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Course programmes and study-units with a maritime context delivered by the University of Malta




Faculty of Arts

Department of Classics & Archaeology 

M.A. in Global Maritime Archaeology

Department of Geography

Undergraduate Study-units in B.A.(Hons) in Geography

  • GEO2020 Coastal Processes and Landforms
  • GEO3001 Coastal and Marine Management 


Faculty of Engineering 

Postgraduate Study-Units in M.Sc. in Maritime Engineering (Part-time (Evening))

  • ENR5016 Engineering Management 1
  • ENR5017 Maritime resistance Characterisation and Propulsion Systems 
  • ENR5018 Health and Safety, Risk Assessment and Accidents 
  • ENR5019 Project in Maritime Engineering 

Department of Mechanical Engineering 

Undergraduate Study-units in B.Eng.(Hons) in Mechanical Engineering

  • MEC3010 Naval Architecture
  • MEC4016 Maritime Hydrodynamics, Manoeuvrability and Interaction
  • MEC4017 Maritime Resistance and Propulsion
  • MEC4018 Ship Structures

Postgraduate Study-Units in M.Sc. in Maritime Engineering (Part-time (Evening))

  • MEC5010 Fundamentals of Ship Science
  • MEC5011 Structural Mechanics for Maritime Applications 
  • MEC5012 Maritime Safety and the Environment 
  • MEC5013 Manoeuverability Modelling Techniques
  • MEC5014 Condition Monitoring and Systems
  • MEC5015 Offshore Renewables and Water Treatment 

Postgraduate Study Units in M.Sc. in Sustainable Energy (Full-timePart-time (Evening))

  • MEC5200 Renewable Energy Technologies - Mechanical and Civil

Department of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering

Postgraduate Study-Units in M.Sc. in Maritime Engineering (Part-time (Evening))

  • MME5020 Materials for the Maritime Environment 

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Faculty of Laws 

Department of Commercial Law

Undergraduate Study-units in Bachelor of Laws (Hons) LL.B. (Hons)

  • CML4012 International Sale, Documentary Credits and Carriage of Goods 

Undergraduate Study-unit in Bachelor of Laws (Hons) LL.B. (Hons)Doctor of Laws LL.D.
  • CML4016 Admiralty Jurisdication and Salvage, Towage, Pilotage and Collision 

Postgraduate Study-unit in Master of Advocacy M.Adv., Doctor of Laws LL.D.

  • CML5000 Asset Finance Law (Ships and Aircraft) 

Postgraduate Study-unit in M.Sc. in Maritime Engineering (Part-time (Evening))

  • CML5043 Maritime Law for Engineers 

Faculty of Science

Department of Biology 

Undergraduate Study-units in the Modular Undergraduate Course

  • BIO1100 An Introduction to Marine Biology
  • BIO1061 Mediterranean Marine Environment 
  • BIO1200 Topics in Marine Biology
  • BIO1300 An Introduction to Fisheries and Aquaculture

Undergraduate Study-units in B.Sc. (Hons) in BiologyBiology and Chemistry 

  • BIO3100 Marine Biology
  • BIO3060 Field Biology - Coastal and Marine Habitats
  • BIO3080 Introduction to Agriculture, Aquaculture, Fisheries and other Biological Resources
Short Course for graduates
  • BIO5000 The Mediterranean Coast.  Threats & Opportunities

Postgraduate Study Units in M.A. Ocean Governance (M.A. Ocean Gov.(Melit.))

  • BIO5003 The Marine Environment: Biological Patterns, Processes and Resources

M.Sc. in Applied Biology, to start in October 2017

Department of Geosciences

Postgraduate Study Units in M.Sc. Petroleum Studies

Postgraduate Study Units in M.Sc. Maritime Engineering 

  • GSC5100 Oceanography for Engineers 

Postgraduate Study Units in M.Sc. Applied Oceanography

  •  OMS5001 Scientific Baseline of Oceanography

Department of Physics 

Undergraduate Study-units in the Modular Undergraduate Course in:

B.Sc. (Hons) in Physics (Joint Area) / Biology and Physics / Chemistry and Physics / Maths and Physics 

  • PHY1203 Introduction to Physical Oceanography 1 
  • PHY3212 Science of the Ocean Floor
  • PHY3217 Acoustic Remote Sensing and its Application in Marine Science 

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Institute for Sustainable Energy

Undergraduate Study-unit

  • ISE1002 A Non-Technical Introduction to Renewable Energy 

Undergraduate Study-unit in B.Sc. (Hons) in Earth Systems 

  • ISE2106 Energy Resources: Key Concepts and Case Studies
Postgraduate Study Units in M.Sc. in Sustainable Energy (Full-time (by research), Full-time, Part-time (by research), Part-time (Evening))

  • ISE5101 Introduction to Sustainable Energy

Postgraduate Study Units in M.Sc. in Sustainable Energy (Full-timePart-time (Evening))

  • ISE5103 Renewable Energy Resources
  • ISE5209 Introduction to Renewable Energy Technologies

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Last Updated: 6 April 2017

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