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Web and Application developper

Placement Type: Internships Abroad

Placement Description:

ESQ CERT Ltd is searching for Web and Application Developers to build and maintain website and application for our activity. Interns will work to create and maintain applications and websites. Specific responsibilities include creating and customizing applications and websites based on web programs including (but not limited to), XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, HTML5, RSS, basic PHP programming, and other programs involved with web design and development. Familiarity with principles of design, basic graphic design skills, and knowledge of social network management will be preferable assets for this position.

Skills Gained and Learning Opportunities:

Intern will learn how to proficiently develop a skill set in web design using computer programming (coding), developing, prototyping, and designing software(s), enabling her/him to become more efficient with overall web development.

Total Number of Hours: Approximately 25-40 hours per week during a 3-month period

Period of Placement: (If Start Date/End Date are blank, the Placement is "open")

Start Date:
End Date:

Remuneration: Unpaid placement with an eventual possibility of a paid interniship


Proficiency in XHTML, PHP, CSS, JavaScript -Proficiency in theme development including PHP, CSS, HTML and Javascript coding standards -Knowledge/skill in social-network for supporting theme customizations -Familiarity with Wordpress_Joomla plugin development -Familiarity with code version control -Ability to deal with multiple tasks effectively and efficiently - Ability to think and work in creative ways -A desire to achieve -Passion to succeed in obtaining of yours goals

Other Qualities:

Host Organisation Name: ESQ CERT Ltd

Host Organisation Description:

Host Organisation Address:

4 Suite, 3 - Old Mint Street 115B - VLT 165151 Valletta - Malta

Name of Contact Person at Host Organisation: Elisa Schena

Phone Number: +356 2015 7810

Selection of Candidate: Best candidate

When you click on APPLY for this placement you will be directed to an email message which you may edit as your cover letter. Before sending the email, do not forget to go through the following checklist:

  1. Edit the email as your covering letter or attach your covering letter
  2. Attach your CV
  3. Ensure that the email is sent directly to the email of the ‘Host Organisation Contact Person’
  4. Keep the DegreePlus Office in copy ( in the application email, and
  5. You are also to keep the DegreePlus Office informed of any positive feedback received from the Host Organisation.


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