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Course programmes and study-units with a maritime context delivered by the University of Malta




Faculty of Arts

Department of Classics & Archaeology 

M.A. in Global Maritime Archaeology

Department of Geography

Undergraduate Study-units in B.A.(Hons) in Geography

  • GEO2020 Coastal Processes and Landforms
  • GEO3001 Coastal and Marine Management 


Faculty of Engineering 

Postgraduate Study-Units in M.Sc. in Maritime Engineering (Part-time (Evening))

  • ENR5016 Engineering Management 1
  • ENR5017 Maritime resistance Characterisation and Propulsion Systems 
  • ENR5018 Health and Safety, Risk Assessment and Accidents 
  • ENR5019 Project in Maritime Engineering 

Department of Mechanical Engineering 

Undergraduate Study-units in B.Eng.(Hons) in Mechanical Engineering

  • MEC3010 Naval Architecture
  • MEC4016 Maritime Hydrodynamics, Manoeuvrability and Interaction
  • MEC4017 Maritime Resistance and Propulsion
  • MEC4018 Ship Structures

Postgraduate Study-Units in M.Sc. in Maritime Engineering (Part-time (Evening))

  • MEC5010 Fundamentals of Ship Science
  • MEC5011 Structural Mechanics for Maritime Applications 
  • MEC5012 Maritime Safety and the Environment 
  • MEC5013 Manoeuverability Modelling Techniques
  • MEC5014 Condition Monitoring and Systems
  • MEC5015 Offshore Renewables and Water Treatment 

Department of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering

Postgraduate Study-Units in M.Sc. in Maritime Engineering (Part-time (Evening))

  • MME5020 Materials for the Maritime Environment 

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Faculty of Laws 

Department of Commercial Law

  • CML1000 Law of Commercial Procedure: Company, Shipping, Aviation and Intellectual Property Procedure 

Undergraduate Study-units in Bachelor of Laws (Hons) LL.B. (Hons)

  • CML4012 International Sale, Documentary Credits and Carriage of Goods 
Undergraduate Study-unit in Bachelor of Laws (Hons) LL.B. (Hons).
  • CML4016 Admiralty Jurisdication and Salvage, Towage, Pilotage and Collision 

Postgraduate Study-unit in Master of Advocacy M.Adv.

  • CML5000 Asset Finance Law (Ships and Aircraft) 

Postgraduate Study-unit in M.Sc. in Maritime Engineering (Part-time (Evening))

  • CML5043 Maritime Law for Engineers 

 Department of International Law:

Undergraduate Study-units in Bachelor of Laws (Hons) LL.B. (Hons)

  • INL3000 Selected Topics in International law 
  • INL4003 Selected Topics in the Law of the Sea
  • INL4001 Global Maritime Security and International Law 
Postgraduate Study-unit in Master of Advocacy M.Adv.
  •  INL5007 International Migration Law
Postgraduate Study Units in M.A. Ocean Governance 
  • INL5014 International Law of the Sea
  • INL5011 Contemporary Threats to Maritime Security
  • INL5013 The Human Element of Maritime Crime: Migrant Smuggling, Human Trafficking and Stowaways

Faculty of Science

Department of Biology 

Undergraduate Study-units in the Modular Undergraduate Course

  • BIO1100 An Introduction to Marine Biology
  • BIO1061 Mediterranean Marine Environment 
  • BIO1200 Topics in Marine Biology
  • BIO1300 An Introduction to Fisheries and Aquaculture

Undergraduate Study-units in B.Sc. (Hons) in BiologyBiology and Chemistry 

  • BIO3100 Marine Biology
  • BIO3060 Field Biology - Coastal and Marine Habitats
  • BIO3080 Introduction to Agriculture, Aquaculture, Fisheries and other Biological Resources
Short Course for graduates
  • BIO5000 The Mediterranean Coast.  Threats & Opportunities

Postgraduate Study Units in M.A. Ocean Governance 

  • BIO5003 The Marine Environment: Biological Patterns, Processes and Resources

M.Sc. in Applied Biology, (Full-timePart-time (Evening))

Department of Geosciences

  • GSC5101 Global Ocean Governance Framework and Managing our Relations with the Oceans
  • GSC5102 Managing Marine Space and its Potential as an Economic Resource - Project Study
  • GSC5103 Multilateral Diplomacy and International Rule-making and Regional Sea Governance Policy Simulation Exercise

Postgraduate Study Units in M.Sc. Petroleum Studies

Postgraduate Study Units in M.Sc. Maritime Engineering 

  • GSC5100 Oceanography for Engineers 

Postgraduate Study Units in M.Sc. Applied Oceanography

  •  OMS5001 Scientific Baseline of Oceanography

Department of Physics 

Undergraduate Study-units in the Modular Undergraduate Course in:

B.Sc. (Hons) in Physics (Joint Area) / Biology and Physics / Chemistry and PhysicsMaths and Physics

  • PHY1203 Introduction to Physical Oceanography 1 
  • PHY3212 Science of the Ocean Floor
  • PHY3217 Acoustic Remote Sensing and its Application in Marine Science 

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Institute for Sustainable Energy

Undergraduate Study-unit

  • ISE1002 A Non-Technical Introduction to Renewable Energy 

Undergraduate Study-unit in B.Sc. (Hons) in Earth Systems 

  • ISE2106 Energy Resources: Key Concepts and Case Studies
Postgraduate Study Units in M.Sc. in Sustainable Energy (Full-time (by research)Full-time, Part-time (by research)Part-time (Evening)
  • ISE5101 Introduction to Sustainable Energy
Postgraduate Study Units in M.Sc. in Sustainable Energy (Full-timePart-time (Evening)
  • ISE5103 Renewable Energy Resources
  • ISE5209 Introduction to Renewable Energy Technologies

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Last Updated: 13 January 2019

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