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FLASC - Integrated Offshore Energy Storage


FLASC is a hydro-pneumatic energy storage system that integrates into an offshore floating platform. It has a unique design with a high efficiency and a fixed operating pressure, independent of the state-of-charge.

The technology eliminates problems related to renewable energy intermittency: it takes a fluctuating and unpredictable energy source and converts it into a smooth and predictable supply. Any application that requires the integration of multi-megawatt offshore renewables would benefit, this could be grid-connected or an off-grid offshore system. FLASC stores energy as pressurised, cold, deep seawater. It can therefore also be integrated into large-scale cooling processes offshore.

Prof. Ing. Tonio Sant and his team at the Dept. of Mechanical Engineering are presently working on the design of a scaled prototype to be deployed in Maltese waters. This project is funded by the Malta Council for Science and Technology [R&I-2015-044-T] with support from MedServ plc. and the Institute for Sustainable Energy.

FLASC is patent pending: PCT/IL2016/050100

 FLASC working principle

FLASC Working Principle

 FLASC Prototype

FLASC Prototype 

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Launch of MarSA and Maritime Platform
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