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Understand the Labour Market through Social Dialogue

Placement Type: Internship (100-200hrs)

Placement Description:

The Student will be involved in the day to day industrial relations matters of the hosting company; in particular the candidate will support the Secretary (Head of Section) of the assigned Section of the in dealing with mediation and negotiations between employees and employers alike. S/he will help in administrative duties and establish healthy working partnerships and promote synergies between social partners, the government and the members.

Skills Gained and Learning Opportunities:

The learner will be able to: a) communicate the knowledge gained through their improved and enhanced leadership skills and their team work relations with other workers; b) comment and engage in professional discussions concerning social dialogue and industrial relations; c) listen and communicate effectively in the particular working and social environment; d) communicate sound arguments/cases through sound listening skills.

Total Number of Hours: 120

Period of Placement: (If Start Date/End Date are blank, the Placement is "open")

Start Date:
End Date:

Remuneration: 0


Preferably the ideal candidate should be attending courses either in Human Resources, Career Guidance, Gender and Development, Industrial Relations, Organisational Restructuring, Working Conditions or Equality and Social Inclusion. Excellent level of written and spoken English and preferably a solid understanding of Maltese.

Other Qualities:

The person required needs to have excellent communication skills and the ability to deal with stress under stressful circumstances.

Host Organisation Name: General Workers' Union

Host Organisation Description:

The General Workers’ Union of Malta (GWU) aims is to ensure acceptable living and working conditions for its members, which also reflects the ongoing progress in our society. The GWU promotes and safeguards its members rights according to the charter of workers’ rights and ensures the following : 1. Social justice and equal opportunities for everyone, so they may to a decent life; 2. Work for everyone with the opportunity to choose the work that best suites the individual without being hindered by any type of discrimination; 3. Work security and decent income; 4. Health and Safety at work; 5. Safeguarding and representing workers rights.

Host Organisation Address:

Workers' Memorial Building, South Street, Valletta, VLT 1103

Name of Contact Person at Host Organisation: Kendrick Bondin

Phone Number: 25679296

Selection of Candidate: Best candidate

When you click on APPLY for this placement you will be directed to an email message which you may edit as your cover letter. Before sending the email, do not forget to go through the following checklist:

  1. Edit the email as your covering letter or attach your covering letter
  2. Attach your CV
  3. Ensure that the email is sent directly to the email of the ‘Host Organisation Contact Person’
  4. Keep the DegreePlus Office in copy ( in the application email, and
  5. You are also to keep the DegreePlus Office informed of any positive feedback received from the Host Organisation.


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