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* Archive
  * Publication: The International Critical Pedagogy Reader
  * Publication: 'Star Trek: Interdisciplinary Perspectives in Theory and Practice'
  * Europe's World
  * Dr Nathaniel Massa at Global Innovation Index 2015 launch
  * Knights, Maltese and the Siege of 1565
  * Symposium on Early School Leaving in Budapest
  * University Research Trust brings Mobile Dental Clinic to localities
  * Donation of 50 Historical Books to mark World Pharmacists Day
  * Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurial Ecosystems
  * University of Malta aims for the Stars
  * The University of Malta participates in the MALTEX 15 Oil Recovery Response Exercise
  * An Indo-pacific Marine Flatworm Species in Maltese Waters
  * Jellyfish dispersion model launched
  * Hungarian Version of ‘Social Class, Language and Power’ Launched
  * 4th General Meeting of the Project T-MEDA to be held in Malta
  * Award for First Prize in Presentation at EPMA Congress in Bonn
  * Jean Monnet Chair Policy Brief
  * ALS Malta Foundation and RIDT raise funds for research
  * First Prize for University of Malta’s Centre for Molecular Medicine and Biobanking
  * Sustainable Urban Transport, Transport and Sustainability, volume 7
  * Xjenza Online, Volume 3, Issue 1 is now out!
  * Two University of Malta Academics featured in Dialogues of Sustainable Urbanisation
  * New Publication Co-edited by Prof. Louis F Cassar
  * A Learning Paradigm informed by knowledge of the Learning Self
  * Collaboration among Researchers at the University of Malta
  * Ten Years of Malta’s EU Membership - The Impact on Maltese Environmental NGOs
  * Safe-guarding Marine Biodiversity and Artisanal Fisheries through Research
  * Taking Stock: Alien Species in Maltese Waters
  * Translated into Maltese: Four Booklets on Cancer Care
  * Reflections on a Decade of EU Membership Occasional Paper 7/2015
  * GEOSWIM 2015 Malta
  * Findings from 'The Maltese Acute Myocardial Infarction Study'
  * The CoCoNet Project: Highlights and Key Achievements
  * Dr Gambin's Decoration for Merit to Polish Culture
  * LifeMedGreenRoof Project
  * Prof. Mayo as External Ph.D. Examiner in Brazil
  * Malta University Press: 'I Maltesi di Trapani (1419-1455)'
  * The University of Malta at the Climate Change Scientific Conference
  * University of Malta Academic elected President of CIHEAM's Scientific Advisory Board
  * Institute of Earth Systems Collaborates with International Organisations
  * New Understanding of Communication, Learning and Engagement in Universities and Scientific Institutions
  * University Academic Delivers Speech at the European Parliament
  * Islands and Small States Institute at WHO High Level Meeting
  * Lunar Dome Complex Discovery by Dr Charles Galdies
  * Archaeological Excavations at Kordin III Temples
  * UoM Professor appointed UN Special Rapporteur
  * Econetique Sponsors Engineering Projects at University of Malta
  * New Mosaics Discovered in Synagogue Excavations in Galilee
  * Prestigious Appointment for Professor Godfrey Baldacchino
  * University of Malta-led study pins down the real culprit of childhood motor neuron disease
  * Malta Neuroscience Network Delegation at the 5th MNS Conference
  * Professor Peter Mayo Keynote Speaker at the University of Thessaly, Greece
  * Book by Faculty of Education Academics Published in Hungarian
  * Paper by Michael Briguglio on Hunting Referendum published in Environmental Politics
  * Presentation of MRER and ERMS
  * Bulletin of the Entomological Society of Malta - Volume 7
  * Sinteżi - a Project from Għaqda tal-Malti
  * Publication: 'Young People and the Festa in Malta'
  * Dr Mark Anthony Camilleri at the AMA Conference in Washington D.C.
  * New Issue of the Malta Review of Educational Research (Vol. 9 No. 1)
  * University of Malta Study makes headlines on ELTIS - The Urban Mobility Observatory
  * Postcolonial Directions in Education (Vol. 4, No.1)
  * WATER – A Treasured European Resource
  * Research by University of Malta Academic Features in Leading Biomedical Journal
  * The Seas They Are A Changin’
  * Education Research Monograph Series - Volume 1
  * Maltese Academic Pens the First Dementia-Friendly Strategy
  * Young Scientist Representative at the European Geosciences Union
  * Symposia Melitensia (10th edition)
  * Publication of the third issue of the Journal of Baroque Studies
  * International Journal of Emotional Education April 2015– Special issue
  * Volume: Colonial Encounters: Maltese experiences of British rule 1800-1970s
  * Baroque Routes Newsletter Issue 10 - 2014/15
  * Journal of Euromed Pharmacy 2015 Issue
  * Dr Adrian Grima Lectures at INALCO
  * Development of new methods to control aircraft using touch technologies
  * Prof. Sandra Buttigieg Lead Guest Editor of the Biennial Review of Health Care Management
  * Prof. Baldacchino on Official Visit to China
  * COST Action MP 1301 Meeting in Malta
  * Young Maltese Researcher to participate in the 65th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting
  * Questionnaire: Erasmus Academic Network Project OI NET
  * Evaluation of Ocean Synthesis
  * Routledge Book on Hegemony and Neoliberalism in Education
  * Lino Bianco conferred Honoris Causa
  * Biodiversity Studies in Malta
  * ‘Stress in the Workplace: A Handbook for Practitioners'
  * The Building Blocks of the Future Defy Logic
  * Adult Education and Training in Europe: Widening Access to Learning Opportunities
  * UGreenS Partners Meeting in Malta
  * Monitoring of Surface Sea Currents within Mellieha Bay
  * Local Researcher Attends Training Workshop at Hamburg University
  * Prof. Ing. Zammit Mangion Awarded the 100 Years of Aviation in Malta Award
  * Media Law in Malta by Prof. Aquilina
  * Dr F. Bezzina and Dr V. Cassar at Research Methodology Workshop in Sheffield
  * Research Studies on the Genetics of Osteoporosis and Fractures
  * New Alien Seaweed Discovered during Ongoing Biological Surveys
  * Prof. Lino Briguglio's Speech to World Bank Officials
  * Prof. Carmel Borg Delivers Keynote Speech in Chile
  * Maurice Debono Lifetime Achievement Award 2014
  * Xjenza Online, Volume 2, Issue 2 is Out Now!
  * Norbert Bugeja’s Essay Opens Journal of Postcolonial Writing Current Issue
  * Book Publication: Malta in the European Union
  * Documentary Sources of Maltese History
  * MJHS December 2014 Issue
  * Marie Briguglio Awarded Best PhD Applied Impact Statement Prize
  * Putting Malta at the forefront of sea floating solar panels research
  * SEL Tools for Teachers
  * New Issue of the Malta Review of Educational Research
  * Raphael Vella at Academy of Fine Arts, Warsaw
  * Field-based Learning: multidisciplinary mobile mapping methods
  * Supporting Upcoming Educators to Develop More Technology-Based Learning Resources
  * Dr Scerri's Address at the Italian Presidency of the Council of Europe Conference
  * Latest issue of Postcolonial Directions in Education
  * Bird Hunting in European Malta: A Case of ENGO Empowerment?
  * Valmontone Conference on Mattia Preti
  * Maltese Academics Investigate the Role of Smoking and the Blood Clotting Protein Fibrinogen in Myocaridial Infarction
  * Innovation for Excellence in HR Practice
  * Publication of the International Journal of Emotional Education
  * Water Conservation – A Universal High Flier
  * University of Malta Praised by the Secretary General of the Commonwealth
  * University Professor amongst Highly Distinguished Speakers at Pediatric Meeting
  * Malta Hope Barometer 2015 Survey (Deadline: 30 Nov.)
  * New Publications Related to Biodiversity Studies in Malta
  * Study by Prof. Buhagiar published by the University of Freiburg (Switzerland)
  * New Publication by Dr Giuseppe Schembri Bonaci
  * Faculty of Education Doctoral Programme and Seminars
  * Enhancing Teacher Resilience in Europe
  * Energy Storage Global Conference (19-21 Nov.)
  * Publication by Prof. Mario Buhagiar
  * New Publication: Two Generations of Maltese Artistic Families
  * The Social and Religious History of a Maltese Parish
  * Reflections on a Decade of EU Membership
  * Jean Monnet Occasional Paper Series, No. 12
  * Japanese Version for Prof. Mayo’s Book
  * New Issue of the Mediterranean Journal of Educational Studies
  * Dr Alan Deidun participates at the Ocean Literacy Conference
  * Dimech's Lost Prison Poems
  * STREETS – Info Day
  * Stress, Health and Coping amongst International Students at the UoM
  * UGreenS Project Training
  * Research reveals unexpected high species diversity in shallow-water pebble beds
  * Termbase Digitization Project
  * UGreenS Project Updated
  * Dr Michael Briguglio at International Sustainability Transitions Conference
  * Jean Monnet Occasional Paper Series, No. 9
  * Malta Review of Educational Research
  * Scientists Map Underwater Cliff during CUMECS-2 Oceanographic Expedition
  * Ancient Shipwreck Unique in Central Mediterranean
  * Maltese Academic Delivers Keynote Lecture at Prestigious Neuroscience Research Event
  * The Edward de Bono Institute Joins ThinkCIQ
  * University of Malta Expedition to Explore Giant Underwater Cliff Offshore Malta
  * Monitoring of Lightning Strikes Close to the Maltese Islands
  * University of Malta’s Racing Team Heading to Italy
  * Robert Suban at the European Commission’s Roundtable
  * Termbase Digitisation Project
  * University of Malta Lecturer on track for SNEB Presidency
  * Morality and Economic Growth in Rural West Africa
  * Book in Spanish by Maltese Academic
  * The Greening of the Mediterranean
  * Analysis of the Youth in Action Programme
  * Launch of Publication – ‘Use of Digital and Video Games in Malta’
  * University of Malta in Einstein Telescope Partnership
  * Self-Esteem Enhancement Programme
  * Maltese Sociologists in International Handbook on Social Policy and the Environment
  * Does it matter who speaks?
  * Prof. Lino Briguglio at Economic Vulnerability and Resilience Seminar
  * Call for Papers: Malta Journal of Health Sciences
  * Joint Research Centre European Commission: Update
  * Engineering Research Work Presented at International Design Conference
  * Dr Mark Anthony Camilleri at American Marketing Association's Event
  * Dr Neville Vassallo at Munich Cluster for Systems Neurology
  * Visual Arts Student Wins Panton Chair Competition
  * Collaboration Agreement between National Archives of Malta and Public Memory Archive
  * New and Innovative Geoportal Information System
  * Training School for Aphasia Researchers
  * University of Malta Awarded Title: 'CUDA Research Center'
  * The CoCoNet Project – Update
  * Access to Voting: participation in political life by disabled people
  * Prestigious Publication by Maltese Academics
  * Latest Issue of the Journal of Anglo-Italian Studies
  * Unique and Useful Discoveries to be presented at Jellyfish Conferences
  * Academics Win IGM’s 24th Edition Journalism Awards
  * Medical Students Establish the Malta Medical Journal Club
  * Department of Biology Participate in New LIFE+ Project
  * Water Conservation
  * Malta-based Game Research Comes First in European Funding Proposals
  * Jean Monnet Occasional Paper no. 8
  * Xjenza Online, Volume 2, Issue 1 is Out Now!
  * The Renaissance Society of America 60th Meeting, 2014
  * The Politics of Bluefin Tuna in Malta
  * The Edward de Bono Institute joins OI NET
  * Tessa Fiorini Wins International Chemistry World Science Communication Competition
  * Paper by UoM Academic Selected as Outstanding Paper 2013
  * Malta Medical Journal Vol 26, Issue 1
  * Second Issue of the Journal of Baroque Studies
  * Will Love Tear Us Apart Nominated for Webby Award
  * Your Smart Phone to the Rescue
  * ‘George Abela, Qalb in-Nies’ miktuba minn Andrew Azzopardi
  * Young UoM Researcher at Nobel Laureate Meeting
  * Professor Peter Mayo’s UK Engagements
  * 2013 – A Renaissance at the Faculty of Laws
  * Bulletin of the Entomological Society of Malta Edited by Dr David Mifsud
  * Join Together for Better Care
  * Tracking of Shipping Traffic in Central Mediterranean Ports
  * Malta as a Crossroads of Art and Culture in the Baroque Period
  * Have Your Say About Surveillance in Europe
  * Cooperation of European Countries for the Promotion of Urban Greening Technologies
  * Mikiel Anton Vassalli (1864-1829). A Maltese Enlightened Reformer (5 Mar.)
  * Church Domes in Malta in the Baroque Age
  * UoM Academics Receive Awards for Innovation
  * Another Marine Alien in Our Midst
  * The Mediterranean Artistic Context of Late Medieval Malta: 1091-1530
  * Trans-disciplinary Research Projects at the Mediterranean Institute
  * Lorenzo Milani, the School of Barbiana and the Struggle for Social Justice
  * Baroque Routes Newsletter Published
  * Contemporary Issues in Family Studies
  * 2nd SIMIT Partners’ Meeting
  * Developing ‘Lab-on-a-Molecule’ Prototype
  * Mind-controlled Music Player built by UoM Researchers
  * Paper by Maltese Researchers Cited as Good Example
  * Social Inclusion or Marginalising the Marginalised?
  * New Alien Species and Declining Local Species in Our Sea
  * Focus on Microscopic Sand Beasts
  * IJEE - Special Issue on Wellbeing in Schools
  * Developing Therapies to Treat Spinal Muscular Atrophy
  * Postcolonial Directions in Education Vol 2, No 2
  * Prof. Peter Mayo, Visiting Professorial Fellow at the University of London
  * Publication of Two Further Scientific Studies on Central Mediterranean Sandy Beaches
  * Dr Joseph De Giovanni Awarded Title of Visiting External Professor
  * New Book Edited by Peter Mayo
  * What Do EU Citizens Really Think About Surveillance?
  * Maltese Academic as IMF Keynote Speaker
  * Factors in the Identification of Entrepreneurial Opportunities
  * Social and Emotional Education in Primary School
  * The Cyril Houle Award
  * Variety of Oceanography Works Presented at 40th CIESM Congress
  * New Book on Social and Emotional Learning
  * Monitoring of Sea Currents and Development of Smart Phone Application
  * Chapter on Malta in The Palgrave Handbook of Social Democracy
  * Prof. Carmen Depasquale at Saint-Tropez
  * Faculty of Education Doctoral Seminars
  * Research in Pharmacy Presented at International Conference
  * Collection of Sea Temperature Data
  * Cultural Mapping Project
  * Prestigious USA Award for University of Malta Professor
  * The Role of Social Sciences and Humanities in Horizon 2020
  * University Professor's Recent Talks and Publications
  * Valuing Non-Financial Performance and Sustainability Reporting
  * Michael Briguglio Addresses Polish Sociological Conference
  * Raphael Vella at Venice Biennale
  * Between Caravaggio and Luca Giordano
  * Call for Abstracts: HUMS Programme (Deadline: 23 Sept.)
  * Book Explores the Fruits of Fly Research in Neuroscience
  * Keynote Addresses by University of Malta Professor
  * Michael Briguglio Presents 2 Papers at European Sociological Conference
  * SIMIT - New Project Funded by the Italia-Malta Programme
  * Principal Speaker at International Meeting on Pharmacy Education
  * Prof. Mario Buhagiar at the Fribourg Colloquium 2013
  * Research on Collaborative Design Receives Award
  * Don Lorenzo Milani f’Bormla
  * The Maltese Cheeselet from Sheep’s Milk is Highly Valued
  * Do You Know the Maltese Cheese?
  * Academic Visit in Australia
  * Best Paper Award to Dr Natalie Kenely
  * Maltese Waters Monitored for MED-JellyRisk Project
  * BIODIVALUE Field Missions and Website
  * Le dieu du carnage/L-Alla Tal-Ħerba
  * Launch of New Book by Education Professor
  * Michael Briguglio Addresses International Conference on Green Economics
  * Malta Review of Educational Research Vol. 7 No. 1
  * Daniel Xerri Awarded a Prize for Research
  * OPTIMALE Project
  * Robert Suban Attends Two International Academic Conferences
  * University Matters: New Series
  * The Siren Project – Social Games for Conflict Resolution
  * New Online Journal on Heritage Interpretation
  * Waterfront Project - Palermo Conference
  * Sharing Experiences with Language Teachers
  * Professor Lino Briguglio at Workshop on Resilience in Small States
  * 'Premio Santi Correnti' for Prof. Joseph Brincat
  * New Research Project on Maltese Prehistoric Landscape
  * Scientific Manual Presented to H.E. Dr George Abela
  * Understanding the Self and Others
  * The Journal of Baroque Studies
  * Paper on Social Services Implemented through Dialogic Processes
  * Private Tutoring Across the Mediterranean
  * Call for Papers: 2nd Colloquium on Maltese-Spanish History (Deadline: 1 Jun.)
  * Protecting Our Seas
  * Xrobb l-Għaġin Project Awarded 'Energy Globe Award 2013'
  * UoM Research and Projects at European Maritime Day
  * IPAM Sponors Capstone Research Project
  * Endogenous Physiological Teratogenesis: the Maltese population – a case study
  * Maria Brown and Phyllisienne Gauci Discuss Twinning and Community Learning
  * Second Issue of Postcolonial Directions in Education
  * Dr Gordon Sammut Gives Public Lecture at the LSE
  * Michael Briguglio Presents Paper at International Conference
  * The t-cheesimal Project
  * International Perspectives on Older Adult Education
  * International Journal of Emotional Education Latest Issue
  * Robert Suban and Dr David Zammit Present Paper at Conference
  * Maria Brown to Deliver Courses at the Pestalozzi Programme Summer School
  * Solo Art Exhibition in Germany
  * Robert Suban Attends Two International Conferences
  * Maria Brown at the Annual Conference of the British Sociological Association
  * Dr Alan Deidun at the International Coastal Symposium
  * New Book Edited by Eugene Buttigieg
  * New Edition of Party Politics in a Fortress Colony
  * Caltech Space Challenge 2013
  * Alzheimer’s Disease Research Group
  * Social Class in Later Life
  * First Output from BIODIVALUE
  * Latest Issue of the Journal of Euromed Pharmacy
  * 'Baħħara tal-Kelma' - New Book by Terence Portelli
  * Monograph in the Resilience and Health Series
  * The New Member States and the European Union
  * National Youth Employment Strategy 2015
  * Cooperative European Medicines Development Course (Deadline: 15 Mar.)
  * PANACEA Project
  * Recent Biological Studies on Dolphinfish
  * Older Men as Active Learners in the Community
  * 'What time is it? Facts about dementia'
  * Minors in Advertising and During Election Campaigns
  * Digital Exclusion and Older Adults in Malta
  * Echoes from Freire for a Critically Engaged Pedagogy
  * Book Launch: Malta at the European Court of Human Rights 1987-2012 (13 Feb.)
  * Researching the Concept of Interactivity in Advertising
  * The Relationship between Malta and Russia
  * Ebook by Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology
  * Melita Theologica Reaches Out to Broader Audience
  * German Intensive Courses in Heidelberg, Germany
  * International Journal of Emotional Education
  * Prof. Joseph Troisi - Chairman, Supervising Authority of the Research Section, IECPAL
  * The Department of Classics & Archaeology in Four Year Research Project
  * Overseas Lecturing and Design Awards to Architect Lino Bianco
  * The Participation of Maltese Young People in the Voluntary Sector
  * Roots to Inclusive Education: A Question of Wellbeing
  * New Book by Prof. Stephen C. Calleya
  * University of Malta leads a six-country EU-funded project
  * New Book on Contemporary Life in Malta
  * Two UoM Academics Invited at the Université Paris-Sorbonne
  * The 38th Annual Conference of the European International Business Academy
  * BIKE PAL Project
  * Socio-economic Impact of Jellyfish Blooms
  * Dr Suzanne Piscopo Participates Actively at the IFHE Congress in Australia
  * BioDiValue Kicks Off
  * A New Genus and Species of Cyanobacteria
  * Maltese Acadmic elected Vice Chair of IEEE Region 8 Technical 2013 Activities
  * Academic and Student Participate in IUPAC International Chemistry Conference
  * MALTEX 12 Oil Recovery Response Exercise
  * New University of Malta Journal: Postcolonial Directions in Education
  * Publication Honour: Emerald Literati Network Awards for Excellence 2012
  * Multimodality in Practice
  * Start of the EU-funded Heland Project
  * Malta Launch of the Project GARDMED
  * Academics Study Impact of Digital and Video Games on Maltese Community
  * Targeting ‘Misfolded Proteins’ to Combat Neurodegenerative Diseases
  * Dr Mario Pace at Languages and Business Conference
  * Images in Paediatric Cardiology
  * Prof. Peter Mayo at ESREA Conference
  * PANACEA Meeting held in Malta
  * Public Life in Malta
  * Think Malta, Think University, Think Ideas, Think for You
  * University Matters IV: Webcasts
  * Migration and Asylum in Malta and the European Union
  * Michael Briguglio Awarded Certificate of Achievement from Green Economics Institute
  * Evidence of Important Scientific Discovery at CERN
  * Department of Physics Alumnus on CERN ATLAS Team
  * WATERFRONT Project Information Meeting for Local Councils
  * Dr Alan Deidun at the International Symposium on Sandy Beaches
  * Turkish Version of the Book 'Liberating Praxis'
  * Heat Transfer, Fluid Mechanics and Thermodynamics
  * Joanna Vella at the Olympic Games Anti-Doping Laboratory
  * Echoes from Freire
  * ITTC Director Meets German Bundestag Delegation
  * New Book by Peter Mayo
  * Research Matters: UoM Bi-annual Magazine
  * University Academic Honoured by Worldwide Aviation Industry
  * Inclusive Communities - A Critical Reader
  * Prof. Anthony J. Frendo elected Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries
  * Universities Collaborate on Research Project
  * International Recognition for a Maltese Academic
  * Moderate Degree of Divergence within Beachflea
  * New Book by Professor Toni Aquilina
  * History of Diabetes Mellitus
  * International Journal of Emotional Education
  * PANACEA Project in Full Swing
  * Learning with Adults: A Critical Pedagogical Introduction
  * The Impact and Value of Digital Resources
  * Michael Briguglio Presents Paper at International Conference
  * New Book Edited by Eugène Buttigieg
  * Latest Issue of the Journal of Euromed Pharmacy
  * Paper on Sustainable Energy Policy and Green Jobs
  * Local Academic Appointed Honorary Visiting Scholar Overseas
  * A Critical Literacy Project in Żejtun
  * Bulletin of the Entomological Society of Malta Vol. 4
  * International Journal of Emotional Education
  * Presentation of Books to H.E. Felipe de la Morena, Ambassador of Spain
  * Latest Publication by Carmen Depasquale
  * Policy-oriented Marine Environmental Research
  * A New Grouper for Malta
  * Living on the edge: Migrant women in Malta
  * Turkish Translation of Gramsci and Education
  * Findings on Language Diversity in Maltese Primary Schools
  * New UoM Research Website now Available to all Staff
  * Study on Dun Karm's Angry Moment of Metaphor Published
  * Dr Renald Blundell Presents Book to the President of Malta
  * A Wealth of Alien Marine Species
  * Maltese Translation of 'Many Lives, Many Masters'
  * Wind Turbine Prototype for the Rural Environment
  * First Global Coverage for University of Malta Patent
  * UNESCO-funded Nature Documentary Launched
  * Malta Study Group for Diabetes in Pregnancy
  * Educators of the Mediterranean: Up Close and Personal
  * Two Recent Publications by Dr Adrian Grima
  * Project led by Dr Alan Deidun Yields Results
  * The Spot the Jellyfish Campaign: an update
  * Pre-Exilic Israel, the Hebrew Bible and Archaeology
  * META-NET Whitepaper for Maltese
  * New Fish Species Recorded from the Maltese Islands
  * Euro-South-Hub Project
  * Conservation of the Żejtun Roman Villa
  * Erasmus Intensive Programme
  * Six Chapters by Dr Lawrence M. Agius
  * The Spot the Jellyfish Campaign
  * Project Success: Critical Factors and Behaviours
  * Study Quantifies Beached Seagrass Debris
  * International Journal of Emotional Education
  * Results: Experiments on Maltese
  * One Should Never Assume What Seems Obvious
  * Journal of Maltese Education Research (JMER) - Call for Papers
  * BIOCOMMS launched at Junior College
  * Research and Innovation Programme 2008
  * Intercultural Dialogue through Education – Call for Papers
  * Newly Published Book on Environmental Aspects of Aquaculture
  * Department of Biology as partner of the MonItaMal Project
  * JMER Call for Papers
  * Bilingual International Conference – Call for Papers
  * Malta Astronomy Network
  * Xjenza – Journal of the Malta Chamber of Scientists - Call for Papers
  * Images related to Scientific Research
  * The Gozo Discovery Bus
  * News Portal by Ph.D. Student Joel Azzopardi
  * Mediterranean Journal of Educational Studies
  * Measuring Sustainability: Theory and Experience from the Mediterranean
  * Mediterranean Island Landscapes: Natural and Cultural
  * Scientific Publications
  * Fourth National Chemistry Symposium - Call for Papers
  * Postcolonial Studies in Education
  * The First Workshop in ICT: Call for Papers
  * Care for the Vulnerable - Call for Papers
  * Constructing a Different Mediterranean
  * Mediterranean Journal of Educational Studies - Update
  * Let Me Learn - Call for Papers
  * IUCN Publication on Effects of Maritime Activities on Marine Biodiversity
  * Commemorating the Abbé de Saint-Pierre
  * Research on Seahorses around the Maltese Archipelago
  * Countertext - Call for Papers
  * Request for Donation of Photographs
  * The Use of Treated Effluent and Compost in Agriculture in Malta
  * Tourism Studies Questionnaire
  * Experiencing the Approach of Retirement
  * Dr Sandra Buttigieg participated in Amsterdam Multilevel Conference
  * Dr Sandra Buttigieg participates in Congress of Work and Organisational Psychology
  * The Study of Diabetes in Malta
  * Reading Stories of Inclusion
  * Language Resources and Technologies for Humanities and Social Sciences
  * 10 Years of EU Activities in "Women and Science", and BEYOND
  * Call for Papers: MJHR Special Issue
  * The Italia-Malta Cross-Border Programme 2004-2006
  * Election as Vice President, International Bureau for Epilepsy
  * The Mediterranean Union Risks Being Stillborn
  * Learning and Development as Motivators
  * Preventing the Escape of Fish
  * IMI Partnering Platform
  * Partner Search: Art & Rural Environment
  * Promoting Emotional Education
  * Course on Networks in Biology Analysis, Modelling and Reverse Engineering
  * Dr Suzanne Piscopo: International Nutrition Education Award
  * Understanding Disability Politics in Malta
  * Call for Papers: The Mediterranean Journal of Educational Studies
  * A Novel by Henry Schembri
  * Realising Educational Potential through EEG-Neurofeedback Training (28 Oct.)
  * Special Issue - Educational Philosophy and Theory
  * MESA Publication – Issues in Social Policy: A New Agenda
  * Baroque Painting in Malta
  * International Benchmark Review of UK Sociology
  * Call for Papers: Mainstreaming Small-state Studies in Higher Education (24 Nov.)
  * Fourth Mediterranean Society of Comparative Education Conference
  * Science Education TV Series X-Lab
  * MyPhysics: On-Line Journal
  * Dr Joseph Sultana at the NASA
  * Pathogenesis of Neurodegenerative Disorders
  * Exploring the Maltese Media Landscape
  * Successful IVth MESCE Conference
  * Paper by Maltese Sociologists
  * Prestigious Engineering Award
  * Guest Speaker for Glasgow Seminar
  * An International Environmental Research Study
  * Education and the Arab World
  * New Publication on Lorenzo Milani
  * Enhanced Tonic GABAA inhibition in Typical Absence Epilepsy
  * Call for Papers: Symposia Melitensia No. 6
  * Research Matters III
  * The Central Mediterranean Naturalist
  * Dopaminergic Neurons in the Substantia Nigra
  * Education in Small States
  * Call for Papers: A Symposium on 'Islands and the Military Orders'
  * Mortuary Customs in Prehistoric Malta
  * Scientific Report on New Alien Jellyfish
  * Best Paper Awards for Maltese Researchers
  * Survey on Word-Of-Mouth Branding
  * UoM Academics Writing in Italian
  * Call for Papers: Mediterranean Journal of Human Rights
  * Gramsci and Educational Thought
  * Controlling the Thermal Expansion
  * Launch of Pharmacy Practice Publication
  * Vulnerability-Resilience Profiles
  * Recruitment - Institute of Linguistics
  * Call for Papers: Disability Studies and Inclusive Education
  * International Journal of Emotional Education April 2010
  * The EU’S Higher Education Discourse and the Rest of the Mediterranean
  * Underwater Collapsed Caves Offshore the NE of Malta
  * Dopamine Interaction with other Neurotransmitter Systems
  * The Cambridge History of English Poetry
  * Second Issue of TEXT
  * Call for Papers: Cultural Encounters and Social Solidarity
  * Survey: Synergies of a Quadruple Telecom Player in Malta
  * Surface Engineering of Light Alloys
  * Making Sense of Inclusive Education
  * Dr Frans Ciappara at the Symposium on Parish Research
  * Call for Papers: Conference on Mobile and Contextual Learning
  * Letters to Nature
  * Maltese Academic at the Annual Green Economics Conference
  * Michael Briguglio’s Academic Paper Published in 'Socialism and Democracy'
  * Profiling Countries in terms of Economic Vulnerability and Resilience
  * Research Matters on CampusFm 103.7
  * Malta Contributes to WHO EURO Report on Epilepsy
  * Maltese Academic on Advisory Board of International Journal of Green Economics
  * Island Enclaves
  * Maltese Academic as 'Noted Scholar' at UBC
  * 'Jellyfish' Blooms Watch Programme
  * Marine Conservation Research
  * Precious Red and Black Coral in Maltese Coastal Waters
  * A Book Series on Adult Education
  * Norbert Bugeja Presents Anthology to the Prime Minister
  * Milani, more than forty years later
  * Sustainable Development Strategy: Dingli 2020
  * Lorenzo Milani: Bejn Ilbieraħ u Llum
  * Exploring Cultural History
  * Another Issue of Mediterranean Journal of Educational Studies
  * Two New Publications by the Institute of Earth Systems
  * Nicaragua's Pedagogical Effort 30 Years on
  * Call for Papers: Special Issue of CNS Neurological Disorders-Drug Targets
  * International Journal of Private Law Award
  * Dr Alan Deidun wins DLĦ Journalism Award
  * Distributed Cognition in Community-based Education
  * Young Jellyfish Spotters Honoured
  * Symposia Melitensia No 6
  * Call for Papers: Third International Conference on Maltese Linguistics
  * Multimedia Networking and Coding
  * Nomination to the Scientific Advisory Board of the Joint Programme for Neurodegenerative Diseases
  * IOI-MOC Staff Deliver Keynote Speech at PERSEUS Meeting
  * Unlimited Understanding: A Europe without Language Barriers
  * Call for Papers: Third ENSEC Conference
  * Latest Publication by Malta University Press
  * The Maltese Topshell Rediscovered
  * Annual Publication of the Entomological Society of Malta
  * Norbert Bugeja Achieves Outstanding Doctoral Results
  * Maltese Appointed to European Academic Position
  * International Journal of Emotional Education
  * New Book by Richard Spiteri
  * Two Papers by Michael Briguglio
  * The Fish that Travelled 10000 Kilometres
  * Questionnaire: The Impact of the Schengen Visa Policy
  * Call for Papers: Special Issue of the International Journal of Emotional Education
  * The Bellanti Family: Contributions to Art and Culture in Malta
  * A Glossary of Terms used in Human Rights Law in Malta
  * Award of Best Presentation for Faculty of Engineering Dissertations 2010
  * The Public Memory Archive
  * Promoting Inquiry in Mathematics and Science Education across Europe
  * University Matters
  * Two Papers on Interactive Education
  * Joint Research Centre European Commission
  * Biodiversity Research
  * Strange Marine Creatures Abound
  * WIPO Gold Medal for Best Inventor
  * Prof. Peter Vassallo: Fellow of Prestigious English Association
  * Landmark Publication on Marine Spatial Planning
  * Interpreting Models and Strategies for Maltese Interpreters
  * Invitation to RIMED Project (30 Mar.)
  * Maltese Academic now President of IPSA
  * The Most Successful Invader
  * Conservation of Biodiversity
  * 5-HT2C Receptors in the Pathophysiology of CNS Disease
  * Legal Interpreting Within a Court Context in Malta
  * Journal of Euromed Pharmacy: latest issue
  * Visiting Professorships for Professor Ronald G. Sultana
  * Two More Rare Jellyfish Species
  * External Research Grant from Flinders University, Adelaide, South Australia
  * Islands and the Military Orders
  * Earth Tremors
  * European for Everybody
  * Daniel Xerri Awarded IATEFL Scholarship
  * Questionnaire: The Effectiveness of Public Relations
  * Synergia (24 May)
  * How to Write a Scientific Paper (24-26 Aug)
  * Norbert Bugeja Addresses Edward Said Memorial Lecture
  * Experiment on Maltese
  * A Study on Attitudes about Remarriage
  * Best Research Article on Comparative Higher Education
  * The Mechanical Engineering Department Builds Boats
  * Study on a Rare Beach Woodlouse
  * INCLUD-ED Project
  * Hell or Inferno
  * European Science Foundation Accolade for University of Malta Publication
  * Perit Kevin Gatt appointed Trustee of the Chartered Institute of Water and Environmental Management
  * Michael Briguglio at Conference in Critical Political Theory
  * The Ottoman Woman: a comparative perspective
  * University Matters: new series started
  * Nobility, Faith and Masculinity
  * The International Journal of Inclusive Education (IJIE)
  * New Book by Terence Portelli
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  * CNRS and UoM Join Forces to Tackle Biodiversity and Ecology
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  * Prof. Carmel Borg - Malta's Representative in ALLUME
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  * Prof. George Camilleri Awarded Honorary Fellowship in Dental Surgery
  * Immanuel Mifsud Receives the 2011 EU Prize for Literature
  * Lifelong Learning in Later Life
  * EUROISLANDS: The Development of the Islands, European Islands and Cohesion Policy
  * Young People in Gozo - a study 2
  * Media and International Relations Expert from UoM Lectures in Palestine
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  * Physical Component of 'Tropical Signals' Programme
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  * Meeting of the Climate Change Platform (30 Mar.)
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  * Maltese Academic Elected General Secretary of European Association
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  * Michael Briguglio Participates at 'Theory, Action and Impact of Social Protest' Conference
  * Echoes from Friere for a Critically Engaged Pedagogy
  * Glossarju – ġermaniż-malti / malti-ġermaniż
  * From Local, to Regional, to Basin-wide Networks of Marine Protected Areas
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  * Dr Frances Camilleri-Cassar Presents Copies of Published Studies
  * Book translation by Chev. Prof. Laurent Seychell
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Publication: The International Critical Pedagogy Reader

intcriticalpedagogybookThe International Critical Pedagogy Reader, edited by Professors Antonia Darder (Loyola Maramount University, LA), Peter Mayo (University of Malta) and João Paraskeva (University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth) has just been published in both its hardback cover and paperback forms. It contains chapters on critical pedagogy by a host of established scholars such as Zygmunt Bauman, Maria Paula Menesas, Nur Masalha, Vanessa de Oliveira, George Sefa Dei, Ana Sanchez Bello, Alicia de Alba, Ramon Flecha, Gert Biesta, Marta Soler and Boaventura de Sousa Santos, to name but a few. The full list can be viewed through this weblink

The blurb for the book reads: “Carefully curated to highlight research from more than twenty countries, the International Critical Pedagogy Reader introduces the ways the educational phenomenon that is critical pedagogy are being reinvented and reframed around the world. A collection of essays from both historical and contemporary thinkers coupled with original essays, introduce this school of thought and approach it from a wide variety of cultural, social, and political perspectives. Academics from South America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and North America describe critical pedagogy’s political, ideological, and intellectual foundations, tracing its international evolution and unveiling how key scholars address similar educational challenges in diverse national contexts. Each section links theory to critical classroom practices and includes a list of sources for further reading to expand upon the selections offered in this volume. A robust collection, this reader is a crucial text for teaching and understanding critical pedagogy on a truly international level.”

The volume also contains reading lists for different aspects of the field which include work by University academics such as Professor Ronald G Sultana, Professor Carmel Borg, Professor Mary Darmanin and Dr Maria Pisani. It was selected as Book of the Month for August by Routledge.

This is Professor Peter Mayo’s third book with Routledge. In 2010 he published his edited volume Education in Small States and, in April this year, he published his single authored Hegemony and Education under Neoliberalism. Insights from Gramsci.  

Professor Carmel Borg, from the Department of Arts, Open Communities and Adult Education, University of Malta, wrote one of the endorsements for the book appearing on the back cover: “This reader is destined to become a pivotal book in critical pedagogy. It will reshape the field by extending critical pedagogy’s geography and issues. A must-read for educators committed to decolonizing pedagogy."

Other endorsements included that by Donaldo P. Macedo, Distinguished Professor of Arts and Education, University of Massachusetts Boston who wrote: "The brilliance of the International Critical Pedagogy Reader is its audacity to de-colonize the taken for granted 'Center-Periphery' exporting model of critical pedagogy—creating, instead, a powerful place for subaltern voices to be heard. This comprehensive, illuminating, and timely edited book re-inserts the centrality of both the 'critical' and political coherence, remaining loyal to principles of liberation and emancipation. The International Critical Pedagogy Reader makes it powerfully clear that critical pedagogy is a way of life that does not require courage to be critical but simply demands coherence, humility, and ethics." 


29 September 2015

Publication: 'Star Trek: Interdisciplinary Perspectives in Theory and Practice'

Star Trek: Interdisciplinary Perspectives in Theory and Practice is a wonderful illustration of the well-known declamation ‘To boldly go where no man has gone before.’ It explores various intersections between the humanities and the sciences in Star Trek, with a wide range of topics, including architecture, medical and ethical concepts. This eclectic collection of essays feature topics such as ‘The Relevance of Star Trek in the Big Bang Theory,’ ‘Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Science Fiction,’ ‘Ethical Issues in Reproduction in the Star Trek Series,’ ‘Sentient Creatures in the Star Trek Universe to name but a few. These essays form the proceedings of a Star Trek Symposium held in Malta in 2014. Delegates and speakers worldwide came together from varied fields of medicine, nursing, humanities and architecture providing a rich and innovative interpretation of Star Trek and science fiction in general. To the writers’ knowledge, this was the first international academic symposium dealing exclusively with Star Trek. This book aims to reach and appeal to both academics from various disciplines as well as to science fiction lovers with a penchant for Star Trek

The organizing team will not stop here. With a Science Fiction Symposium held after the very successful Star Trek event, the authors intend to publish the proceedings of this symposium as well. Submitted abstracts were encouraged to explore and present contemporary issues in medicine, science and technology as well as philosophical and sociological issues relating to the Humanities, with a specific focus and a direct correlation to science fiction. 

2016 also marks the 50th anniversary from the launch of Star Trek: The Original Series, thus creating the need to prepare for another Star Trek event which will be held on 15 and 16 July, 2016. The organizers are inviting academics to send in their abstracts. The proceedings of these events when published will yield an interesting book series.  

This book is available on Amazon. One can also order a copy directly from MaltaSciFi Facebook page or send an email on

Further information on these symposia is found on Sci-Fi Symposium, Star Trek Symposium and Sci-Fi Malta.


29 September 2015

Dr Nathaniel Massa at Global Innovation Index 2015 launch


The Right Honourable Dame Lucy Neville-Ross 

Dr Nathaniel Massa from the Department of Management, FEMA, University of Malta, was invited to the launch of the Global Innovation Index 2015, at Westminster, London.  This, also in connection with a research initiative Massa is currently involved in together with research colleagues locally and at State University of New York (SUNY).

An established authority in its 8th edition, this global index is co-published by Cornell University, INSEAD and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).  Expertise and attendees included members from research institutions and innovation centres, consulting firms, government, and policy agencies. The Right Honourable Dame Lucy Neville-Ross, UK Minister for Intellectual Property and Under-Secretary of State for the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, gave the opening address.

The Global Innovation Index (GII) aims to capture the multi-dimensional facets of innovation, providing a tool that can assist innovation actors and policy towards promoting long-term output growth, improved productivity, and job growth. Continually evaluating innovation factors, it provides a database of detailed metrics for 141 economies, representing 95% of the world’s population and 98% of global GDP.

This year’s index report theme was ‘Effective Innovation Policies for Development’. It looked at ways that emerging economy policymakers can engage to boost innovation and spur growth by building on local strengths in traditional sectors - towards fostering development of a sound innovation environment. 

The core of the GII Report consists of a ranking of world economies’ innovation capabilities and results. The index strives to account for, and better understand, the human aspects behind innovation.  Taking into account both innovation inputs as well as outputs, the index includes indicators that go beyond traditional measures of innovation such as the level of research and development.


25 September 2015

University Research Trust brings Mobile Dental Clinic to localities


The Mobile Dental Clinic will be collecting information for an oral health survey across Malta and Gozo 

The Mobile Dental Clinic, set up by the Faculty of Dental Surgery at the University of Malta with the funds raised through the University’s Research Trust (RIDT), will be visiting various localities across Malta and Gozo. The aim of this novel community project is to reach out to all sectors of society, including schools and the elderly offering screening and advice, and to conduct a national survey on oral health. 

This was announced today by the Dean of the Faculty of Dental Surgery Professor Nikolai Attard, in the presence of the Minister for Education and Employment Evarist Bartolo, Rector Professor Juanito Camilleri, RIDT CEO Wilfred Kenely, Faculty members, and officials from corporate sponsors.

Prof Attard said: “The Mobile Dental Clinic will be visiting schools to educate the young through prevention programmes so as to bring about a change in our future generations and to promote better oral health overall. Visitors to Science in the City on Friday will have the opportunity to receive a free dental check-up.”

The dentistry team, led by Dr Gabriella Gatt, will be collecting fresh epidemiological data relating to the Maltese population as part of the National Oral Health survey through the University of Malta research grants and in collaboration with the Dental Public Health Unit of the Superintendence of Public Health. The list of people is generated scientifically, and will be a random sample depending on the age category. Participants receiving communication to participate in the oral health survey are urged to accept and contribute towards this scientific research while benefitting from a free dental screening.   

Dr Gabriella Gatt said: “Although we cannot reveal all the results prior to their publication, one can say that the survey is indicating that one third (31%) of 3 year olds are already at risk of having dental caries. Moreover, 41% of these 3 year olds are overweight or obese and 70% of these are already showing signs of tooth erosion, with 10% of them having severe erosions. Another published study shows that institutionalised older adults suffer from poor oral health and consequently require a high level of treatment. This poses more cultural challenges to be addressed by the dental community,” explained Dr Gatt.

The Mobile Dental Clinic is fitted with modern facilities and is manned by staff members of the Faculty of Dental Surgery together with students reading the different courses offered by the Faculty. Patients requiring further dental treatment will be referred to the appropriate clinics.

The clinic will provide further education through training undergraduate dental professionals in delivering care to diverse segments of society in a non-traditional setting. It will help the Faculty collect epidemiological data which will be of value to various stakeholders. 

The Mobile Dental Clinic forms part of University’s health outreach programme and is supported by GlaxoSmithKline (Malta) Ltd, Cherubino Ltd, Suratek Ltd, Bart Enterprises, the Good Causes Fund, Prohealth Ltd, Express Group and Rahuma International Ltd. 


23 September 2015

Donation of 50 Historical Books to mark World Pharmacists Day


Historical books donated by Professor John Rizzo Naudi to the Department of Pharmacy, University of Malta


On the occasion of World Pharmacists Day, the Department of Pharmacy, University of Malta, received a donation of 50 historical books related to pharmacy, chemistry and medicine from Professor John Rizzo Naudi. One of the oldest books to note in this donation is ‘The Surgical Anatomy of the Arteries of the Human Body’ by Irish Professor Robert Harrison dating back to 1833. Another book which was donated was written by the French Dr Charles-Michel Billard, the pioneer of neonatal medicine. The full first encyclopaedia of chemistry in Italian ‘Enciclopedia di Chimica’ by F. Selmi was also donated, as well as the 12-volume British encyclopaedia of medical practice. 

The Department of Pharmacy within the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery is very active on a national and international level.  This year the Department, in collaboration with the Malta Pharmaceutical Students Association (MPSA) and the Malta Pharmaceutical Association (MPhA), is celebrating World Pharmacists Day which is co-ordinated by the International Pharmaceutical Federation. The Faculty is looking forward to the last week of October when MPSA will be hosting the Autumn Assembly for the European Pharmaceutical Students Association in Malta.



Professor John Rizzo Naudi giving a background on the historical books donated  

The Department of Pharmacy has an active research programme covering different areas and has embarked successfully in offering a postgraduate professional doctorate, the PharmD, in collaboration with the College of Pharmacy of the University of Illinois, Chicago.  Following last year’s first intake of 18 pharmacists, 21 pharmacists from Malta and international students will this October be joining the programme.  These pharmacists are developing advanced skills in clinical pharmacy and contributing to the rational use of medicines and to ensuring patient safety.  They will be undertaking practice research which will advance medicine processes both locally and internationally.


Left to Right: Professor Godfrey LaFerla, Dean Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, Professor Lilian M. Azzopardi, Head of the Department of Pharmacy, Professor John Rizzo Naudi, Honorary Chancellor of the University of Malta, Professor Juanito Camilleri, Rector of the University of Malta and Professor Anthony Serracino-Inglott, Past Head of the Department of Pharmacy.

To view more photos kindly visit our photo album on Facebook. 


23 September 2015

Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurial Ecosystems


Best Practices in Teaching Entrepreneurship and Creating Entrepreneurial Ecosystems in Europe

Global Entrepreneurship Week Foundation, Poland (Fundacja Światowego Tygodnia Przedsiębiorczości), Youth Business Poland (Fundacja Inkubator Technologiczny), the University of Malta’s Edward de Bono Institute, and British NGO Peace Child International are excited to launch the research document 'Best Practices in Teaching Entrepreneurship and Creating Entrepreneurial Ecosystems in Europe'.

Financed by the European Commission under the Erasmus+ project, the ground-breaking 'Best Practices in Teaching Entrepreneurship and Creating Entrepreneurial Ecosystems in Europe' publication is a collaboration of the four partners conducting six months of research and participating in three international meetings in Poland, Malta, and the UK. The publication’s findings will be presented at dissemination meetings that are open to the public and will be of particular interest to teachers, entrepreneurs, government representatives, and education or entrepreneurial NGOs.

GEW Foundation Poland, Youth Business Poland: Faculty of Mathematics and Information Science, Warsaw Technology University, 17 September 2015, 15:00 – 20:00
University of Malta: Grand Hotel Excelsior, Valletta, 29 September 2015, 8:30 – 13:00
Peace Child International: TBD

'Best Practices in Teaching Entrepreneurship and Creating Entrepreneurial Ecosystems in Europe' is a response to the low levels of entrepreneurship among young Europeans, which contributes to unemployment, underemployment, and difficult school-to-work transitions. The publication makes eight key recommendations that state institutions, NGOs, and the private sector can implement to promote entrepreneurship:
  1. include quality entrepreneurship education throughout all levels of education
  2. involve NGOs, entrepreneurs, and business people in entrepreneurship education
  3. engage students in active learning through workshops and classroom study
  4. give teachers training, resources, and support to become entrepreneurship educators
  5. replicate practices already in use to teach entrepreneurship (publication has examples)
  6. ease transitions between graduation and entrepreneurship (i.e. university incubators)
  7. foster simple and legible entrepreneurial ecosystems (i.e. digitalisation)
  8. garner support for aspiring entrepreneurs from public, private, and NGO sectors (i.e. subsidies, mentoring, training, e-learning, incubators).

Each partner organization involved in this project promotes entrepreneurship in a different capacity. The editorial and exploratory meetings in Poland, Malta, and the UK helped partners understand entrepreneurial ecosystems across borders and identify successful initiatives. 'We had unique opportunities to meet NGO, private sector and university representatives who not only do a great work but also eagerly cooperate with one another,' said Justyna Politańska, Founder and CEO of GEW Foundation Poland. 'We returned to our countries with lots of new ideas to foster entrepreneurship in a more innovative way.'


22 September 2015

Symposium on Early School Leaving in Budapest


Professor Carmel Borg (second from left) with panelists and guest presenter 

A group of Maltese scholars from the Faculty of Education, University of Malta, attended the European Education Research Association Conference (EERA), held at Corvinius University, Budapest, Hungary, between 7-11 September 2015. 

Titled ‘Education and Transition – Contributions from Educational Research’, the conference attracted over 3,000 delegates.  The conference addressed different aspects of transition and education across Europe. Topics ranged from changes in the university structure within the fields of humanities and social sciences, to transitions in political systems and their impact on education systems and educational research.   

Professor Carmel Borg chaired a symposium on early school leaving and re-entry into education in Malta, Canada and Poland. The panel included Professor Joanna Michalak from the University of Warsaw,  Dr Milosh Raykov from the University of Malta and  Dott. Mario Cardona, Director for Lifelong Learning and Early School Leavers, Ministry of Education, Malta. Dr Victor Martinelli, University of Malta, acted as discussant. 

Professor Carmel Borg and Dr Milosh Raykov are currently conducting extensive research on early school leaving in Malta. They have recently concluded the first part of a three-year research project on early school leaving and wellbeing. The research is funded by the President’s Foundation for the Wellbeing of Society. The second part of the research project, which consists of in-depth conversations with early school leavers, is due to start in November.


22 September 2015

University of Malta aims for the Stars


The Universe 


The University of Malta is working towards becoming a significant element in key international scientific research in the construction of the Square Kilometre Array, SKA.  

The Square Kilometre Array, quoted as one of the world’s most exciting international science projects, is set to give humanity new and unparalleled insights into the universe. It will investigate how the first stars and galaxies formed after the big bang, how dark energy is accelerating the expansion of the Universe, the role of magnetism in the cosmos, the nature of gravity, and will even search for life beyond Earth. Scientists believe that the SKA’s unparalleled sensitivity and ability to image such huge portions of the sky at up to 10,000 times to the speed of current survey telescopes will produce detailed information and provide answers to many more fundamental questions about mysteries which are baffling scientists today.  

Construction of the SKA is due to begin in 2018 using a phased development approach, so scientific output will come even before the project completes and is fully operational in 2024, by which time several thousand combined radio telescopes will be collecting and processing data equivalent to 100 times today’s global internet traffic.



Prototype of array of 16 x 16 antenna elements


Even before the SKA comes online, a series of demonstrator telescopes and systems are already operational or under development across the world, paving the way for the kinds of technology which the SKA will need to pioneer to make the huge data available to scientists. 

The University of Malta has developed a novel, ultra-wideband, low cost antenna intended to be submitted as a contending technology for the SKA project. Its planar structure means that it is easy to manufacture and transport. Although this was initially designed as a low cost solution for the SKA project, it has other applications across sectors such as telecommunications, maritime surveillance and, radar.

For a technology to be selected by the SKA project it must prove itself in a real environment, something not yet achieved for this novel design. To do that, a large scale prototype must be installed and validated in the real environment, ideally an SKA site in South Africa or Australia. The technology which establishes a presence in such a location first will obviously be ahead of the other technology in terms of gathering the necessary data for the selection stage.  



Prototype of array of 16 x 16 antenna elements 


The University has already created and successfully tested the first small scale prototype, having 256 antenna elements and is now in the process of creating a medium sized prototype which will consist of 5,000 antenna elements, which it will be able to test in an environment that is close to actual one. This is being funded by the Project 'Field Trials for Ultrawideband Antenna' financed by the Malta Council for Science & Technology through the National Research & Innovation Programme 2014.

The basic design process for some of the system electronics was kick-started through support from the TAKEOFF Seed Fund Award and the Malta Communications Authority.  The back-end software will be designed by Ascent Software Ltd., a partner on the project. 

The antenna market is mature, with several alternative designs available. However, none are able to support such a large bandwidth ratio (1:10) while satisfying all the requirements of the SKA. Relative to existing antenna design, using mass-production techniques enables the University of Malta to build the same array ten times cheaper. This is key to making the overall SKA project financially feasible.

The University of Malta team is being led by Prof. Charles Sammut of the Department of Physics. The team also includes Prof. Kristian Zarb Adami and Ms Eman O. Farhat of The Institute of Space Sciences and Astronomy. 


18 September 2015

Jellyfish dispersion model launched


Malta Jellyfish dispersion model (screenshot) 


Within the ambit of the MED-JELLYRISK project, staff at the Physical Oceanography Research Group within the Department of Geosciences at the University of Malta (Dr Anthony Galea, Mr Denis Cutajar, Prof. Aldo Drago and Prof. Alan Deidun), with the assistance of technical staff from ISMAR-CNR in Italy, have launched a jellyfish dispersion model through which users, after registering, can track the forecasted pathway, for the next four (4) days, of a jellyfish bloom they observe in the waters around the Maltese Islands. The model is publicly available through an online interface.

Upon registering, users will receive an email with credentials through which to make a query to the model, by selecting the marine area where the jellyfish bloom was observed and also the extent of the bloom, density of jellyfish it held and to which species did the bloom belong. Simulations can be run for two different jellyfish species – the mauve stinger Pelagia noctiluca and the fried-egg jellyfish Cotylorhiza tuberculata – which are treated differently by the model on the basis of differences in their hydrodynamic properties. After a few minutes, the model will output several maps showing the forecasted trajectory of the same jellyfish bloom and highlighted which coastal stretches are more likely to be impacted by beaching of the same bloom components. 



Pelagia noctiluca - Blue Lagoon, Comino (Photo: Goncalo Santos) 


The aim of the model is to implementing a decision-support system for coastal managers by providing an early warning system of the occurrence of high jellyfish densities within particular stretches. The core of the system is constituted by two different nested numerical models, an open ocean (ROSARIO6420) and a coastal area (SHYFEM) 3D hydrodynamic model. The system (ROSARIO-SHYFEM) is operational and provides daily a 4 days forecast of the main 3D hydrodynamics fields for the areas covering the Malta-Sicily Channel with a spatial resolution varying between a few km up to 50 m. The ROSARIO-SHYFEM model was coupled with a particle-tracking Lagrangian model and used in order to simulate bothsurface water circulation and the transport and diffusion of numerical particles, proxy of jellyfish, inside the area of interest. Besides providing a 4-day forecast for the trajectory of a jellyfish bloom, the developed system can also provide a hindcast for the same trajectory, using archived values for a set of hydrodynamic and biogeochemical parameters still generated through the ROSARIO-SHYFEM system. 


Fried Egg Jellyfish (Photo: Alan Deidun) 


In the coming months, the same model will be validated through the analyses of trajectories taken by various typologies of drifters. 

MED-JELLYRISK is a 3-year-long project, funded under the framework of the ENPI-CBC MED framework, which involves the participation of 5 countries hailing from four countries (Italy, Tunisia, Spain and Malta), including the University of Malta, which is represented by the Physical Oceanography Research Group and by the Department of Biology. Within the same project, a number of other initiatives have been embarked upon, all aimed at improving the coastal management facilities dealing with jellyfish. These include, the development of a smart phone app (MED-JELLY), the organisation of a training school in Barcelona for students pursuing jellyfish and zooplankton studies, the installation of jellyfish research facilities in Tunisia, the installation of anti-jellyfish nets in the participating countries (including one at Pretty Bay in Malta) and the printing of different manuals and booklets providing information on the treatment of jellyfish stings and on the taxonomic identification of different jellyfish species occurring within local waters. Such publications are all available for free download.

enpilogo                jellyrisklogo


16 September 2015

An Indo-pacific Marine Flatworm Species in Maltese Waters

punctuated or darkspotted flatworm (Maritigrella fuscopunctata)
(photo: CBRG-UoM)

The Conservation Biology Research Group of the department of Biology, University of Malta (CBRG-UoM), led by Adriana Vella, Ph.D. (Cambridge), has been undertaking coastal and offshore marine biodiversity research for two decades and has been involved in setting up the Malta National Biodiversity Platform in order to promote the importance of studying local biodiversity at ecosystem, species, population and genetic levels. The latter is considered a fundamental requirement for all countries that have taken up the important responsibility of safeguarding local biodiversity together with its goods and services for future generations.

This research group has found support from fishermen, SCUBA divers, Armed Forces of Malta, the Malta Maritime Authority, Civil Protection and sailing crews among the many sea-users that forward their observations and experiences out at sea to complement the scientific field research that has been running as a long-term project. Another very important entity assisting this effort is the environmental NGO, BICREF (The Biological Conservation Research Foundation), which encourages its volunteers to contribute to ongoing conservation projects linked to both terrestrial and marine species and habitats.

Among the various species studied by the CBRG-UoM down to the necessary population and genetic level, one finds sharks and rays, turtles, dolphins and whales, fish species including bluefin tuna, molluscs, jellyfish and various other species. Due to this long-term effort, both typical local species as well as new species constituting our sea life have been studied. To understand changes in marine life long-term data of Maltese biodiversity is essential.

The involvement of researchers, students and interns working with the CBRG-UoM through the years has allowed for other interest findings. Some local marine species are drastically decreasing in numbers while others are appearing as alien species. An example of the latter is the punctuated or darkspotted flatworm (Maritigrella fuscopunctata), a typically Indo-pacific organism that has not been reported as an alien in the Mediterranean Sea before being discovered in local waters through on going field surveys. It is probable that it has been spreading in the Mediterranean Sea from the Red Sea. Studies on this species, together with various other species that CBRG-UoM has been working on, will be scientifically published in the coming months. 

For further information kindly contact:
Dr Adriana Vella, CBRG-UoM

released: 15 September 2015


16 September 2015


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