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Seminars on Family Policy Evaluation and Auditing of Family Services

The Department of Family Studies within the Faculty for Social Wellbeing is organising a series of four seminars during the academic year 2012-2013. These seminars that are part of the Master in Family Studies course will be delivered by leading scholars in the field of Family Policy evaluation. The importance of evidence - based policy and the regular auditing of services will be highlighted. Explanations of why research is needed, what kind of research is useful and how to go about formulating good quality research will also be provided. References will be made to examples of good practice in international literature. The seminars will be interactive and those attending will be encouraged to provide examples from the Maltese context of policies and services that could be monitored and audited. The participants will be invited to brainstorm on how monitoring of these policies could be carried out. Different examples of auditing of services will also be explored.

The seminars will be of interest to Members of Parliament, academics, researchers, policy directors and advisors and professionals working in the fields of psychology, health and social welfare, social work, education and law.

The seminars will all be held on the University of Malta Campus in Msida.

Seminar 1 will focus on the link between early parenting style and other protective and risk factors and the development of antisocial behaviour. It will be led by Professor Frances Gardner.

Professor Frances Gardner is Professor of Child and Family Psychology in the Department of Social Policy and Intervention at the University of Oxford, and Fellow of Wolfson College.  She was the founding Director of the graduate programme in Evidence-Based Social Intervention at Oxford, and is co-Director of the Centre for Evidence-Based Intervention. Her research focuses on the development of anti-social behaviour or conduct problems in children and young people, particularly how early parenting style, and other risk and protective factors, influence young people's mental health and adjustment. She conducts randomised controlled trials of community-based parenting programmes in the UK and US, as well as systematic reviews, and longitudinal studies of the development of antisocial behaviour and other mental health problems in young people, including orphans and vulnerable children in South Africa. She also uses UK national cohort data to assess how parenting and antisocial behaviour have changed over recent decades. She specialises in direct observational methods for assessing parent-child interaction.  She serves on the Scientific Advisory Board of 'Blueprints for Violence Prevention', Colorado; the UK National Academy of Parenting Practitioners; SFI, the Danish National Centre for Social Research; and on a UNODC Expert Panel on worldwide family skills training.

This seminar will be held on Friday 12 October, 2012 from 0830hrs till 1600hrs

The price for this seminar is 105 Euros.

Seminar 2 will focus on the area of understanding the needs of adults (particularly parents) regarding relationship support. It will be led by Professor Janet Walker.

Professor Janet Walker, OBE FRSA AcSS was Director of the Newcastle Centre for Family Studies between 1985 and 2005 and is also Emeritus Professor of Family Policy at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne in England. Prof. Walker has held a number of appointments on national and international committees; provided advice to various Ministries of Justice; and in the late 1990s worked with the Council of Europe as expert consultant in the field of Family Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution.       
This seminar will be held on Monday 19 November, 2012 and on Tuesday 20 November, 2012 from 0900hrs till 1630hrs on both days.

The price for this seminar is 150 Euros.

Seminar 3 will focus on the sociology of the family, family change, and on lone-parent families, work and poverty. This will be led by Professor Jane Millar.

Professor Jane Millar, OBE AcSS FRSA FHEA has been a Special Adviser to House of Commons Select Committees, to the Department for Work and Pensions and the No. 10 Policy Unit. She was elected to Academy of Social Sciences in 2000, and awarded an OBE in June 2001 for 'services to social policy research and teaching'. Prof. Millar has been Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Research at Bath since 2008.

This seminar will be held on Friday 8 February, 2013 from 0900hrs till 1630hrs and on Saturday 9 February, 2013 from 0900hrs till 1330hrs.

The price for this seminar is 150 Euros.

Seminar 4 will focus on Effective Pre-school and Primary Education (EPPE) and the National Evaluation of Sure Start projects. It will be led by Professor Edward Melhuish

Professor Edward Melhuish, C. Psychol. (UK.) FBPsS is Professor of Human Development at Birkbeck, University of London and Visiting Professor at the Institute of Education. He is an internationally recognized expert in the study of child development and social policy. He has undertaken research in 12 countries, including the Effective Pre-school and Primary Education (EPPE) and the National Evaluation of Sure Start projects. The studies consider family, community and pre-school experiences on child development, and policy implications, and have influenced several UK acts of parliament. He has over 200 publications. He has contributed to social policy for young children and been a scientific advisor in Norway, Germany, Netherlands, Finland, Portugal, Australia, Korea and Chile, as well as to the European Commission, OECD and WHO.

This seminar will be held on Friday 12 April, 2013 from 0900hrs till 1630hrs and on Saturday 13 April, 2013 from 0900hrs till 1330hrs.

The price for this seminar is 150 Euros.

The total cost for all the four seminars totals 555 Euros; however, those who will register for all workshops will be offered the special price of 500 Euros. Furthermore, the special price of 450 Euros will be offered to all those who register for all the four seminars by Friday 5 October, 2012.

There are a limited number of places available and applications will be accepted on a 'first come, first served' basis.

For further information and to book for these seminars please visit our website


31 August 2012

How the World is Not Going to End

on Friday 21 December 2012, 1830hrs
at the Francis Ebejer Hall Lecture Theatre 2


Many have come to think that the world will come to an end in some fantastic way which will happen at a special time. One such belief which has been in vogue lately is the connection between the end of the Mayan calendar and the end of days. This is not a solitary case, various ancient civilisations held similar mythological beliefs. The persistence of having an end of the world prediction also features in many religions and new-age belief systems. We will be putting these to the test of logic, reason and observation.

Speakers: Mr Alessio Magro, Mr Jackson L. Said and Mr Ian Fenech Conti

This talk is being organised by the Department of Physics, University of Malta.


17 December 2012

Talk About Designing Medical Devices (20 Dec.)

Talk: Designing medical devices to be more resilient to human error
Speaker: Abigail Cauchi, PhD Researcher at Swansea University
Date: Thursday 20 December 2012
Time: 0900hrs - 1000hrs
Venue: Gateway, Hall A.

Talk Abstract
Human error is prevalent in critical medical scenarios and when a patient dies as a cause of this, the blame is quickly directed towards the practitioner that erred. This is a simplistic view.
In this talk we see that device design, and in particular interactive system design plays a vital role in fatalities caused by human error. Systems are set up to induce error rather than prevent it and better design (often simple changes to software) can reduce harm significantly.
The talk will be of interest to anybody working in a safety or mission critical environment (e.g., in healthcare, aviation) and also to anybody designing or developing interactive systems, particularly programmers and computer scientists, who are well positioned to help users reduce harm.
Speaker Biography
Abigail Cauchi graduated from the University of Malta in 2008 with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and has since been working in the field of Human-Computer Interaction, a highly multidisciplinary field which studies how to design technology to better fit the people using it and the environment around it.
After an internship at Microsoft Research India, she moved to Swansea University to do her Masters degree in Human-Computer Interaction. Abigail is now in the third year of her PhD on how to design medical devices to be more resilient to human error in busy hospital scenarios.


12 December 2012

Making Du Fu Sing (20 Dec.)

University of Malta
Faculty of Arts
Department of Translation & Interpreting Studies

Making Du Fu Sing: How can we make our target texts work as poems in their own right?

seminar by

Brian Holton
Poet & Translator

Where the Sea Stands Still

on Thursday 20 December 2012
1000hrs – 1200hrs
at the M.A. Vassalli Conference Centre - Gateway Building Hall 205


03 December 2012

December at the Chaplaincy

Sale of Poinsettias
3 - 21 December all day

'I believe! Help me in my unbelief'
4 - 11 December at 1745hrs

Taizé Prayers
6 December at 2000hrs

Ecumenical Service
11 December at 1230hrs in Atriju Vassalli (Quadrangle)

Week of Guided Prayer
3 - 10 December

A Journey to the Crib
Every Tuesday at 1200hrs

DVD night - Christmas with a Capital C
11 December at 2000hrs

17 - 21 December during the Mass of 1230hrs

Sale of Mince Pies and Honey Rings
17 - 21 December

Christmas Party
18 December after the Mass of 1230hrs

Coffee with the Lord
20 December at 2000hrs

Worship by Candle Light
21 December at 2000hrs

Christmas Eve Mass
24 December at 2300hrs
starting off with
Symphonik Christmas Concert

Thanks Giving Mass
31 December at 2000hrs

Daily Mass
at 1230hrs till 21 December
on Tuesdays and Thursdays Mass  at 0720hrs
Daily Adoration  at 1500hrs
Saturday Mass at 1930hrs and 2100hrs


19 November 2012

Christmas on Campus


1 – 31 December 2012
Electrical decorations on various buildings around campus.
Christmas decorations on outside area and University House.
Christmas Tree on Quadrangle.

1 – 21 December 2012
Selling of Christmas Ponsjettas from Chaplaincy Foyer in aid id-Dar tal-Providenza and L-Istrina.

3 21 December 2012
Collection in Faculties/Departments and Chapel in aid of id-Dar tal-Providenza and L-Istrina.

3 and 4 December 2012
1200hrs noon: Cultural Tours for University staff and students to the President’s Palace in Valletta in aid of id-Dar tal-Providenza and L-Istrina.

A Journey to the Crib every Tuesday in December at 1200hrs noon in the Chapel

57 December 2012
Awareness campaign  about the hazard of binge drinking and drink driving in the Christmas Period
Venue: University House Foyer

521 December 2012
Identified students will be around the outside areas of campus collecting money for id-Dar tal-Providenza and L-istrina.

5 31 December 2012
Festive backround music at Atriju Vassalli (Quadrangle)

6 14 December 2012
Students through the KSU Website are encouraged to donate ONE EURO from their SmartCard in aid of id-Dar tal-Providenza and L-Istrina.

Friday 7 December 2012
1230hrs: University Wind Ensemble at Atriju Vassalli (Quadrangle)

10 – 21 December 2012
Selling of Mincepies & Honeyrings in aid of L-Istrina and id-Dar tal-Providenza
Orders from:
Chaplaincy: +356 2340 2341
Precincts Office: +356 2340 2236; +356 2340 2997
KSU: +356 2134 3085; +356 2340 2104

Monday 10 December 2012
1100hrs – 1400hrs: Charity event in Canteen in aid of L-Istrina and id-Dar tal-Providenza
1100hrs - 1200hrs: DJ Alex Grech in canteen
1200hrs – 1245hrs: Olivia & Paddy to perform in Canteen
1330hrs – 1400hrs: Carols Unplugged to perform in Canteen

Tuesday 11 December 2012
1230hrs: Ecumenical Service in Atriju Vassalli (Quadrangle) with the participation of the University Vocal Ensemble.
2000hrs: DVD Night – Christmas with a Capital C – in the Chapel

Wednesday 12 December 2012
1130hrs – 1230hrs Joe Chircop and the Drop out Band to perform at Atriju Vassalli (Quadrangle)
1230hrs: Christmas Sketch by the Degree Plus Theatre Students at Atriju Vassalli (Quadrangle)
1300hrs – 1330hrs: Sheryl Fiona and Emanuel to perform at Atriju Vassalli (Quadrangle)

Friday 14 December 2012
1200hrs – 1230hrs: Jane Dow Band to perfrom at Atriju Vassalli (Quadrangle)
1230hrs – 1330hrs: Jean Claude Vancell to perform at Atriju Vassalli (Quadrangle)
17 – 21 December 2012
1230hrs: Christmas Novena in Chapel

Monday 17 December 2012
1200hrs: Talk at Atriju Vassalli (Quadrangle) by Transport Malta re Drinking and Driving awareness during the Christmas period
1300hrs: Concert by Junior College Orchestra at Atriju Vassalli (Quadrangle)

Tuesday 18 December 2012
1230hrs: Traditional Priedka tat-Tifel during Christmas Novena in Chapel followed by drinks in the Chaplaincy Foyer
1300hrs: Olivia & Paddy to perform in Chaplaincy Foyer

Wednesday 19 December 2012
1200hrs – 1230hrs: Red Electrik to perform at Atriju Vassalli (Quadrangle)
1230hrs – 1300hrs: Bettina Lisa Ceci and Zoe to perform at Atriju Vassalli (Quadrangle)
1300hrs: Valletta Ensemble to perform at Atriju Vassalli (Quadrangle)

Thursday 20 December 2012
1200hrs: Stephie & Federica to perform at Atriju Vassalli (Quadrangle)

Friday 21 December 2012
1300hrs: Attard Parish Choir to perform at Atriju Vassalli (Quadrangle)
2000hrs: Worship by candlelight – in preparation for Christmas, in the Chapel

Monday 24 December 2012
2300hrs: Christmas Eve Mass starting off with a Symphonik Christmas Concert in the Chapel

Wednesday 26 December 2012
1515hrs: Presentation of the University Cheque to L-Istrina.

Monday 31 December 2012
2000hrs: Thanks Giving Mass in Chapel

Tuesday 1 January 2013
1105hrs: Presentation of University Cheque to id-Dar tal-Providenza


30 November 2012

Visit by Fr Cyril Axelrod - the World’s Only Deaf-Blind Priest

Come and meet Father Cyril Axelrod, the world’s only deaf-blind Catholic Redemptorist priest who views his deaf-blindness not as a tragic fact but as “the best teacher of my life”.  He will be speaking at the University Chapel on Wednesday 19 December at 1830hrs.  The invitation is for everyone, staff and students, to meet this inspirational man of faith.

Fr Cyril is from South Africa but is London based.  He is known world-wide.  He has been to many countries, establishing associations and ministries in many different places and cultures.  He is an inspirational person who personifies empowerment.  The Maltese Deaf community will be seeing more of Fr Cyril because he is being sponsored by the Curia to visit Malta twice yearly in order to lead them in a variety of spiritual events.  

One of the most amazing things about Fr Cyril is the fact that he is always ready to smile and keeps in touch even when he is not here.  He has a wonderful sense of humour and looks at all that one would consider being very negative circumstances as doors to opportunities instead.  There are only 13 Deaf priests in the world.  He is one of them but he is further challenged by his blindness resulting from Usher’s Syndrome.  Whereas he was born deaf, his blindness came later over a number of years.  He tells his story in his beautiful book And the Journey Begins.

Everyone is welcome.


14 December 2012

Excellent Concert Series

It is a tradition in most music academies and universities to hold an annual 'Excellent Concert Series'. These concerts consist mainly of solo or chamber music programmes and are designed to promote the work of their music departments by showcasing the abilities and achievements of students and the work of their tutors.

During this current semester, the Department of Music within the School of the Performing Arts, will be presenting such a programme. It would be much appreciated if academics and students of the School as well as music teachers and students from outside campus were to attend the concerts. This would be of great encouragement both to students and to the tutors who are working hard to support and improve the work of the Department.

The first concert of the series will be held on Wednesday, 19 December at 1700hrs in Room 124, Old Humanities Bldg (behind HSBC bank).

We very much look forward to seeing you there. 


10 December 2012

Yuletide concert by the UoM Junior College Orchestra (17 Dec.)

As part of the Christmas on Campus 2012 activities, a vocal and instrumental yuletide concert by the UoM Junior College Orchestra and singers, directed by Mro Manoel Pirotta, will take place on Monday 17 December at 1300hrs on the University of Malta quadrangle. Everyone is invited to attend and enjoy the lovely music.


La Caracolá (Flamenco) – Philip Sparke (b. 1951)
Cantique de Noel - Adolphe Charles Adam (1803 – 56)
Circle of Life  – Elton John (b. 1947)
The Young Maria – Ted Huggens (1928-2006)
Three Songs for Christmas - Traditional
Sleigh Ride K. 605, No.3 – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-91)

Te Deum - Marc-Antoine Charpentier (1643 – 1704)
Christmas Lullaby – John Rutter (b. 1945)
Trumpet Voluntary – Jeremiah Clarke (1674-1707)
Pavane in Blue – Ted Huggens (1928-2006)
Nella Fantasia - Ennio Morricone (b. 1928)
Christmas March – Manoel Pirotta (b. 1962)


12 December 2012

Calypso et Odysseus



14 December 2012


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