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  * Honoris Causa - Mr Ban Ki-moon (Photo Gallery)
  * Special Offer on EDRC Publications
  * A New Learning and Study Environment
  * Degree Plus Voluntary Work
  * Ecumenical Service brings together seven Christian denominations at University
  * Malta takes part in the Paris European Research & Innovation Exhibition
  * New Publication - Journal of Anglo-Italian Studies
  * Seismic Vulnerability & Earthquake Engineering
  * The Hon. Dolores Cristina visits Junior College Building Extension
  * B.Ed.(Hons) in Physical Education
  * Geographic Information Systems Software at IT Services
  * Maltese Scientists’ Work
  * AEGEE-Valletta’s Summer University 2009
  * Success at the Second University of Malta Summer School on GIS
  * Dr Donia Baldacchino Visiting Fellow at the University of Glamorgan
  * Malta Medical Journal Vol. 21, Issue 2
  * Malta Medical School Conference
  * Short Course in Marine Biology
  * Research Team attends Design Conference at Stanford University, USA
  * Considerable International Interest for EMA-PS
  * Performative Creativity
  * Environment Award for Industry 2009
  * Understanding Young People in Today’s Society
  * Teaching Assistants for Academic Year 2009-2010
  * Inclusive Education: Transforming Schools into Communities I
  * New Students at UoM
  * The New European AEGEEAN Knights
  * Intercultural and Environmental Management of Schools
  * Opening of the Academic Year
  * Masters Course in Public Health
  * Strategic Innovation and Future Creation
  * Performative Creativity
  * Religious Beliefs and Attitudes of Maltese University Students Revisited – 2009
  * Degree Course in Mental Health Nursing
  * ICT and Engineering Exhibitions
  * University Family Day - June 2009
  * University Students’ Projects at ICT and Engineering Exhibitions
  * World's Best Student
  * Ilsienna and Il-Lingwa Tagħna
  * Electrical Energy and Efficiency Laboratory
  * Confucius Institute
  * For Prospective Health Care Students
  * Erasmus Programmes for Community Nursing Students
  * AEGEE-Valletta’s Summer University
  * Modernisation of a Laboratory
  * Master of Arts (Islands and Small States Studies)
  * Master of Education in Social, Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties
  * New Courses at the Faculty of Theology
  * MA in Youth and Community Studies
  * Creativity, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  * Glossarju – franċiż-malti/malti-franċiż
  * Profiling Exercise in Small Island States
  * Online Applications 2009
  * IT Services Building
  * Earthquake
  * Accountancy Awards
  * Library, Information and Archive Studies
  * Maltese Professor at World Meteorological Organisation, Geneva
  * International Journal of Emotional Education
  * Minute Taking & Writing
  * Writing Skills Modules in English
  * ICT Skills Course for Computer Beginners
  * Induction Course Programme May 2009
  * Student Interpreters on familiarisation visit to EU Institutions
  * ICT Faculty Building
  * Could you be a Strategist of Creativity?
  * Atmospheric Pollution
  * A Supercomputing Laboratory for the University of Malta
  * A Celebration of Care
  * Dean of ICT Awards
  * Mechanical Engineering Computer Modelling and Simulation Laboratory
  * Regional Training Course in Water Reclamation and Reuse in the Mediterranean
  * Maltese Linguistics
  * Banking and Finance in Small States
  * Dr Anton Tabone Annual Memorial Lecture
  * Mediterranean Deep Waters
  * Creativity and Leadership
  * Upgrading of Giordan Lighthouse GAW Research Station
  * DegreePlus Summer 2009
  * Launch of X-Lab Science Education Television Series
  * Developing an Interdisciplinary Material Testing and Rapid Prototyping R&D Facility
  * Climate Change Monument
  * Honoris Causa
  * A €1,300,000 Project
  * Midwifery Education
  * Journée de la Francophonie
  * €600,000 for Furnishing and Equipping of the Chemistry & Biology Building Extensions
  * Meeting Point Edition 7
  * Honoris Causa - Mr Efthimios E. Mitropoulos
  * Climate Change Monument
  * University of Malta Academic Member of Staff’s Link to Apollo 17
  * Book Presentation
  * Arts Dean’s List
  * EDRC now Member of TEPSA
  * President's Award Scheme
  * Public Lecture at The Prado, Madrid
  * Chaplaincy Seminar
  * AEGEE-Valletta Local Training Course
  * Electric Boat Launched
  * Degreeplus inaugurates office at University Campus
  * Minute Taking and Writing
  * Launch of New Area of Study in Insurance & Finance
  * University of Malta and Disability Support Services 2009
  * Global Entrepreneurship Week
  * Cleaner Technology Centre Workshop
  * French Documentary on Common Dolphins
  * MCQs in Pharmacy
  * Enhancing Health Biotechnology Facilities
  * AEGEE Kyiv Exchange Website Launched Online
  * ESM Bulletin
  * New Electronic Resource
  * Malta Medical School Conference Abstract Book
  * Foundation Day Celebration Concert
  * Foreign Students Learn Maltese
  * Shoreline Change, Erosion Management and Sea-level Rise
  * Emerald Workshops for FEMA Students
  * The Cleaner Technology Centre hosts the EBAE Malta Meeting
  * Another Issue of the Mediterranean Journal of Educational Studies
  * International Journal of Emotional Education II
  * Signature of Agreement on Cooperation
  * Honoris Causa: Mr Ban Ki-moon
  * The Electronic Information Platform
  * Orthodontics
  * Honoris Causa: Mr Efthimios E. Mitropoulos
  * AEGEE-Valletta is 12 Years Old!
  * University of Malta Foundation Day 2009
  * U-Knighted and Hooked
  * US Foreign Policy under the Obama Administration
  * Refurbishing the Signal Processing Laboratory
  * Dean of Science Awards
  * Sixth James Madison University Summer School
  * Journal of Maltese History
  * Tisħiħ fil-Kitba tal-Malti
  * Prize Giving Ceremony
  * Mr John Pollacco Papers presented to the University of Malta Library
  * Video Games at the Centre for Literacy
  * Maltese Scientists in Groundbreaking Research as Role Models
  * ICT Course for Computer Beginners (EqualSkills)
  * Promoting Cultural Integration
  * Honoris Causa - Mr Bernard Kouchner
  * Ambassador’s Scholar Programme
  * Sustainable Development Strategies for Small States
  * Strengthening Cooperation between the University of Malta and the Akita International University
  * EqualSkills March 2009
  * Centre of Labour Studies Biennial Report for 2007/2008
  * Induction Course Programme March 2009
  * AEGEE-Valletta Network Meeting 2009
  * Strategic Innovation and Future Creation
  * Students invited to a World of Plants
  * Busy Time for the University Junior College Orchestra
  * The Edward de Bono Seminar 2009
  * Discouragement amongst Ageing Workers in Malta within an EU Context
  * The Malta University History Society Photography Competition
  * High-tech Maltese Language Learning
  * New Issue of Mediterranean Journal of Educational Studies
  * MKSU provides Opportunity for Young Artists
  * European Higher Education Fair in New Delhi
  * Rużar Briffa’s Manuscript Poetry on CD-ROM
  * Media Statement - Rally on Campus
  * Christmas Story into Maltese Sign Language and into Signwriting
  * Dr McElhatton at the European Food Congress
  * University of Malta PhD Student Awarded Prestigious Fellowships
  * Writing Skills Modules in English
  * Induction Course Programme January 2009
  * IOI-Malta Course Trains New Advocates for Sustainable Ocean Governance
  * Maltese Natural Heritage
  * Signing of the University of Malta Academics' Collective Agreement
  * Commemoration of Jan Palach
  * Holocaust Memorial Day in Malta 2009
  * Square Kilometre Array Conference
  * European Endocrinologists in Malta
  * Clarification - Academics’ Collective Agreement
  * The Gozo Observer
  * Erasmus Programme 2009/2010
  * ISL awards Scholarship
  * New E-Learning Degree in Health Science
  * AEGEE-Valletta to host twin antenna from Kyiv
  * Students at CERN
  * Library Tours and Workshops
  * Orientation Programme September 2009
  * Inclusive Education: Transforming Schools into Communities
  * Journal of Anglo-Italian Studies
  * Dr Sandra Buttigieg participates in European Commission Expert Workshop
  * Oil Glorious Oil
  * Minute Taking & Writing Course - February 2009
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Opening of the University of Malta Academic Year 2009-2010

This University which has formed birth to what will become of us

  • Rector reminds students and staff that the University’s 400 year old heritage is the cornerstone of Malta’s identity, its society and its economy
  • University seeks to maintain an equilibrium in the areas of teaching, research and service provision in the interest of society and the economy

The University of Malta campus today welcomed new students at the opening ceremony of academic year 2009-2010. Rector, Professor Juanito Camilleri, and Mr Carl Grech, President of the Kunsill Studenti Universitarji KSU, delivered the traditional speeches, followed by the Inauguration Mass by University Chaplain Fr. Michael Bugeja, at Sir Temi Zammit Hall. This year's theme is 'This University which has formed birth to what will become of us'.

In his address to the Maltese and International students, the Rector said that the theme he chose for this year highlighted the need for Malta to remember the crucial role the University of Malta  has played through history to make this country what it is, “but more importantly it invites us all to commit unreservedly and wholeheartedly to this institution to ensure that it retains its position at the heart of the social and economic development of Malta in its European, Mediterranean, and global context,” Professor Juanito Camilleri added.

The Rector said that in the past year the University made significant steps forward to strengthen its research infrastructure. An agreement had been reached with academic staff, which provided a framework to encourage individual research but which also allowed for the creation of a corporate research programme, in response to the needs of industry and the country at large, as well as to exploit opportunities for collaboration with European and global counterparts.
Prof. Camilleri said that the University managed to secure in excess of €20 million, being used to purchase equipment to strengthen the facilities for research mainly in the fields of medicine, science and engineering.

A €50 million investment by Government and the European Union covers  infrustructural projects that have already started and that will continue over the next two years.

Excavation work for the building of the Computer Services Centre and for the Faculty of ICT is complete and the construction phase is to start soon.
The extensive work on the Library facade is almost complete and work is now being carried out on the construction of the new main Data Centre next to carpark 5. This will ensure continued operations and safeguard data, resources and research should a major fault develop. In the meantime, work on the Junior College expansion continues  at a steady pace.

Another project consisting of the building of an integrated administrative information system started a few months ago. This will help ensure better and more efficient use of resources, and a better quality of service to students and academics by the University.

An office for Corporate Research and Technology Transfer has been set up and a director recruited to help the University build the administrative capacity to manage its corporate research portfolio and to exploit it and disseminate it as broadly as possible. Rector said that the University continues to forge international collaborations, mainly through participation in European Framework and Interregional programmes.  “The University of Malta must continue to identify strategic partners of repute,” Rector added, “I am pleased to announce the launch of two dual International Masters Programmes which have commenced classes at our Valletta campus. The first, in tandem with James Madison University, is on Sustainable Environmental Resource Management. The second, in tandem with San Diego State University, is on Integrated Marketing Communications,” he said.

Prof. Camilleri said the University was also in advanced stages of preparation to launch another two dual international masters programmes in the next academic year. The first is in tandem with Western Michigan University on Criminology and Criminal Justice while the second is with George Mason University on Conflict Resolution and Mediterranean Security. 

Rector announced that there are also several other very promising prospects being explored with an eye to extending the growing profile of bilateral or multilateral dual and joint degree programmes.  He highlighted another two major achievements last year in the University’s internationalisation strategy - an agreement reached with the Government of Kuwait which has secured a significant steady influx of Kuwaiti students to pursue their studies in a range of subjects, and another concerning the Confucius Institute to be located in Binja Guże Cassar Pullicino which is soon to be up and running.

The University Chaplain, Fr Michael Bugeja, who has recently returned from what he termed as a powerful experience lived in Ethiopia, chose the theme "What you did to the least of my brothers and sisters you have done it to Me' for the religious service. He said that life on campus offered not only academic advancement but also a whole gamut of opportunities to help others. “In fact we have tried to involve as many as possible in this opening ceremony. The choir and band is made up of students from all faculties under the guidance of Ms Michelle Paris from DegreePlus Music. During the celebration we have asked international students to take part and also look forward to integrating other faiths so as to make this moment as holistic as possible," he concluded.

Click here to download the Rector's speech [PDF].

Opening of the Academic Year 2009-2010

Opening of the Academic Year 2009-2010

Opening of the Academic Year 2009-2010

30 Sept. 2009


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