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Discovering nature and promoting its conseration

Placement Type: Internship (200-300hrs)

Placement Description:

This placement allows students to join in ongoing voluntary research and awareness campaigns related to Maltese species and habitats found on and around the Maltese Islands. Particular species considered vulnerable such as hedgehogs and bats are among the terrestrial species to be investigated and promoted while sharks, turtles, dolphins and coastal fish including seahorses would be among the marine species investigated and promoted in various educational programs .

Skills Gained and Learning Opportunities:

Skills relating to both research tools and methods, that may be used to investigate the presence or absence of these species in typical habitats and investigating human activities and perceptions leading to populations declines of these species, would be part of the skills developed. Use of computers to organize data and prepare educational information would also feature as skills that would be developed. Use of cameras to take photos and video cameras to take footage in preparation for photographic exhibitions and educational documentaries.

Total Number of Hours: about 20 to 25 hours per week for 10 to 12 weeks

Period of Placement: (If Start Date/End Date are blank, the Placement is "open")

Start Date: 07-07-2014
End Date:

Remuneration: N/A as this is a voluntary internship


Students would need to have good english language skills in both spoken and written language.

Other Qualities:

Students would need to have a keen interest in learning and working on either terrestrial or marine habitats in the field but also complement this work with preparing educational tools for local awareness in schools and with the public.

Host Organisation Name: The Biological Conservation Research Foundation, BICREF

Host Organisation Description:

BICREF is an environmental non-profit NGO that has been working to promote research and awareness of local biodiversity for effective conservation. visit:

Host Organisation Address:

BICREF, PO BOX 30, Hamrun

Name of Contact Person at Host Organisation: Dr. Adriana Vella

Phone Number: 99429592

Selection of Candidate: Best candidate

When you click on APPLY for this placement you will be directed to an email message which you may edit as your cover letter. Before sending the email, do not forget to go through the following checklist:

  1. Edit the email as your covering letter or attach your covering letter
  2. Attach your CV
  3. Ensure that the email is sent directly to the email of the ‘Host Organisation Contact Person’
  4. Keep the DegreePlus Office in copy ( in the application email, and
  5. You are also to keep the DegreePlus Office informed of any positive feedback received from the Host Organisation.


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