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The Bachelor in Dance Studies (Hons) has been designed to appeal to at least two audience typologies.  First, the University of Malta targets matriculated students with a number of years’ experience of practical dance study who wish to pursue a career in Dance as intending performers, choreographers, teachers, dance journalists, managers and administrators in dance schools, therapists, community dance workers, etc. Second, we encourage the development (lifelong learning) of mature students (aged 23+) with a body of practical experience but no theoretical background who wish to learn more about choreography, dance theory, technology and dance, or pedagogy. This three-year programme synthesizes theory and practice in such ways that theory underpins practice and practice illuminates theory.

The programme marks a step towards the formation of a group of Maltese dancers and choreographers who will contribute to the cultivation of Malta’s own community of dance scholars and dance artist practitioners. We also actively encourage students from other European countries. The course is delivered in full-time mode. The Academic staff members are drawn from the UK, , Spain, USA and Malta. The Programme Director is Prof. Joanne Butterworth, formerly of University of Leeds, UK.

The Bachelors in Dance Studies (Honours) offers an integrated learning experience which re-discovers and develops the intimate link between theory and practice. This is achieved through intensive practical workshops, lectures and seminars which are interspersed with student-led and independent work. Study-units are sufficiently flexible to provide choice related to career progression.



Assessment varies between study-units but contains both creative and scholarly achievements through essay, process log, performance, lecture-demonstration, viva, self and peer assessment (students are introduced to these assessment methods) and others. Students receive written feedback per study-unit, and are asked to contribute to programme evaluation.

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The preparatory programme offers an opportunity to intending students with extensive experience in Dance (performing, choreographing and/or teaching) but who are not in possession of a first degree in Dance Studies or a degree in a Performance-related discipline, to deepen their Dance knowledge and skills in order to prepare themselves for the commitment of postgraduate study.

The focus is on Study Skills, with ideas and concepts drawn from Dance Analysis and Dance History to form the fundamental basis of preparatory study. This will lead on to study units which introduce the development of theoretical frameworks informed by critical theory, educational theory, semiotics, anthropology, phenomenology, politics, gender and ethnicity.

The course will be offered on-line from February to June 2014. Students will be expected to commit at least 10 hours weekly to their individual study. A Handbook will be provided containing all the details of the syllabus: Course Information, Course requirements, Grading, Schedule, etc, and receive regular on-line tutorials, regular feedback and individual and group Skype sessions.

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The Master programme offers a unique opportunity to deepen your study of dance choreography, pedagogy and technology. Designed to accommodate the needs of dance artist practitioners working in dance academies, conservatoires, vocational schools and universities, this course integrates theoretical approaches with artistic practices, focusing on the education of concepts, theories and principles in support of creative processes. You will be expected to master the orthodoxies of your discipline and of collaborative approaches where appropriate, but at the same time challenge, through experimentation and risk taking, the established systems and conventions of performance. The transformative possibilities for dance creation that digital performance offers will be investigated and developed through practice.The programme attracts recent graduates and/or experienced practitioners in the Performing Arts and related dance fields who are concerned to further develop their skills and knowledge within an applied and socio-analytic framework. The course is delivered in part-time mode where intensive two-week blocks are interspersed with independent study, supported by a virtual learning environment (VLE). International staff and visiting lecturers are drawn from the UK, USA, Malaysia, Spain and the Netherlands.  The Programme Director is Prof. Jo Butterworth, formerly of the University of Leeds.

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