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Theatre Studies Research

B.A. & B.A. (Hons) 

The B.A. and B.A.(Hons) courses extend over a period of three years of full-time study.  Students opting for the B.A. course, with Theatre Studies as a principal component, are expected to have obtained a minimum of 80 credits in that area by the end of the course, of which at least 26 are taken during the first year, 26 during the second year, and 28 during the third year. 

The first year of the B.A.(Hons) course is identical to the first year of the B.A. course.  Then, during the second year, students are expected to obtain a minimum of 46 credits in Theatre Studies and during the third year, a minimum of 60 credits. These 60 credits include 24 credits which are offered as follows: 2 synoptic study-units assigned a total of 12 credits and a dissertation assigned a total of 12 credits.

The Theatre Studies undergraduate programme is aimed at giving students a wide perspective of the histories, theories, and practices related to theatre and performance. The first year of study equips students with foundational knowledge and skills for more in-depth study later in the course, including: historical perspectives of theatre, acting styles and approaches, as well as practical units in performance skills. Years two and three focus on more specialised subjects, including training and composition processes, theories of acting, performance criticism, applied performance, as well as arts and cultural management. In year three of the B.A. Honours course, students are given the opportunity to write a dissertation and research further any area of theatre and performance of their own choice.


Theatre Studies B.A. Programme 2017-2020 

Theatre Studies B.A. (Hons) Programme 2017-2020 

Theatre Studies (Subsidiary) 2017-2020 


Theatre Studies: Text Conventions, Referencing System, and Information Sheet for Dissertations & Theses 


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