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The Placement

Placement Title *
Enter a brief, informative and attractive title.

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For information on different placements visit Types of Placement

Placement Description *
Please indicate the role and/or duties that will be assigned to the successful student.
For more information visit The Placement

Skills Gained and Learning Opportunities *
Please list skills gained and learning opportunities to be gained by the student. These could include language skills, IT skills, communication skills etc.

Total Number of Hours *
Please indicate the number of hours the successful applicant will be expected to work throughout the entire placement. An estimation is enough at this stage, you may then negotiate the exact number of hours with the successful student. You may elaborate and describe the number of hours per day or per week.

Period of Placement
Choose the ideal start date and end date of the placement. You may leave these fields empty if you wish it to be marked as "open".


Please indicate the remuneration in Euros. You may elaborate and describe the remuneration in terms of rates per hour or per week.
For information on different placements visit Types of Placement

The Student

Requirements *
Please indicate what you require of the candidate. This section should include requirements that are compulsory for the placement such as skills, courses being followed, qualifications, languages spoken etc.

Other Qualities
Please include other skills, qualifications, experiences etc. which are not necessary, but would be ideal.

Selection of Candidate *
Please choose how you wish to select the candidate. For more information visit How to Post.

The Host Organisation

Host Organisation Name *
Please type the name of the Host Organisation offering the placement.

Host Organisation Description *
Give a brief overview of what your organisation does. If you have a website you can simply include your web address.

Host Organisation Address *
Please type the address of the venue where the successful student will report for the first day of the placement.

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Work Placement Scheme
Check out new work placements available to students on the Placement Opportunities page.
Last Updated: 3 December 2018

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