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All public and private companies, government departments and NGOs are normally eligible to participate in the placement scheme.

​​The UM retains the right to refuse posts sent by prospective employers without the obligation to state a reason for refusal. Postings are at the full discretion of the University and decisions are final.

The University does not carry out due diligence processes on the prospective employers and it does not give warranties of any nature whatsoever in connection with the employers including but not limited to the integrity, credibility, licensability, assistance and advice. The University is in no manner responsible for the employers' performance.

Designing a placement

It is important that a placement adds value to your organisation and to the student's development. Here are a few things to think about before offering a placement:

  • Where will you accommodate the student? Is there space, a computer, etc?
  • What academic background do you think the student should have? Do not narrow this too much, you may want an engineer to work on product costing or a marketeer in HR.
  • Who will mentor/manage the student?
  • What will the student do, specifically? What would you like the outcome of the placement to be?
  • Do you have anything in mind beyond the placement?
  • Will the student be required to undertake special training programs, performance reviews? We recommend a mid-placement and an end-of-placement review
  • Remuneration

While you should be happy with the student's contribution to your organisation, they should also be happy with the placement and the organisation. A happy student will spread the word about their positive experience, which will reflect positively on your organisation.

Selecting a candidate

Host organisations have two options for selecting a candidate, when posting a placement:

  • Best candidate: Each interested student shall submit the required information to the host organisation. The host organisation shall then select who, in their view, is the best candidate. Interviews may be held if required. When the placement is filled, the Host Organisation must notify the University and the placement will be "taken offline".
  • First-come-first-served basis: Each interested student shall submit the required information to the University. The University shall then inform the Host Organisation of the first applicant and the Host Organisation shall approve the candidate, at their  discretion. Once approved the University will take the placement offline.

Next Steps

You should also read through the Placement page, the FAQs and other useful information which has been provided. If we missed anything, or you need any further information contact us

You are now ready to post a placement on our online form! Once you post the placement it will be approved by the University and then made visible on the website.

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Last Updated: 28 June 2018

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