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Project Leader: Prof Matthew Montebello

  • Marine Navigational Lights Recognition (2009)

This project was developed and fully tested by an undergraduate student Peter Borg who took advantage of intelligent image processing algorithms to analyse and resolve the different navigational lights employed worldwide. The PC-based system employed HD cameras to detect and recognise various navigational light scenarios involving combinations of vessels and buoys.


Marine Navigational Lights Recognition 

  • Automated Yacht Mooring (2009)
Another project by an undergraduate student Zak Borg who built a prototype system and physically tested the successful automated mooring of a boat by employing a mixture of sensors, image processing, fuzzy logic controllers and path planning algorithms. The project was split into three stages with the building of a model hull with specific technologies integrated taking up the first part. The second stage dealt with all the software components required to capture the required data, analyse it, and produce the required output. Finally the output from the software was actuated using electrical, mechanical and additional software components to successfully moor the boat without any intervention from the user.

  • Autonomous Ships (2017)

This project started in 2017 and is still in its initial stages. Work within the area of ambient intelligence was initially directed towards intelligent homes but the same concepts have been transferred to any environment particularly those that are finitely contained like cars, planes, trains and eventually ships. Intelligent ships can be either controlled remotely taking advantage of a globally connected world, or autonomously independent reacting to the physical surroundings, weather and other constraints in real time.  Anyone who would like to collaborate on this initiative is more than welcome to join.

Autonomous Ships 

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Launch of MarSA and Maritime Platform
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