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Forensic Studies Lectures (Feb. 08)

Profiling Serial Killers
27 and 29 February
Time 1800hrs - 2000hrs
Venue: Gateway Building Hall C
Lecturer Ms Alexia Curmi BA(Hons) in Psychology,Masters in Forensic Investigation (University of Teesside, UK)
Fee €25 (Lm10.75)

The lectures are based on serial sexual murders and profiling of such offenders. They will focus on what makes these types of murderers tick and how to interpret crime scenes in terms of the fact that behaviour reflects personality. They will review certain theoretical constructs revolving around childhood, psychology, and typology of serial killers. We will discuss the mindsets of some serial killers and use real examples in the hopes of coming up with a profile.

About the Speaker:
Alexia Curmi has written two dissertation articles- /Over and over- Serial Sexual Murder and Offender Profiling and Taking a Bite Out of Fiction, Media Effects and Social Fears- A Case Study on Jaws. /She has just completed her Masters degree.

Payment can be made:
By bank transfer (swift bank transfer if from abroad) or cash deposit at any Maltese branch of the Bank of Valletta (Account No. 16800269019) or the HSBC (Account No. 085031458002).
At the University of Malta Cash Office (Administration Building) or at the Institute of Forensic Studies. The amount paid should be credited to account 60-800-01-0002. Students can than reclaim the payment by presenting the receipt to KSU.

Students should immediately, after payment e-mail their name, surname and contact details to:, attaching with the email, a scanned copy of the receipt and indicating the lectures that they plan to attend. The Institute of Forensic Studies’s administrative office is: Rm114, Block A, New Humanities Building, University of Malta. You may phone the Institute of Forensic Studies on: +356 2340 2042/2041/2771 or fax us on: +356 21346016.


11 March 2008

Maltese Sign Language Project (23 Dec.)

The Maltese Sign Language Project launches the Christmas story into Maltese Sign Language and into Signwriting

On 23 December at 1830hrs there will be the launch of  the Christmas story translated from the gospels of Luke and Matthew into Maltese Sign Language (on DVD) and into signwriting (printed form), one of the results of the Maltese Sign Language Project.

His Excellency, the Archbishop of Malta shall be attending.

The launch will take place in the University Chapel and shall be attended by the deaf community in Malta. Light refreshments to follow.


16 December 2008

Advent adventure (20 - 21 Dec.)

The Advent adventure is happening next weekend from Saturday 20th December morning till Sunday 21st at noon.
The adventure will include walks in the countryside, biblical reflections, prayer times, camping in tents.

This are few important details about this experience.

Departure place and time: Loyola House, Naxxar Saturday at 9 am
Clothes and shoes fit for walking and rough weather
Things to get in the rucksack: Packed lunch and enough drink provisions for two days
Sleeping bag and sleeping mat
Bible, Diary and other writing material
Arrival time and Place: Fekruna, Xemxija Sunday 11am

Should you require other information or would like to book your place please don't hesitate to contact us: Karl Mob no: 79906196 or Fr Michael Mob. No. 79001241, Office No: 23402341

Thank you and look forward to seeing you.

Kindly let us know if you are interested to participate by latest Thursday 18th December.


15 December 2008

Messiah for Hospice (19 Dec.)



16 December 2008

Communication Therapy Division Postgraduate Seminar (16 Dec.)

Postgraduate Seminar 2008
Communication Therapy Division
Institute of Health Care
University of Malta

Date:   16 December 2008
Venue: Radisson SAS, St Julian's

08.30    Registration

09.00    Welcome
            Dr Helen Grech, Co-ordinator, Communication Therapy Division

09.05    Introduction
            Dr Sandra Buttigieg, Director, IHC

09.15    The link with service providers
            Dr Rita Micallef, Manager, Speech-Language Department

09.30    Research presentations
            Dr Joseph Agius
            Ms Daniela Gatt
10.00    Discussion

10.30    Coffee break

11.00    Research presentations
            Ms Kristina Agius
            Ms Rachael Xuereb
11.30    Discussion

12.00    The Clinical Handbook
            Ms Claudine Zerafa

12.15    Lunch

13.30    Proposed new Programme of Studies
            Dr Helen Grech, Co-ordinator, Communication Therapy Division

14.00    Panel discussion
            Council for Professions Complementary to Medicine
            Speech-Language Department
            Association of Speech-Language Pathologists (Malta)
            Servicing Departments/Institutes

14.30    Open floor discussion

Registration fee including lunch with beverage (to be paid at the desk): 12 EUR


05 December 2008

Launch of X-Lab TV series (12 Dec.)

X-Lab TV series

Launch: 12 December 2008 - 1000hrs

Council Room, (by Rector's Office)
University of Malta Campus

University of Malta together with E22 is launching X-Lab - a new television series which aims to enthuse early teenagers to take up science by demystifying the subject, making it fun and also showcasing career opportunities in various scientific fields in Malta and abroad.


05 December 2008

Launch of The Malta Criminology Association (12 Dec.)

The Malta Criminology Association (MACA) is being launched.

Date: Friday 12 December 2008
Time: 1830hrs - 2000hrs
Venue: Hall E, Gateway Building, University of Malta

Distinguished Speakers:
   i)  Minister for Justice and Home Affairs - Dr C. Mifsud Bonnici
   ii) Shadow Minister for Justice and Home Affairs - Dr Michael Falzon

Contact: MACA

Phone: +356 99876859


01 December 2008

SCISEM Seminar (11 Dec.)

SCISEM will be hosting a research seminar by members from the British Geological Survey (BGS) of the National Environment Research Council (NERC), UK.  This seminar is being held in conjunction with the Malta Resources Authority.

Title: Using Natural Isotopes for the Identification of the sources of Nitrate Contamination of Groundwater in Malta
Date: Thursday 11 December 2008
Time: 3.00-4.00pm
Venue: Gateway Bldg, Room 114, University of Malta

Further information is available here.


09 December 2008

Family Medicine Lecture (11 Dec.)

The Department of Family Medicine wishes to invite doctors, medical students and pharmacists to a lecture by Professor Basant Puri of Hammersmith Hospital (London) MRI unit. The lecture, entitled 'Cerebral Fatty Acids and M.E., Depression and other Neuropsychiatric Disorders' will be held on Thursday 11 December at 1930hrs in Lecture Room 4, Block C Level 1 (one floor above Chapel), Mater Dei Hospital.


10 November 2008

The evolving EU Integrated Maritime Policy (10 Dec.)

Full Day Seminar
'The evolving EU Integrated Maritime Policy - Making the move to ensure coherence in the Regional Seas'

Organised by the International Ocean Institute
and the IOI-Malta Operational Centre (University of Malta)
SunDown Courts, San Gwann
Wednesday, 10 December 2008

On 10 October 2007, the European Commission issued the Blue Book which sets the vision for a European Integrated Maritime Policy and introduces a detailed action plan for the coming years. The focus of this policy is the holistic approach in maritime affairs intended to maintain European excellence and competitiveness, based on research and advances in science and technology, and targeting globalization, climate change and pollution problems affecting the seas and oceans.

The Blue Book highlights the cross-sectoral approach and the interdependence of the economic, social, political and environmental factors in the governance of the European seas and oceans. The stated aim of the policy is to strengthen the protection of the marine environment while opening up the possibilities of growth and employment. The Blue Book also takes into account the international dimension of coherence, duties and obligations.

The Seminar deals with the process of putting the EU Integrated Maritime Policy in practice, and on achievements made since the adoption of the Blue Book. The focus of the Seminar is on the implications in the governance of the Mediterranean, Black sea and Baltic sea as regional entities, and on the linkages of the European Maritime Policy with the EU Neighbouring States to ensure coherence with the policies of these countries in a wider context. Holding to the view of an indivisible ocean, the coherence nature of the EU integrated maritime policy presents a formidable challenge that can only be surmounted by the degree of understanding, cooperation and synergies achieved with the neighbouring countries.  The EU integrated maritime policy can be a model for the national maritime policies, including non-EU countries, and is a major pillar for ocean governance; it must however embrace the regional distinctions and the different realities in the neighbouring states, and explore opportunities for parallel and complementary approaches.

The Seminar is articulated on three segments:

SEGMENT 1 targeting to review the recent developments in the implementation of the policy since December 2007. It will describe the operational tools in the implementation process and provide examples on how the EU is overcoming compartmentalization in its strategy for an integrated maritime policy.

SEGMENT 2 addressing the regional challenges as well as issues of coherence and the state of cooperation and harmonization with the non-EU neighborhood countries. This segment will bring to the forth the efforts of the EU to reach the hearts and minds of these countries and their policy makers, including the extent to which capacity building for these countries is being taken into consideration to synergise their undertakings in marine affairs to those of the EU maritime policy.

SEGMENT 3 addressing the global challenges to the EU integrated maritime policy, and on how Europe intends to respond to these challenges.  Some of these challenges include maritime security and rising concerns in piracy and terrorism. How will a surveillance network be made effective in non-EU waters and at what cost?  Can a purely EU surveillance network be effective?  How to respond to the challenge of climate change, which is a global concern, particularly when shipping, accounting for 5% of world carbon emissions and twice that of air transport, yet remains outside the Kyoto convention.  The current financial crisis and investment squeeze will impact on seaborne trade and decline the demand for maritime transport. Will there be an EU response? Will the EU take a global lead?

This event is organized on the wings of the 4th Session of the IOI Malta Training Course on Ocean Governance for the Mediterranean and Eastern European Countries, a flagship activity of the International Ocean Institute and a very prestigious international course for the University of Malta which is held annually over a 5-week period. The course is specifically designed to benefit mid-career professionals, government officials, educators, researchers and civil society participants, preferably with coastal/marine-related responsibilities, of the Mediterranean, the Black, the Baltic and the Caspian Seas.  It draws upon the conduct of maritime affairs in line with the Lisbon Strategy targeting the Millennium Development Goals and building upon a holistic and integrated maritime policy following the principles enshrined in the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea.

Participation is free of charge.

Kindly fill in the registration form and send to Dr Aldo Drago to confirm your participation.

Click here for a map to SunDown Courts.


01 December 2008


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