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  * Courses on Solar Heating and Solar Photovoltaic System Installations
  * City of Mdina Chosen for EU-Funded Pilot Project
  * The Matrix, a Facebook Education, Music Memory and Black Clouds
  * Regional Seminars on the Practicum in Teacher Education
  * Professor Carmel Pulé Awarded Medalja Għal Qadi tar-Repubblika
  * Mr Carmel Azzopardi Awarded Lifetime Achievement Award
  * Unveiling of Commemorative Bust of Professor Mann Borgese
  * FOOD RESCUE - for Waste Reduction and Creative Preparation
  * Research Projects at the Biology Symposium 2013
  * MEDAC Reviewed in Leading German Newspaper
  * Art of Living – Comenius Project
  * The Malta Mediterranean Forum
  * Institute for Tourism, Travel & Culture Students Visit Hilton Malta
  * Valletta 2018: an opportunity for strategic tourism development?
  * Renaissance Meal for Lovers of History and Food
  * Graduation 2013
  * Honoris Causa 2013
  * Green Roof on the Faculty for the Built Environment
  * Agreement between the University of Malta and Two Turkish Universities
  * Malta Historical Society History Week 2013
  * Official Opening of University of Malta Psychology Laboratory
  * Agreement between the Alistair Chalmers Trust and the University of Malta
  * Renewal of German Support to MEDAC
  * Chemistry Conference on Supramolecular Chemistry in Water
  * An Introduction to the Law of Education
  * Erasmus Students Learn the Maltese Language
  * STREETS Project
  * Travelling Smart Using the Bicycle at Discover University 2013
  * University of Malta Cycling Ambassadors
  * Master Class in Vocal Technique and Interpretation with Verena Rein
  * Panel Discussion on Valletta 2018 (18 Nov.)
  * Science in the City Contributes to 1.2 Million Record for Researchers’ Night 2013
  * Courses Organised by the Faculty of MaKS
  * Official Opening of the Faculty of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Building
  * University of Malta Students Celebrate Omani National Day
  * Strong Representation from the Department of Biology at the 2013 CIESM Congress
  * Launching of Book Commemorating Peter Serracino Inglott
  * A Twinning to the Sound of Music
  * Innovative Energy Generation Project awarded the IOI Elisabeth Mann Borgese Bursary
  * Come and Discover the University
  * Student of M.A. in Ocean Governance Awarded Scholarship
  * Literature in Translation Book Launch
  * University of Malta Student Wins Genomics Research Conference Poster Award
  * Custom Travel Information
  * Applications for University of the Third Age - U3E
  * MUHC Courses
  * Study of Virtual Work
  * Ministry of Education Offers Support to UoMR
  * Cottonera Resource Centre Promoting and Facilitating Learning
  * University of Malta Proudly Welcomes all Students with Disability
  * Short Courses in Biology
  * Courses Organised by MUHC
  * Seafloor Exploration Training Course
  * Lectures for the General Public
  * Auditions for Prospective Contemporary Dancers and Choreographers
  * Opening of the University of Malta Academic Year 2013-2014
  * New Students, New Courses and Total Number of Students
  * Sharing Meaningful Information in Malta
  * Department of Translation, Terminology and Interpreting Studies Celebrates Its Tenth Year
  * Project to Restore Maquis Habitats at tal-Kunċizzjoni Area, Mġarr
  * Postgraduate Studies in Pharmacy
  * Junior College Students Research Wildlife in the Alps
  * World Pharmacists Day 2013 Celebrated in Malta
  * Second Edition of Science in the City Presents Full Programme
  * Love, The Bionic Human, and Etna
  * Discovery of Sixty Seven Underwater Landslides
  * World Pharmacists Day - 25 September 2013
  * Researchers Network with Members of Parliament
  * University of Malta Industrial Study Tour in Germany
  * Free Public Screening of Latest Underwater Documentary
  * Calypso on Guard in the Malta Channel
  * Call for Application for Training Courses in the Renewable Energy Sector
  * M.A. in Literary Tradition and Popular Culture
  * M.A. in Humanitarian Action
  * Courses Offered by the Institute of Tourism, Travel & Culture
  * Master in Access to Education: Inclusive Schools and Communities
  * The Knights of Malta
  * Master of Science in Medical Physics
  * Studying the Baroque Age
  * The Art of Public Speaking
  * Medical Imaging and Radiotherapy in B.Sc. (Hons) Radiography Course
  * Monica Beisner Presents Award to Young Competition Winners
  * Two University of Malta Musicians for Young Artists Meeting in Germany
  * Horticulture Training for Refugees and Asylum Seekers
  * Italian Pharmacists Follow Clinical Pharmacy Course at University of Malta
  * Evenings on Campus 2013 Promises Memorable Performances
  * Faculty of ICT Awards
  * Scholarship for MA in Ocean Governance (Deadline: 5 Aug.)
  * The New Humanities: Relevance and Renewal in Today’s Society
  * Malta University Press Launches Four New Books
  * Courses Offered by the Institute of Linguistics
  * M.Sc. in Sustainable Energy
  * Courses Offered by the Institute of Earth Systems
  * Auditions for Prospective Contemporary Dancers and Choreographers
  * The Study of Oriental Languages and Cultures at the University of Malta
  * Excellent Opportunity for Physics and Engineering Graduates
  * B.A. in Philosophy and Theology at the Gozo Campus
  * Computational Physics Degree
  * Two MAs for Various Professions and Administrators
  * University of Malta Launches its Prospectus 2013/14
  * Diploma in Social Studies (Gender and Development)
  * Master in Creativity and Innovation
  * Masters in Italian Education Offered by the Faculty of Education
  * B.Sc. in Pharmaceutical Technology (Hons)
  * Diploma in Social Studies (Gender and Development)
  * Master of Arts in Islands & Small States Studies
  * Higher Diploma in Gerontology and Geriatrics
  * Intensive Training Programme and Masters Programme in Knowledge-Based Entrepreneurship
  * Matching the Human Resource Needs in the Marine Sector
  * Degree Courses Organised by the Faculty of Theology
  * Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and Theology Offered in Gozo
  * Master in Creativity and Innovation
  * Bachelor of Science (Honours) Mental Health Nursing
  * Why Study Food and Nutritional Sciences?
  * Master of Arts in Contemporary Western Philosophy
  * M.A. in Literary Tradition and Popular Culture
  * Promoting Greener Travel – Encouraging Bus Use
  * 70 Works for ICT Final Year Projects Exhibition 2013
  * Faculty of Engineering Celebrates 50th Anniversary of Engineering Degree
  * Junior College Students Debate with MEPs
  * Final Year Engineering Projects Exhibition
  * International Seminar in Clinical Pharmacy
  * Confucius Institute at the University of Malta Cited as Outstanding
  * Xiamen University Day Celebrated at the University of Malta
  * Expert Meeting on Resource Efficiency
  * Environmental Studies Students Attend Summer School in Greece
  * Universities Celebrating Ten Years of Collaboration (2003-2013)
  * Faculty of Arts Graduates’ Tracer Study
  * Malta Makes it to the FameLab International Final
  * Maremma Field Trip
  * A Roman Villa, Depression, Clean Food, and Einstein’s Enigma
  * Field Trip to Iceland
  * Recognition Ceremony at Valletta Campus - University of Malta
  * New University of Malta Centre to Promote Entrepreneurial Culture
  * New Research Project on Maltese Prehistoric Landscape
  * Workshops Organised by MUHC
  * Ants and Biological Invasions
  * Banking & Finance and Insurance Awards
  * Sino-Maltese Relations Strengthened
  * Student Interpreters on Familiarisation Visit at European Commission
  * Gold Medal for University Employee Eleanor Bezzina
  * University Junior College Awards Evening
  * Junior College Students Winners at 'Spot German in Malta'
  * Study Visit to Brussels
  * Malta, China Agree on Mutual Recognition of Degrees, Diplomas
  * Raising Awareness of Maltese-German Connections
  * 6th Summer School in Geographic Information Systems
  * Junior College Students Participate in Comenius Project in Rome
  * Give Students a Voice
  * Dean of Science Awards
  * University of Malta Bike to Work Day
  * Tsunamis Awareness, Mitigation and Preparedness (23-24 May)
  * Faculty of Arts Dean’s List Awards
  * MOU between the Universities of Malta and Shanghai
  * M.A. in ‘Literary Tradition and Popular Culture’
  * Junior College Student Wins Juvenes Translatores Contest
  * Students Learn how to become Eco-Citizens
  * University Gozo Campus
  * DigiMaKS Short Courses April-May 2013
  * Predictive Modelling and Risk Assessment Hosted at the Faculty of Health Sciences
  * Insects, Fitter People, 3D Maps and Diamonds
  * Science Students Visit Top Research Facilities in Paris
  * 1st Applied Biomedical Science Meeting – 20 year celebration
  * Waste Awareness for JC Students
  * International Trade Finance Course Launched
  * Junior College Students Participate in European Theatre Festival
  * FameLab Malta
  * The University Announces the Death of Dr Gordon Blake
  * Five International Summer Schools Offered this June
  * Gardmed – The Network of Mediterranean Gardens
  * Actavis Best Pharmacy Presentation Award
  * Memorandum of Understanding: The Malta Chamber Foundation and the University of Malta
  * Book Launch at the Junior College
  * Annual Presentation of University Accountancy Awards
  * Latest Issue of the Journal of Euromed Pharmacy
  * SoTo Project - Study Visit in Barcelona
  * Sustainable Energy 2013: The ISE Annual Conference
  * Junior College Students on the Tracks of British Writers
  * Department of Chemistry Lecturer and M.Sc. Students Attend Winter School in Italy
  * University Offers Short Course in Marine Biology
  * New University of Malta School of Performing Arts
  * European Studies Student Wins Best Delegate Award in UN Environment Programme
  * The Junior College Annual Soirée 2013
  * ‘Next Stop… Junior College’
  * Professor Carmen Depasquale - Officier dans l’Ordre des Palmes Académiques
  * University of Malta Launches Mobile Dental Clinic Project
  * CEDARE Regional Office within the University of Malta
  * Book 'The Maltese Legal System' Presented to the Chief Justice
  * Prime Minister Inaugurates University IT Services Building
  * Nearly Complete Building of the Faculty of ICT
  * Agreement for Closer Links between Malta and Colombia Universities
  * The Maltese Legal System Book Launched
  * Book Donation by Mr and Mrs Chalmers
  * Junior College Student Designs New Logo for Comenius Project
  * The Art of Living
  * Sustainable Energy 2013: The ISE Annual Conference
  * A Visit to Syracuse and Noto
  * Latest Books by MUP
  * Art, Science, Storytelling, Humour and Malta
  * Jean Monnet Teaching Module on Agenda-Setting in the European Union
  * New Cottonera Centre to Promote Higher Education
  * EC’s Esteemed Diploma Supplement Label
  * Course on Political Report Writing
  * Courses at the University Gozo Campus – February 2013
  * Marija Maric Passes Away
  * Blood Donation Day at the Junior College
  * Student Research Presented at Recent Biology Symposium
  * European Researchers Meet the Rector of UoM
  * Fighting Rare Diseases
  * Call for Training Courses in the Renewable Energy Sector (4th Round)
  * University Library Exhibits the 'Vocabolario'
  * The University of Malta Library Art Exhibition: Children & the Sea
  * National Launch of Health and Nutrition Education Resource Packs
  * Junior College Students at Euroscola
  * University Junior College Students Visit Europe House in Valletta
  * Malta 20,000 Years Ago
  * Faculty of Laws Foundation Day
  * More Qualified Proofreaders of Maltese
  * Christmas Activities at Junior College
  * Learn Japanese
  * Learn Maltese
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The University of Malta Cottonera Resource Centre has been set up to act as a bridge between some of the communities in the inner harbour area and the University of Malta. It seeks to act as a hub that co-ordinates links between these communities and the University, facilitating resource-transfer and capacity building.

The main aims of the Centre are to promote higher and tertiary education among these communities by building on existing skills and resources, providing information as well as support and guidance to those interested in furthering their education. At the same time, the Centre’s remit is to promote the area’s potential, in the form of skills, trades and other forms of heritage that are particular to the region.  

The Centre, which was inaugurated on 22 January by Minister of Education and Employment, Dolores Cristina, is also cooperating with St. Margaret’s College within the Ministry of Education. A pilot action research project, strongly supported by Rector Prof. Juanito Camilleri, and initially under the direction of Prof. Carmel Cefai, Director of the Centre for Educational Resilience and Socio-Emotional Health, involved  twelve students, aged 11 to 15, who were identified because of their high educational potential. It was thought that these students were at risk of being hampered from continuing  their education by certain problems related to their socio-economic background. This group of students was followed on three levels: peer mentoring, family, school-based and community-based support.  As part of the same initiative, 12 other students were given the possibility of shadowing a number of people working in various roles at the University.  Another 24 children of primary school age were sponsored to attend Kids on Campus.  In parallel to this initiative, a committee was set up to work on developing university structures that are more accessible.   The work of this committee culminated in the event ‘Skopri l-Universita` fit-Tlett Ibliet’ which took place in November 2012 in collaboration with the University Communications’ Office, followed by the opening of the Resource Centre.
In future, the Centre will be working on the organisation of conferences, seminars and similar activities related to the Cottonera area; collaborating with local councils and civil society on projects, initiatives and events that seek to promote the area; conduct or facilitate research on issues or topics related to the area, as well as making existing research results more accessible to the community. It will be assisting in the logistical aspects of courses organised by the University at all levels in the communities in question and/or Cottonera Resource Centre; managing community-based educational initiatives, both formal and non-formal; and building networks with entities active in the community, especially those dealing with educational institutions, agencies looking after the interests of groups facing social disadvantage, and entities that help in career guidance and in the promotion of employment.

The Centre aims to have an intergenerational focus to allow for a range of ages to benefit from its initiatives. It further seeks to facilitate contact and cooperaton between researchers available at the University of Malta and community members/entities. It will operate through a community centred approach and will continue developing according to what the community identifies as a priority.

For further information please contact:
Ms Andreana Dibben
Tel: +356 23407801

Cottonera Resource Centre

Cottonera Resource Centre


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