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The Maritime Sector in the Maltese Islands (24 Nov. 08)

The Physical Oceanograhy Unit of the
International Ocean Institute Malta Operational Centre (IOI-MOC) at the
University of Malta
would like to invite you to a
half-day seminar, to be held on
Monday 24 November between 1000hrs and 1300hrs at the
David Bruce Hall, Mediterranean Conference Centre, Valletta
Towards a more effective maritime sector in the Maltese Islands:
The support of Operational Oceanography

The conference shall have an Expert Panel, led by Dr Aldo Drago Director of the IOI-MOC, who shall be dealing with issues such as how the marine sector is contributing to the Maltese economy, the future evolutions necessary to meet the demands of short and long term visions calling for a stronger maritime focus, the ingredients necessary to support our commitment to safeguard the marine environment, the optimization of the use of marine resources, the concept of operational oceanography, and the improvement of marine-related activities of socio-economic and scientific value through marine data acquisition and forecasting systems.

The seminar is organised within the NET.MARI.MED (Network for supporting Marine Affairs in the Mediterranean) project which is conducted under the INTERREG IIIB Archimed Community Initiative, and partly financed by the European Regional Development Fund which forms part of the Structural Funds Programme for Malta (2004 – 2006).

Tel: +356 21440972
Email: Dr Aldo Drago


21 November 2008

GeoFest 2008 (3-29 Oct.)

Geography Division at the Mediterranean Institute
University of Malta
University of Malta Geography Society


Friday 3rd October – 1000 - 1030 hrs
Introductory Talk to First Year Students
Geography Programme
Information on UMGS
Presentation of AISEC initiatives

Monday 6th October – 1200 - 1400 hrs
Talk on Dr Albert Ganado's Antique Map Collection and tour of the Museum of Fine Arts
Venue: Museum of Fine Arts, South Street, Valletta
Entrance fee:  € 1.16

Monday 20th October – 1300 - 1400hrs
Erasmus Exchange Programme
Introductory talk on the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia by Prof. Mauro Soldati and Maltese students' experience of studying at Modena.

Tuesday 21st October – 1100 - 1500 hrs
Site visit at il-Prajjiet: Monitoring of Lateral Spreading on Coralline Limestone Plateau

Wednesday 29th October – 1400- 1700 hrs
Site visit at Marsaxlokk – Coastal Zone Management and Shoreline Modifications

All lecture room venues will be announced later
Attendance is optional but strongly recommended!!


03 October 2008

Inclusive Education: Transforming Schools into Communities (3 Oct. - 14 Nov.)

This short course covers basic concepts in inclusive and special education, as well as basic techniques and strategies that contribute towards an educational system
that reaches out to all. The themes and dates of the sessions are:
• Theme 1 Understanding inclusion (03 Oct. 08)
• Theme 2 Principles of effective inclusion (10 Oct. 08)
• Theme 3 Understanding diverse educational needs (17 Oct. 08)
• Theme 4 The impact of inclusion (24 Oct. 08)
• Theme 5 School communities (31 Oct. 08)
• Theme 6 Techniques in improving inclusion (07 Nov. 08)
• Theme 7 Creating an environment that fosters inclusion (14 Nov. 08)

The Course Tutors
The tutor of the course is Dr Andrew Azzopardi. Dr Azzopardi is a lecturer within the Department of Youth and Community Studies (Faculty of Education) at the University of Malta. His lecturing focuses on sociology, critical pedagogy, disability politics, inclusive and multi-cultural education, community management,
emancipatory research, narrative enquiry, youth and community studies. Dr Azzopardi is currently coordinating a course leading to the Masters degree in Inclusive Education and Communities and a Diploma course in Facilitating Inclusive Education.

Dates and Times
The course will be spread over 7 weekends, from Friday 3/10/2008 to Friday 14/11/2008. There will be a four-hour session every Friday from 1700hrs. to 2100hrs.

Who could benefit from the Course
The course should be of interest to teachers, learning support assistants, parent activists, disabled activists, professionals involved in the field of disability, policy makers, care workers, members of NGOs, social workers and the general public.

Educational Requirments
An 'O' Level pass in English language is normally required for an applicant to be admitted to this course. Applicants without this qualification may be admitted, provided that the Board of Studies of this course is satisfied that the applicant can follow the course with profit

Course Fee
The course fee will be € 85 per person, covering tuition, course notes and use of computers.

Participants who attend at least 80% of the sessions will be awarded a Certificate of Attendance.

Filled-in registration forms are to be sent not later than Tuesday 30 September 2008 to:
The Secretary,
University Gozo Centre,
Mgarr Road,
Xewkija, Gozo.
Tel: +356 21564559; +356 21562054
Fax: +356 21564550

Note to applicants: The course will be offered subject to there being a sufficient number of applicants.


25 September 2008

Faculty of Theology Seminar (2 Oct.)

The Faculty of Theology will be holding a seminar for the launching of the MA Spirituality and MA Spiritual Companionship, on Thursday 2 October 2008 at 1800 hrs. For this event the Faculty has invited two guest foreign lecturers, Prof. Kees Waaijman and Prof. Bernardette Flanagan.

Venue:        Gateway Building Hall E

Programme for this event, will be as follows:
1800:     Introductory welcome
1815:     Prof. Kees Waaijman: 'Studying and Teaching Spirituality'
1900:     Prof. Bernardette Flanagan: 'Spiritual Experience in Today's Western Society'
1945:     Discussion
2015:     Conclusion

You are cordially invited to attend this event


26 September 2008

Chaplaincy Activities (Sept.-Oct. 08)

Saturday evening mass at 1930hrs will commence on Saturday 20 September 2008.

We are also holding a late night mass on Saturday evening especially for university students on the 11 October, 1 November, 22 November and 13 December

On the 23 September we have a freshers' meeting taking place at 1830hrs at the chapel where new comers can meet up with 2nd and 3rd year students to share their hopes and fears as well as get help in order to settle in easier.

As from the 1 October Daily Midday Mass will resume and we are also offering early morning mass at 0720hrs on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Moreover the 1210hrs Mass on Tuesday will be in English.

On the 5 October MKSU and the Chaplaincy are holding a BBQ at the Mellieha Scouts Centre at 1900hrs for freshers and friends. Tickets can be bought from the Office.

On Wednesday 15 October Mr Albert Debono will give a short talk at 1300hrs about settling down at University especially for freshers. 


18 September 2008

Cottrell Atmospheres and Precipitation in Steels (30 Sept.)

Prof. Elena Pereloma from the University of Wollongong, Australia, will be giving a presentation entitled 'Cottrell atmospheres and precipitation in steels' The presentation will be held on Tuesday 30 September, from 0900hrs till 1100hrs in the Engineering Lecturing Theatre (ELT). 

All academic staff, as well as students, are welcome to attend.


Application of Atom Probe Tomography to study Solute Segregation, Clustering and Fine Precipitation in Steels
Elena Pereloma
School of Mechanical, Materials and Mechatronics Engineering
University of Wollongong
Australia, NSW2500

The need for development of advanced high strength steels stimulates new approaches toward design of steel compositions. Understanding the effects of alloying additions on the nanoscale level is essential for tailoring the steel composition and properties for a specific product requirement.

The local electrode atom probe is the state-of-the-art instrument, which features a substantially larger field of view and a significantly faster data acquisition speed compared to previous three-dimensional atom probes. These improvements facilitate the characterisation of low densities of microstructural features, which is not possible by any other technique. This powerful technique could be used for direct experimental observations of clusters, fine precipitation, atmospheres around the dislocations, boundary segregation and solute redistribution between the phases. Examples of such applications will be drawn from the recent research on steels.




02 September 2008

Opening of Academic Year (30 Sept. 08)

Tuesday 30 September 2008 at Sir Temi Zammit Hall

0800hrs - Doors open for freshers

0830hrs - Robing for academic staff at the Foyer Sir Temi Zamit Hall

0845hrs - Academic procession

0900hrs - Address by Rector

0915hrs - Address by the KSU President

0930hrs - Inauguration mass


24 September 2008

Greek Women in Academia and Society (29 Sept.)

Dr Vioula Lambropoulou is a Greek lecturer from the School of Athens who will be talking about the status of Greek women both in academia and society. She is interested in the status of Maltese women and would be pleased to listen to their views on the subject of women and society.

Date: Monday, 29 September

Time: 0900hrs

Place: LC118


26 September 2008

Memory Walk (27 Sept. 08)

Malta Dementia Society – Memory Walk on Saturday 27 September 2008

World Alzheimer's Day is a day of solidarity that unites people with dementia and everyone involved in their care. For the fourth year, the Malta Dementia Society will be celebrating this event together with other Alzheimer Associations around the world to raise public awareness. These events are coordinated by Alzheimer Disease International (ADI), an international federation of 75 associations worldwide, of which the Malta Dementia Society is a member.

Dementia is a general term used to describe those brain diseases that result in a progressive deterioration of brain function causing problems such as difficulties with memory, thinking, behaviour, speech and mood.  Eventually those affected by this condition are unable to care for themselves and need help. Alzheimer’s disease is the commonest cause accounting for some 50-60 % of cases, while vascular dementia, Lewy Body disease or Fronto-temporal dementia are some of the other causes. It is estimated that the number of individuals with dementia in Malta exceeds 4,500.

The Malta Dementia Society invites the general public to join and show support at a Memory Walk that will be organized at Freedom Square, Valletta on 27 September starting at 1000hrs. We encourage all those who are affected by dementia in some way, no matter how small, to come forwards and to speak about their experiences of dementia. By uniting on World Alzheimer's Day as a global community, we can show that there is much we can do together to improve the quality of life of people with dementia and their families.

For further details about this event you may visit the website of the Malta Dementia Society or you may contact the society by writing to the Secretary Malta Dementia Society, Room 135, Department of Pharmacy, University of Malta, Msida or send an email.


25 September 2008

The Fight Against Poverty (24 Sept.)

The European Documentation and Research Centre (EDRC) with the support of the European Commission proudly announces the fourth Civil Society Project Conference titled:

'The Fight Against Poverty'
to be held at the
Marie Louise Suite, Radisson SAS, St Julian's
Wednesday 24 September 2008

This Conference is aimed at all those concerned about Poverty in Malta, the Mediterranean, Europe and the World – its causes, its impact on our security and the values and mechanisms required to address the dialogue of eliminating it. The Conference brings together a number of leading figures, activists and academics to address these issues.

The Conference will look to the future, using as a starting point the findings of a 300 page Report produced over the last year by the EDRC, and written by a number of experts from academia and NGO activism. This Report, titled 'The Fight Against Poverty', has already been printed and is offered exclusively to those registering for the Conference, to whom it is immediately available on registration.

For the Conference Programme kindly click here.

Should you require further assistance kindly contact our office on tel: +356 2340 2136, fax: +356 21 337624 or send an email.

N.B. The latest MESA publication, 'The Lisbon Treaty and Its Implications' is now available for sale from EDRC. Price is EUR20 (plus VAT, postage & packing).


21 August 2008


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