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Preparing for the placement

We have outlined the importance of students obtaining a work permit, however, it is up to the host organisation to ensure that any employment type engagements abide by local regulations.

Upon confirming acceptance of a student for a placement, certain documentation must be put in place, depending on the type of placement being offered. Click here to find out what needs to be put in place for your placement. Standard documents have been made available to facilitate this process for the company.

Before the placement starts, you should ensure that you have discussed the following with the student:

  • the start and end dates of the placement
  • the normal working hours of the host organisation and the hours that the student will be expected to be there
  • the dress code and whether any special safety gear is needed
  • the address of the host organisation and possibly advise on how to get there
  • the name and contact details of key persons and/or their mentor
  • whether there is a canteen or whether the student is expected to take lunch.

During the placement

Ensure to have a space and the necessary resources required for the placement available to the student as early as possible.

The mentor or manager should aim to meet the student as early as possible during the placement. It is important that you discuss what will happen throughout the placement and that expectations on both sides are understood.

In case of any issues during the placement feel free to contact us.

After the placement

Upon completion of the placement, the student may opt to complete a Work Placement Recognition Form  in order to obtain DegreePlus recognition.

Host organisations are encouraged to inform students to fill in the Work Placement Recognition Form which students are to hand in at the DegreePlus Office.

Failure to submit the Work Placement Recognition Form will mean that the student will not be able to get recognition for the placement on their transcript.

Placements through the DegreePlus scheme are not ECTS based. 

We would appreciate it if you could leave a testimonial of your experience of the placement scheme. This will appear on our website and will help us improve the scheme, encouraging others to benefit from it. 

Work Placement Scheme
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Last Updated: 7 February 2019

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