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M.Sc. in Maritime Engineering
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 M.Sc. in Maritime Engineering 

The programme allows the students to build on and integrate prior knowledge and understanding of their engineering and science discipline at an advanced level to solve a substantial range of practical engineering problems, through individual or group case studies or projects with a specific direction towards the maritime field of study and industry.  The programme covers a wide range of engineering disciplines, from ship fundamentals, resistance and propulsion and their systems, hydrodynamics, computational fluid dynamics, oceanography, materials for the marine environment, maritime structures, renewable energy generation and water treatment.  Furthermore, essential topics covering economic, legal, social, ethical, managerial and environmental issues are delivered.

The course is delivered on a part-time basis, spread over six consecutive semesters (October to January and February to June) and is structured and ideal for new graduates and persons who are already in full-time employment, working with or external to the maritime industry.

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Last Updated: 17 October 2017

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