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Christmas on Campus 2011

Hearts Wide Open Today

1 - 31 December
Electrical Decorations on various buildings around campus
Christmas decorations on outside area and Students House
Crib and Christmas Tree on Quadrangle
Festive backround music on Quadrangle

1 - 19 December
Collection in Faculties/Departments and Chapel in aid of Dar tal-Providenza as well as to contribute towards the purchase of a guide dog for a young boy.

1 - 16 December 2011

Students through the KSU Website are encouraged to donate ONE EURO from their SmartCard in aid Dar tal-Providenza as well as to contribute towards the purchase of a guide dog for a young boy.

1 & 5 December
1200hrs: Cultural Tours for University staff and students to Villa Francia in Lija with the courtesy of the Office of the Prime Minister in aid of Dar tal-Providenza as well as to contribute towards the purchase of a guide dog for a young boy.

5 - 19 December
Selling of Christmas Ponsjettas from Chaplaincy Foyer in aid Dar tal-Providenza as well as to contribute towards the purchase of a guide dog for a young boy.

Tuesday 6 December
1230hrs: Ecumenical Service in Quadrangle with the participation of the University Vocal Ensemble.

7 - 20 December
Identified students will be around the outside areas of campus collecting money for Dar tal-Providenza as well as to contribute towards the purchase of a guide dog for a young boy.

Wednesday 7 December
1230hrs Concert on Quadrangle by the University Wind Ensemble
1300hrs KSU Jamming Session on Quadrangle

Friday 9 December

1300hrs Becky Pirotta and Ellipse to perform on Quadrangle

10 & 13 December
Making of Mincepies

Monday 12 December
1200hrs KSU Jamming Session

14 - 20 December
Selling of mincepies, Christmas Cake, Honey Rings and other traditional sweets together with mulled wine and imbuljuta in the foyer of Students House in aid of Dar tal-Providenza as well as to contribute towards the purchase of a guide dog for a young boy.

Christmas Stalls in Common Room and under tent on Quadrangle which include the Christmas Raffle, MaltaPost Photostamps with Father Christmas and the making of Christmas Crafts.

Wednesday 14 December
1000hrs More than just Christmas - Diversity, Respect and Intercultural Differences.
1200hrs Degree Plus Pop Choir on quadrangle
1230hrs Gingle All Along- sketch by Degree Plus Theatre Programme on quadrangle
1300hrs Urban Echo Troupe Street Dancing
1315hrs Jingle All Along- sketch by Degree Plus Theatre Programme on quadrangle
2000hrs Advent Candle Light Prayer - Taize Style in University Chapel.

Thursday 15 December 2011
1000hrs onwards Free for all for Charity in University Canteen Sponsored by JM Catering
1200hrs Diane Camenzuli & Guitarist to perform in Canteen
1230hrs Christmas Novena in the Chapel animated by the MUSEUM Society members and the Augustinian Formation Community.
1300hrs Kurt Calleja accompanied by his band to perform on Quadrangle
1430hrs Carol Singing with Federica, Kurt and the school children.

Friday 16 December
1200hrs Christmas Thai Chi Performance on Quadrangle
1230hrs Christmas Novena in Chapel animated by the Junior College Orchestra and singers and the MUSEUM society members.
1300hrs Christmas Concert by the Junior College Orchestra and singers in the Chapel
1900hrs Christmas Football Tournament organised by MKSU at the University Sports Complex with the courtesy of MUHC in aid of Dar tal-Providenza as well as to contribute towards the purchase of a guide dog for a young boy.

Monday 19 December
1230hrs Christmas Novena in Chapel animated by the MUSEUM Society members and MKSU.
1300hrs Kurt Calleja accompanied by this Band to perform on Quadrangle.

Tuesday 20 December
1230hrs Christmas Novena in Chapel which will include the Traditional Priedka tat-Tfal animated by the MUSEUM Society members and the Chaplaincy team
1300hrs Christmas Concert by the Valletta Ensemble in Chaplaincy Foyer
2000hrs Worship United in Chapel. An hour of praise and worship in preparation for Christmas

Wednesday 21 December

1230hrs Christmas Novena in Chapel animated by the MUSEUM Society members and Mark & Annalise from Y4J.

Thursday 22 December
1230hrs Christmas Novena in Chapel animated by the MUSEUM Society members and TINK – Adolescents of the Zejtun Parish.

Friday 23 December

1230hrs Christmas Novena in Chapel animated by the MUSEUM Society members and choir  Assumpta Est and the youths of the Gudja Parish.

1 January 2012

Members of the Christmas on Campus Committee will visit Dar tal-Providenza and place the University Donation.


07 December 2011

Chaplaincy December Events

·‬ Daily Mass at 1230hrs

·‬ Tuesday & Thursday Mass at 0720hrs and 1230hrs

·‬ Wednesdays 1230hrs Mass followed by refreshments

·‬ Daily Adoration at 15:00hrs to 15:30hrs

·‬ Saturdays Late Saturday Night Mass  at 2100hrs  for students and friends

·‬ 5 - 19 December Sale of Ponsiettas

·‬ 11 December Live Bands at Chaplaincy

·‬ 14 - 20 December Week of Guided Prayer

·‬ 14 December Taize Prayers at Chaplaincy

·‬ 15 December DVD of Gods and Men at 2000hrs

·‬ 16 - 23 December Christmas Novena at 1230hrs

·‬ 20 December Mass at 1230hrs followed by Christmas drinks

·‬ 24 December  Christmas Eve Mass

·‬ 31 December Thanksgiving Mass at 1900hrs


05 December 2011

I Shop Fair: Celebrating 3 Years! (20 Dec.)

RADC: New Learning Opportunities!

An event to celebrate Ethical Consumption and Fair trade is to be held on Tuesday, 20 December 2011 at the School of Practical Philosophy, 101, St Christopher Street, Valletta between 19.00 and 2100hrs.

The activity is jointly organised between Koperattiva Kummerċ Ġust (KKĠ), Malta's only fair trade organisation, and the Centre for Environmental Education & Research (CEER) at the University of Malta. Volunteers and friends of KKĠ, past and present students of CEER, NGOs and the general public are invited to attend this free event and learn about and extend their support to environmental sustainability, better working conditions for workers, reduced greenhouse gas emission and the upliftment of communities.
Mahira Sheikh believes that in the face of blatant consumerism, raising awareness about ethical consumerism can directly impact the behaviour of consumers. Consumers can empower themselves by asking themselves if they really need a product before purchasing it. Moreover, they have a choice to reuse, reduce and recycle. Apart from that they can choose to be critical consumers or to boycott companies that exploit workers, animals and the environment.  
According to Vince Caruana universities have a role in bringing ethical consumerism to the fore – which is why CEER is dedicated to writing new resources and supporting Civil Society in Communicating for Development Awareness.

New Educational Resources will be distributed for free. A fair trade snack will be served.
Entrance is free however organisers need to be notified beforehand.

For further information about I Shop Fair visit the website.


16 December 2011

The Resilience of Small Island Jurisdictions

The Department of International Relations
2011/2012 Lecture Series


Prof. Godfrey Baldacchino
Canada Research Chair in Island Studies,
University of Prince Edward Island, Canada

in a Public Lecture on

The Resilience of Small Island Jurisdictions:
an international and intersectoral analysis

There is a need to better acknowledge and problematize the manner in which individuals, households, organisations and governments in small island jurisdictions develop mechanisms that allow them to exploit the benefits, and/or minimise the losses, of episodic economic lurches. A ‘strategic flexibility’ approach is proposed to explain how actors practise international AND intersectoral migration: cleverly shifting focus, locus, interest and scope, not just out of necessity (reactively) but in smelling promising opportunities (proactively). Such an analytic template can be a useful operationalisation of the concept of resilience that has become so central to much contemporary research on small island jurisdictions.

Date: Friday 16 December 2011
Time: 1600hrs - 1700hrs
Venue: Hall A, M.A. Vassalli Conference Centre Gateway Building (GW)

Look out for upcoming events and public lectures being hosted by the Department of International Relations delivered by the following participants

Prof. Vincent Michelot, Institut d’Etudes Politiques, Sciences Po Lyon
Prof. Gawdat Bahgat, National Defense University, Near East South Asia Center for Strategic Studies

For further information please contact the Department of International Relations on +356 2340 3083 or send an email to Ms Valentina Cassar.

Prof. Godfrey BaldacchinoProfessor Godfrey Baldacchino
Godfrey Baldacchino Ph.D. (Warwick), B.A. (Gen.) P.G.C.E. (Malta), M.A. (The Hague) is Canada Research Chair in Island Studies and Full Professor in the Department of Sociology & Anthropology at the University of Prince Edward Island (UPEI), Canada. He is Founding Executive Editor of Island Studies Journal. He is also Visiting Professor to the Department of Sociology at the University of Malta, Malta and Chairman of the Board of its Centre for Labour Studies. He was Member and Chair of the Malta Board of Cooperatives (1994-2003) and core member of the Malta-European Union Steering & Action Committee (MEUSAC). In 2008-2010, he was Vice-President of the Prince Edward Island Association for Newcomers to Canada. In 2010, he was elected Vice-President of the International Small Islands Studies Association (ISISA).

As Canada Research Chair in Island Studies at UPEI, Professor Baldacchino is advancing a critical, comparative and interdisciplinary agenda which includes the following research themes:

He also supports UPEI's Master of Arts Degree in Island Studies.

Other areas of interest include: brain rotation, immigration, labour relations, human resource management, adult education, worker empowerment and the development of cooperatives.
As of 2011, Prof. Baldacchino has (co-)authored over 20 books, reports and monographs; (co-) edited or guest edited another 19 and has, since 1993, almost 90 peer-reviewed journal articles or book chapters to his credit.


12 December 2011

An Evening with Jane Austen

DESA is organising 'An Evening with Jane Austen' on 14 December at the charming Café Palazz in Valletta. This tea party will be the fourth event from DESA's well-received Pop Culture series, which so far has explored diverse topics such as Nirvana, Tim Burton and The Beatles.

As the Department of English Student Association at the University of Malta, DESA is keen to engage in discussion about such examples of cultural products. Although traditionally associated with her literary output, Jane Austen has also exerted considerable influence on Popular Culture through film adaptations, blockbusters and the Janeite phenomenon.

Dr Stella Borg Barthet and Dr Clare Vassallo are the guest speakers for the evening and they will be debating these issues using their in-depth knowledge of Jane Austen's work, as well as her literary and historical context. These talks will also highlight Austen's great achievements as a female writer of the 19th century who is still relevant today.

This aspect will be digested with delicious scones and cakes inspired by authentic 19th century dessert recipes. Tea (and coffee) will also be served in constancy to everything Jane stands for.

Tickets cost 5 eruos and can be booked via email. The event is scheduled to start at 1800hrs. Early seating is advised.

Facebook Event Page


01 December 2011

Healthy Food, Happy Christmas (15 Dec.)

15 December 2011
1030hrs - 1230hrs  
KSU Common Room

Students for Healthy Living in collaboration with the Nutrition, Family and Consumer Studies B.Ed. (Hons) students will demonstrate how to put a healthy twist to traditional Christmas recipes. The activity will be held in the KSU Common Room, but the Healthy Living students may also be spotted around campus on the day, dressed up to the occasion, distributing samples of these recipes.

Everybody is welcome to attend. More information may be found on the Group’s facebook page.

The Students for Healthy Living Group is also participating in a KSU KPS activity on raising awareness on substance use during the Christmas period. Further details will be announced later.

Students for Healthy Living is a group of University students being trained to provide health promotion and peer education programmes for fellow students on campus. Currently there are three programmes:
HEAT: Healthy Eating Awareness and Tips

SMART: Stress Management And Relaxation Techniques
SAM: Substance Abuse and Misuse

Join Students For Healthy Living (SFHL) on Facebook!

The Students for Healthy Living Project is coordinated by the EuroCentre for Educational Resilience and Socio-Emotional Health.


30 November 2011

Library Exhibition: Remembering Fromelles

To commemorate the fallen in WW1, most particularly those who gave their lives in the Battle of Fromelles 1916, the University of Malta Library is hosting a photographic exhibition which focuses on the recently discovered mass graves of 250 British and Australian soldiers who fell at Fromelles, France.

The exhibition covers, amongst other things, the inauguration of the new cemetery specifically constructed to house the remains of these fallen soldiers, some of whom were identified through DNA testing. Besides a rich selection of photographs, the exhibition includes a selection of publications and memorabilia.

The exhibition is located on the ground floor of the Library and is open to the public during opening hours until 16 December, 2011.



03 October 2011

Italia Film Festival 2011

Italia Film Festival 2011
Italia Film Festival 2011
Italia Film Festival 2011
Italia Film Festival 2011


23 November 2011

Dr Adrian Grima on Dun Karm's Angry Moment of Metaphor (9 Dec.)

Dr Adrian Grima will give a public talk in Maltese entitled, "'Minn kull xorta ta’ qżież.' Dun Karm u l-konfini tal-identità fil-mument tal-metafora," on Friday, 9 December, at Francis Ebejer Hall - Lecture Theatre 2 (LT2), University of Malta Msida Campus at 1900hrs. The talk will be followed by an open discussion.

With the aid of visual material, Dr Grima will propose a multidisciplinary reading of Dun Karm's rhetorically powerful and unusually angry poem, "Lil Malta. Tal-lum u ta' Għada," focusing on the poet’s use of metaphor to denounce Malta, the fallen "fior del mondo," as a promiscuous woman morally and culturally defiled by "all manner of filth." This event is being organised by the Fondazzjoni Karmen Mikallef Buħaġar and the Department of Maltese at the University of Malta, and is open to academics, students, and the general public.

Dr Adrian Grima is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Maltese. He has read papers at academic conferences in the Mediterranean, Europe and the US, and has published studies on Maltese literature, culture and the Mediterranean in books and journals in Algeria, Brazil, Cyprus, France, Italy, Germany, and the UK. His publications on Dun Karm include "Dgħajjes Qodma u Maħmuġin." Dun Karm, id-Dielja u l-Barranin (2004) and "The Idealized Nation-Mother of the Romantics and the Status Quo." (Symposia Melitensia, 2008). His most recent international publication is "The Politics of Absence Representations of the Other in Maltese contemporary short stories" in Multiculturalismo e Diferença (Universidade Estadual de Maringá, Brazil, 2011).


24 November 2011

The Media and I (10 Dec.)

The Media and I
For more information contact the Malta PSD Association on + 356 79255070 or by email.
Please click here to register.


24 November 2011


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