hosting of a number of conferences on education in the Mediterranean such as ‘Il Mare che Unisce. Scuola, Europa e il Mediterraneo’ held at Sestri Levante in October 1998 and the one convened, a year later, by Giovanni Pampanini at the Gran Hotel Baia Verde in Catania and which led to the publication of the volume Un Mare di Opportunità Cultura e Educazione nel Mediterraneo del 111 Millennio published by Armando Editore. These initiatives were in no way related to MESCE but were indicative of the type of activities being carried out in the region in the last decade. Initiatives of this type served to place the Mediterranean on the comparative and international education research agenda. In addition, a number of scholars were publishing papers on specific aspects of Mediterranean education in international refereed journals, mainly journals in international or comparative education. They were also published in other types of journals, including the Journal of Mediterranean Studies produced by the University of Malta’s Mediterranean Institute. This journal is interdisciplinary but it occasionally carries articles focusing on education. In addition to these activities, we witnessed a number of conferences, sponsored by the DVV-International, on Adult Education in the Mediterranean, conferences which bring together both practitioners and researches from both sides of the Mediterranean and which are intended towards the setting up of a Mediterranean Adult Education Association.

Since its launch, MESCE has served as the host regional organisation for the 2007 World Congress of Comparative Education, held in Sarajevo, and organised two Mediterranean conferences, in Alexandria (2006) and Malta (2008) respectively.  The next regional conference will be held in Morocco, in November 2009.  
MESCE was registered in Catania and has the following aims:

  • developing the perception of a Mediterranean framework for Education;
  • fostering dialogue and mutual knowledge among scholars in Education and teachers and educators of all the Mediterranean countries
  • promoting the setting up of research programmes, co-operation and intellectual exchanges in Education among scholars from all the Mediterranean countries;
  • exploring possibilities for greater co-operation among scholars in Education and scholars in other disciplines, both humanistic and scientific within a Mediterranean context
  • carrying out studies in Comparative Education in the Mediterranean
  • reinforcing the politics of education aimed at guaranteeing all children and adult citizens the right to education in the widest sense possible;
  • avoiding, through education, the dangers of ignorance, intolerance, incomprehension, and racial hatred, guaranteeing to citizens of the Mediterranean the right to discuss their participation in and make an informed choice regarding different development models and ways of civil cohabitation in multicultural societies in and around the Mediterranean basin;
  • paving the way, through education, for cultural studies and intercultural dialogue in the Mediterranean with respect to European and Arab cultures and the other cultures (e.g. Chinese, Indian and sub-Saharian) present in the Mediterranean area; this is done with a view to fostering greater understanding.

For more information regarding the activities of MESCE click here or contact Prof. Carmel Borg, Secretary General of MESCE. 


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