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Q1: We would like to participate in this scheme but unfortunately, we are not in a position to remunerate the students. Does this disqualify our company?
 The placements offered through the Student Placements Scheme, and which are advertised on our website are short-term part-time paid work opportunities of not more than 20hrs per week during the academic year.

Placements are to be paced alongside the student's course requirements, and are not to impinge on the student's academic commitments. 

Summer paid work opportunities may also be offered to students and may also be advertised through the Student Placement Scheme. 

Placement opportunities advertised through the Student Placements Scheme are not marked or graded, and are not curriculum based placements. 

Q2: What about the paperwork?
 Visit the Types of Placements page to see what is required for different placements. Templates for all documents can then be found in the Standard Documents section of this site.

Host organisations are encouraged to complete the Work Placement Recognition Form at the end of the student's placement so that our students may request to obtain DegreePlus recognition for their placement. Which means that with the form students may request to get their placement recognised and inserted on their academic transcript as a non-graded and non-marked extracurricular unit. 

Q3: There are student(s) who are absenting themselves from work without valid reasons. What is the correct procedure to deal with them?
In cases such as these, inform the student(s) that they are not meeting their obligations. It is also very important to notify the DegreePlus Office immediately so that we can also take action from our side. You may also consider reducing their remuneration accordingly. Also make sure that this situation is clearly stated in the end of placement report.

Q4: We would like to post a placement but with certain conditions. Is this possible?
You may specify certain conditions when you post a placement, for example, that you prefer final year students or you might not want first year students. However, discrimination on certain bases, eg: gender, nationality, etc. is of course illegal and unacceptable. Also note that by placing such limitations, you are reducing your chances of recruiting a student.

Q5: We would like to submit more than one placement. Is this possible?
Yes. Navigate to the Post Placement page and follow the instructions.

Q6: What is the procedure of the Placement?
The first step is to navigate to this website and post your placement. After your placement is posted, you may be contacted by students. The next step is an evaluation of the applicants where you may decide to  get in contact with the applicants for further information. Once you make the decision on which applicant to appoint, inform him/her and the DegreePlus office. Give the student any instructions which might be required (eg: dress code, driving instructions, etc).

When the placement period is over, you may be requested by the student to present a report detailing the student's achievements and what he/she has learned from the experience. Note that you are not required to countersign this report unless you agree with its contents.

Host organisations are also encouraged to complete the Work Placement Recognition Form  at the end of the student's placement, so that students may proceed to request to obtain DegreePlus recognition for their placement, and have their placement recognised on their academic transcript as a non-graded and non-marked extracurricular unit. 

Q7: We are not satisfied with the performance of the student(s) who are carrying out the placement. What options are available?
It may happen that a particular student might turn out not to be ideal for the placement. If you are not pleased with the student's performance it is suggested that you bring this to the attention of the student. If the performance quality remains poor, inform the DegreePlus Office. At the end of the placement, indicate this in your report.

Q8: In what way will participating in this scheme be of tangible value to me?
By participating in this scheme you, as an employer, will become acquainted with a sample of the working force of the near future and this may also be an excellent way of gaining a better and more informed view of the people who may request employment with you after their graduation. Furthermore, you may make use of the opportunity to build trust and perhaps even negotiate agreements with future employees if you are satisfied with their performance during their placement.

Q9: How shall we deal with problems relating to accidents on work involving students and costs relating to damage caused by students?
Such situations should be considered in the same way as regular employment. We make every effort to remind the students that despite the duration of the work placements, the laws and conditions of work are the same as in regular employment.


Please note that it shall be the responsibility of the student and/or employer to take up a medical insurance policy in order to cover medical and/or other associated expenses that may arise. The University of Malta shall not be held responsible for any claims, demands or actions that may arise out of the negligent acts or omissions of the student and/or employer. This Agreement and the rights and obligations of the Parties shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the Laws of Malta and any dispute regarding this Agreement which shall not be resolved amicably between the Parties shall be referred to arbitration in accordance with the provisions of the Arbitration Act, (Cap. 387, Laws of Malta).


Work Placement Scheme
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Last Updated: 26 November 2020

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