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Q.1: I am interested in joining the scheme. What are the requirements?
A.1: Every registered University of Malta student who has a right to work in Malta will be eligible to apply for these placements. In general, students tend to do placements after 2nd and 3rd year, however, each placement has its own specific requirements. In the event that a student withdraws or fails from the course, they may not be able to receive recognition for their placement. However, they may still request a reference letter from the host organisation.

Q.2: I am a foreign student. Is it possible for me to participate in the scheme?
A.2: Yes. In order for things to proceed smoothly, please make sure that you are in possession of a valid work permit (which allows you to work in the Republic of Malta).

Q.3: Why do different placements offer different remuneration rates?
A.3: It is up to host organisation to decide on the remuneration. It is possible that particular placements will not offer remuneration, but you should remember that in some cases, the experience gained is better than a few extra Euros in your pocket. Never underestimate the value of work experience! However, it is important that you understand that remuneration below the rate of minimum wage is not considered employment and therefore, your rights and obligations, as well as those of the host organisation may differ too. Visit the Types of Placements page for more information.

Q.4: What is the process of applying for a placement?
A.4: The first step is to browse the available placements. You may then apply for those placements that you are qualified for and find interesting. Once your application is processed by the host organisation, you will be contacted by the host organisation. For more information, visit the How to Apply page.

Q.5: Is there a deadline for applying for a placement?
A.5: Most placements will have a start date, this information will be stated as part of the placement information. It is the hosting organisation that carries out the recruiting process, in some cases the selection process may start prior to the start date of the internship. 

Q.6. What happens after the closing date of the application? How will my application be assessed to decide whether I should be given the placement?
A.6: Your application will be processed directly by the host organisation you submitted your placement application to. In such cases, it is up to them to select the applicants and to make sure that the qualifications and experience you possess are sufficient. The host organisation may also request to meet with you. In some cases, the host organisation may not assess the applications and may just offer the placement on a first-come-first-served basis.

Q.7: How will I know whether I have been selected?
A.7: Host organisations will normally contact the successful applicants directly. If the student accepts the placement, the selection process is considered complete.

Q.8: What happens after I have been selected?
A.8: You will be contacted by the host organisation representative informing you whether your application was successful or not. If your endeavour in applying was successful, you will normally also be given instructions by the host organisation in order to start your employment. You should also read the Placement page that provides more details of what to do before, during and after the placement.

Q.9: I would like to work with an organisation which is not listed on the website. Is this possible?
A.9: Students may also arrange their own work placement directly with industry and request to have a placement recognised through the DegreePlus Programme. 

Q.10: What happens if I am unable to go to work?
A.10: All absences must be agreed with the host organisation. If there is a medical reason for this, you are required to present a medical certificate to the host organisation.

Q.11: I am interested in joining this scheme but during the summer months I will be spending some days abroad or be involved in activities which will not allow me to be available throughout the whole summer break. Does this mean that I cannot take part in the scheme?
A.11: It is possible to take part in the scheme as long as you are able to commit yourself to the hours agreed with the host organisation. It is recommended that in the event that you have any doubts regarding your availability during the summer period, you should discuss this with the host organisation before accepting the placement.

Q.12: How do I get recognition for my placement? What will appear on my transcript?
A.12: Based on number of hours in the placement and a positive report from host organisation you will be able to obtain recognition for your placement. In order for the Placement Committee to show this achievement on your transcript, you must ensure that the host organisation has submitted your Work Placement Recognition Form and that you have paid the €5 registration fee, as per the Placement page.

Q.13: My course requires me to conduct work-related activities at a workplace (eg: hospital in the case of Medicine and IHC students, schools in the case of Education students, etc.). Is it possible to get recognition for these activities?
A.13: No. The activities mentioned in the question are actually part of the course content and students get ECTS credits for them. In a sense, these activities are more of an opportunity for course examiners to gauge the practical knowledge of students taking these courses rather than real work for the students. Please note that DegreePlus units do not have an ECTS credit value. Also note that it is possible that departments or entities within the University may post placements which of course would fit in perfectly within the scheme.


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Work Placement Scheme
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Last Updated: 28 June 2018

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