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Transport Planner Temporary Placement/s

Placement Type: Paid Internship (400-500hrs)

Placement Description:

The chosen candidate/s will be working under the guidance of a team of full time transport planners. The main functions of a transport planner within TM are to coordinate TM response to consultations regarding Transport Planning such as PA/ERA consultations, traffic impact statements, planning control applications (especially road alignment widths); to maintain and update the National Transport Model and to coordinate transport data collection and analysis. The candidate/s may consider this post as an opportunity to experience at first hand the duties of a transport planner with TM. This placement is not considered as a formal employment but any experience gained will be given due merit should there be a call for a more permanent position within TM.

Skills Gained and Learning Opportunities:

Hands-on Experience in a real work place environment Working in a team on national projects Contributing to all the studies required for the Application for Funding for national projects

Total Number of Hours: To be confirmed

Period of Placement: (If Start Date/End Date are blank, the Placement is "open")

Start Date: 02-2017
End Date:



The ideal candidate/s should come from a geography/architecture background. Preference will be given to students of the Faculty of Built Environment or Geography or architecture related background or with an interest in transport planning. Given the nature of the work, the candidates are expected to have a minimum of Grade 5 in Maltese at SEC level or equivalent.

Other Qualities:

Good interpersonal and communication skills Willing to learn Be able to work on her/his own steam Must have a good level of mathematical literacy

Host Organisation Name: Transport Malta

Host Organisation Description:

Host Organisation Address:

Malta Transport Centre Xatt l-Għassara tal-Għeneb Marsa, MRS 1917 Malta

Name of Contact Person at Host Organisation: Bernard Farrugia

Phone Number: 22914535

Selection of Candidate: Best candidate

When you click on APPLY for this placement you will be directed to an email message which you may edit as your cover letter. Before sending the email, do not forget to go through the following checklist:

  1. Edit the email as your covering letter or attach your covering letter
  2. Attach your CV
  3. Ensure that the email is sent directly to the email of the ‘Host Organisation Contact Person’
  4. Keep the DegreePlus Office in copy ( in the application email, and
  5. You are also to keep the DegreePlus Office informed of any positive feedback received from the Host Organisation.


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