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Voluntary telephone survey interviewer on chronic pain for patient support group

Placement Type: Internship (100-200hrs)

Placement Description:

The No Pain Foundation is launching a large-scale study on chronic pain. The Ministry for Health and the Directorate for Health Information and Research (DHIR) are supporting the No Pain Foundation on this research. The research will be studying the prevalence and treatment of chronic pain in Malta, together with its impact on social and daily life. The aim of No Pain Foundation’s research is to obtain data regarding the prevalence of persons who suffer from chronic pain, how this pain is affecting their daily life, and whether the pain is being adequately treated. The survey tool has been adapted from that applied in other countries for similar studies. It will be conducted on the phone to a national representative sample population of around 4000 individuals. We are seeking to recruit 40 interviewers who will then be asked to fit into a roster which will cover from morning to evening and some weekends. Fieldwork will be conducted from the premises of the Directorate for Health Information & Research at 95 Gwardamangia Hill, Gwardamangia. Each interested applicant is requested to send in an updated curriculum vitae. Experience of such studies is considered an asset. Each chosen applicant is expected to attend two 2-hour training sessions before starting fieldwork. Cross-checking will be carried out on a percentage of successful survey respondents to ascertain that interviewing standards are being maintained. Any interviewer found to be in breach of instructions provided during training will be asked to terminate his/her participation. The No Pain Foundation/DHIR's decision is final in this regard. The study has also been reviewed by the Health Ethics Committee of the Ministry for Health and is now ready to start in September.

Skills Gained and Learning Opportunities:

This is a golden opportunity for those students who wish to gain first hand experience of telephone surveys and the conduct of fieldwork in the Maltese context. The DHIR has a long experience in conducting epidemiological research of this kind and you would be training in one of the most experienced local entities in this sector. It is also an opportunity to interact closely with members of the public from all walks of life and all kinds of personalities.

Total Number of Hours: Max 100 hours

Period of Placement: (If Start Date/End Date are blank, the Placement is "open")

Start Date: 01-09-2017
End Date: 01-12-2017

Remuneration: No remuneration offered.


Students must be starting their second year or higher in Oct 2017. Interviewers need to be fluent in both Maltese and English.

Other Qualities:

Candidates studying for a health profession, psychology, or social science degree are the most adequate. Mature, empathic, pragmatic type of persons that can attract the trust of the interviewee will be given preference.

Host Organisation Name: No Pain Foundation

Host Organisation Description:

Host Organisation Address:

Directorate for Health Information & Research 95 G'Mangia Hill G'Mangia

Name of Contact Person at Host Organisation: Dr Neville Calleja, Director/Ms Audrey Galea, Principal

Phone Number: +356-25599000

Selection of Candidate: Best candidate

When you click on APPLY for this placement you will be directed to an email message which you may edit as your cover letter. Before sending the email, do not forget to go through the following checklist:

  1. Edit the email as your covering letter or attach your covering letter
  2. Attach your CV
  3. Ensure that the email is sent directly to the email of the ‘Host Organisation Contact Person’
  4. Keep the DegreePlus Office in copy ( in the application email, and
  5. You are also to keep the DegreePlus Office informed of any positive feedback received from the Host Organisation.


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