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21st Century Studies in Performance (P21) pursues its inquiry by means of practical research in the arts in conjunction with the engagement of theoretical perspectives from the expanding field of 21st Century Studies. Accordingly, P21 follows and develops methodologies of imbricated fusions of practice and theory to reflect and illuminate the hybridity of life, performance, and the human condition in the twenty-first century.

P21's focus on the arts includes dance, drama/theatre, music, film, creative writing, photography, design, and visual arts, especially as in/formed by digital and other technologies. '21st Century Studies' refers to a range of emergent and evolving ways of thinking about complex issues in the reconfigured (mediatised and globalised) spaces of the twenty-first century, including performance studies, new materialisms, posthumanism, postphenomenology, postcapitalism, and cognitive studies.

P21 is particularly interested in practices of composition (e.g. training, choreography, devising, rehearsal, installation, curating, writing), with special attention to emergent practices such as improvisation processes, methods, and aesthetics. P21 is also concerned with issues and themes of hybridity in terms of technology, spaces/sites, and fluid identities (e.g. cyborgs, cultures, migrations), as well as mixed and relational performance processes.

P21 is committed to studying the twenty-first century through performance, to seeking new means and new meanings in the dynamic collisions of twenty-first-century practices, technologies, and theories, with the emerging knowledge benefitting all across its transdisciplinary boundaries. 

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SPA launches its new research strategy at the University of Malta Valletta Campus
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