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Action for Breast Cancer Foundation Conference (4 Feb.)


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30 January 2015

Public Lecture: Il 'Paradiso' di Battistello Caracciolo (29 Jan.)

Il 'Paradiso' di Battistello Caracciolo

lecture by
Jean-Paul De Lucca, Sante Guido, Giuseppe Mantella

organised by
Italian Cultural Institute

on Thursday, 29 January, 2015
at 1830hrs
Venue: Hall of the Italian Cultural Institute

Click here for details


26 January 2015

Simshar Film Q&A and Discussion (20 Jan.)


Euro Media Forum and Embassy Cinemas will be organising a Special Q&A with Simshar director Rebecca Cremona and actress Claire Agius, next Tuesday 20 January, immediately following the 2055hrs screening at Embassy Cinemas, Valletta.  

Directed by Rebecca Cremona, Simshar is a 2014 Maltese feature film inspired by the events that occurred on that ill-fated boat, the Simshar. The drama was selected as Malta’s first ever entry for the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar race, at the 87th Academy Awards. Despite a positive reception, the film was not nominated. 

The speakers will delve into their experience while working on the film from the financial and creative development process, the production and post-production phases. The Q & A Discussion will be held in the English language.  

This will be followed by a Simshar film quiz where members of the audience will have the opportunity to win prizes. So quiz participants must keep their eyes open for the Simshar quiz clues!   

Book your tickets for this special event at the Embassy Cinemas Valletta box office, on 21 222225 or online


16 January 2015

Pubic Lecture: The Sacra Infermeria, An Unbroken Commitment to Ospitalitas (20 Jan.)


The Sacra Infermeria, An Unbroken Commitment to Ospitalitas:
The Quality of Care provided by the Order of St. John in their last decades on Malta

Louis Bellizzi
Tuesday, 20 January 2015 1800hrs
Europa House, 254 St Paul Street,

“The Order of St John viewed every patient as Christ and as such the sick and poor were treated in the best and most luxurious way possible, this being the staple of Hospitaller Care” (J. Riley Smith).  Was this assertion still valid in the last decades of the Order on Malta?  John Howard, the British legendary pioneer of prison reform visited the Sacra Infermeria in 1786.  He reports finding dusty pictures, dirty kettles, a dark and offensive kitchen and ‘proof of inattention to cleanliness and airiness’.  The patients, he wrote ‘were served by the most dirty, ragged, unfeeling and inhuman persons I ever saw’.  Possibly his worst indictment is that the Grand Master’s stables were far better kept than the hospital, implying a heinous betrayal of their vows, long traditions and the very reason for which they existed. After a brief description of what the Order’s accounting records disclosed about conditions in the hospital, Howard’s report will be examined closely and interpreted within the context of what the accounts reveal.
Louis Bellizzi is a retired chartered accountant and businessman. In 2010, he began reading for an M.A. in Hospitaller Studies at the University of Malta.  His researched thesis focussed on life in the Sacra Infermeria in the latter part of the eighteenth century based on the details disclosed by what he was to discover to be a very accomplished accounting system used to manage the Order’s finances.
Patrons are kindly asked to make sure that they have an I.D. document with them


09 January 2015

Interpreting Symbols on St John’s Co-Cathedral Tombstones and Monuments (21 Jan.)

Since the passage of time has blurred the meaning of the images and symbols used on the tombstones and monuments of St. John’s Co-Cathedral, the iconography continues to fascinate many people today. What do the symbols on the tombstones and monuments in St. John’s Co-Cathedral reveal about the deceased and those who created the memorials?

If you are intrigued by, and would like to know more about the complex symbolic iconography on the marble tombstones and monuments of St. John’s Co-Cathedral, Dane Munro, an authority on St. John's marbles, and author of the definitive book Memento Mori, will reveal all this in his interesting and perhaps controversial lecture about “the most beautiful floor in the world.”

In this lecture, specifically prepared for Flimkien għal Ambjent Aħjar (FAA), Dane Munro will interpret the symbols on the tombstones and monuments of St John's Co-Cathedral through using digital photo enhancing. Munro will also explore the relationship between the viewer and this complex symbolic iconography in a way that has never been done before.

Date and Time: Wednesday, 21 January, at 1830hrs       Venue: Corinthia Palace Hotel, Attard.

To reserve a place at this intriguing and thought-provoking lecture, please go to: or or kindly phone 21310720.

You are kindly requested to be seated by 1815hrs.

A €5 donation towards FAA’s art restoration project is kindly solicited.


09 January 2015

Math Learning - Strategies and Techniques (30 Jan.)


January monthly talk 


Math Learning - Strategies and Techniques

Dr Ruth Falzon
Ms Esmeralda Zerafa
Date: Friday 30 January 2015
Time: 1830hrs

Venue: Department of Education, Multipurpose Hall, Customer Care Area, Great Siege Road, Floriana

For more information and booking, you may send us an email on: or call on 79887744 or 21310104 (after 1600hrs). 

Entrance Fees: Non-Members - €5 (To be paid on entrance); Paid up members – FREE. 

New Members: Memberships for year 2015 may be renewed before the start of this talk at a fee of €15. Payments by cheque are to be made payable to: Malta Dyslexia Association. Our mailing address is: Malta Dyslexia Association P.O. Box 04, St.Julians  PBK1553 Malta. Add us to your address book. 

Find us on Facebook, here.


07 January 2015

Malta Cricket Association



22 December 2014

Our Cosmic Journey (27 Dec.)

From massive telescopes to stardust, a Malta Cafe Sci Talk 

Place: St James Cavalier, Cinema Room
Date: Saturday 27 December 2014
Speaker: Dr Joseph Caruana
Time: 1930hrs
Free entrance

Since time immemorial humans have looked up at the night sky and wondered. They have noted their positions over countless years and created myths to explain the flickering tiny points of starlight.

Speeding up to today, we know what the stars are made up of, have discovered thousands of planets outside of our solar system, and have even managed to nail down the age of the universe pretty accurately. Getting to this stage of knowledge has been an exhilarating trip of discovery.

Dr Joseph Caruana will be talking about this journey from prehistoric times to the present and beyond on Saturday 27 December at the Cinema Room, St James Cavalier, Valletta. The talk will be followed by an open discussion. Joseph will be shedding light on the largest telescopes being built and what they will tell us. The universe continues to surprise us and fascinate us. After all, we are all made of stardust. 

Malta Café Scientifique can be found on Facebook and online.

You can now view events and subscribe to our mailing list from the website.

Poster thanks to Marie Claire Cremona.  



19 December 2014

The Broken Heart – A Musical Evening (10 Jan.)

Music composed by Maurizio Schembri
Saturday 10 January 2015 at 1930hrs
Palazzo de La Salle, Valletta
The Official Closing Concert of the 'Neonatal Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (NPICU) Awareness Campaign' under the Distinguished Patronage of H.E. Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca President of Malta.  

The campaign, an initiative by composer Maurizio Schembri and Ms Sharon Deguara Cipriott, Midwife at the Parentcraft Unit at Mater Dei Hospital, aims to create awareness about the invaluable work done by the very professional, caring and dedicated team at the NPICU at Mater Dei Hospital. To bring light upon the struggles and needs of babies in intensive care, the physical and emotional experiences of parents and families whose babies need special care, and to give sufficient knowledge and courage to parents who will be in need of the NPICU service in the future.

The campaign will have its closure with the “The Broken Heart – A Musical Evening”, a Classical/Contemporary Music concert with various works by composer Maurizio Schembri, featuring: Rosabelle Bianchi – Soprano; Christopher Camilleri – Bass Clarinet; Yvette Galea – Piano; Jefferson Borg – Piano; Graziella Vella – Clarinet; Sharon Deguara Cipriott – Piano; Josef Grech – Clarinet; Alex Abela – Violin; Sarah Tanti – Violin; Joseph Mallia – Viola and Gilmour Peplow – Cello.  

The entrance for this concert will be free of charge. Donations in aid of Qalb it-Tfal will be collected.

For further details kindly visit:



17 December 2014

Celebrating 75 Years of Batman (19 Dec.)

Pandora’s Box and Euro Media Forum are celebrating 75 years of Batman on Friday 19 December at 1730hrs at St James Cavalier, Cinema, Valletta.

It was a time primed for super heroes and one city needed a fearless guardian. Born out of the rich and dark atmosphere of pulp fiction, Bob Kane and Bill Finger’s Batman swung onto the comic book pages in 1939 and has since enthralled generations of comic fans, while confronting a barrage of villains, mentoring a series of sidekicks, and saving Gotham City time and time again.   

Hosted by The Joker and Harley Quinn, two of Batman’s most celebrated villains, they will unlock little known nuggets about the Caped Crusader’s origins, exploits and how the Dark knight’s legacy has become immortalised in TV and film.

This will be followed by a Batman quiz where members of the audience will have the opportunity to win prizes. So quiz participants must keep their eyes open on the Dark knight’s clues!  After the talk, there will be a screening of Legends of the Knight. Legends of the Knight is a documentary film that tells the true stories of individuals who are inspired to become real-life heroes because of their childhood love of Batman. Members of the audience will also be treated with a Batman memorabilia exhibition at the cinema. The Batman event is being done in collaboration with Pandora’s Box, Graphic Novels Library Malta, Sci- Fi Con 2015(Malta Comic Expo), Giotto restaurant. For bookings call on 21223200 or visit event will be at an entrance fee of 5 Euro with 3 Euro concessions for students.


12 December 2014


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