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University Maritime Platform (UMP)


1. The Aims of the University Maritime Platform:

1.1. To facilitate collaboration between University of Malta entities and individual academics interested in maritime issues.

1.2. To synergise, promote and facilitate research, education and training initiatives relating to maritime issues and the industry.

1.3. To seek support and strengthening of relevant initiatives under the University framework and ensure long term sustainability.


2. The Objectives of the University Maritime Platform:

2.1. To act as a point of reference and influence maritime policy with respect to relevant national or international initiatives and programmes related to the Maritime area.

2.2. To collaborate inter alia with local and overseas clusters, centres, programmes, networks and individuals with similar purpose and scope.

2.3. To create and maintain an electronic portal for the publication, discussion and dissemination of knowledge in the Maritime area.

2.4. To investigate all possible sources of funding for research; national, international and relevant EU research programmes and to encourage and promote transdisciplinary project participation to exploit the identified funds.

2.5. To create possibilities for training, work based placement, educational and research scholarships and exchange of expertise.

2.6. To hold meetings, lectures, seminars and conferences in collaboration with industry to present research ideas and work, work in progress and generally promote the sharing and dissemination of knowledge.

2.7. To collate the study units concerning maritime issues available at the University of Malta and influence new study units and programmes that may be offered in both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.

2.8. To represent the University of Malta in its capacity as a corporate member of the Malta Maritime Forum (MMF) and to liaise between the University of Malta and the Malta Maritime Forum (MMF) and its subcommittee of  “Education, Safety & Quality”. 


3. The Structure of the University Maritime Platform

3.1. The UMP is guided and overseen by a Steering Committee composed of a maximum of eleven members as follows: 

a) The Rector or his delegate.

b) The representative of the University on the MMF subcommittee, who shall be an academic member of staff appointed by the Rector. 

c) The Administrative Director of the Corporate Research & Knowledge Transfer Office or his/her representative.

d) At least one, but not more than four, persons external to the University and involved in the Maltese maritime sector.

e) The remaining members shall be academic members of staff of the University with engagements and expertise relevant to the maritime area. 

3.2. The members of the Steering Committee shall select two members from amongst themselves as the Chair and Vice-Chair of the Steering Committee, provided that the Chair and Vice-Chair shall be academic members of staff of the University. A member may occupy the same position within the Steering Committee and one successive term.

3.3. The founding Steering Committee shall be appointed for a period of two years and subsequently selected through election, which will be held every two years during the General Meeting of UMP members, as described in section 7.3.  

3.4. The founding members are: 

  • Prof. Inġ. Saviour Zammit – Rector’s Delegate 
  • Prof. Inġ. Claire De Marco – MMF Representative 
  • Prof. Joseph. A. Borg
  • Prof. Aldo Drago 
  • Dr Timmy Gambin
  • Prof. Luciano Mule` Stagno
  • Dr Inġ. Anton Bartolo – Corporate Research & Knowledge Transfer, Administrative Director
  • Dr Jeannette Axisa – external member, (Transport Malta, Chief Officer – Corporate Services Directorate) or her representative.
  • Franco Schembri – external member, (Head, Malta Marittima) or his representative. 

3.5. The Steering Committee shall meet at least quarterly or more frequently as required, face to face or virtually and shall occasionally invite representatives and experts from the maritime sector.

3.6. The quorum of the meetings of the Steering Committee shall be five members. The committee will regulate its own procedure, provided that every decision of the committee requires the approval of at least five members of the committee.

3.7. If any member of the Steering Committee shall, without leave of the committee, absent himself/herself from more than half the meetings of the Steering Committee held in any period of twelve months, the committee may resolve that his/her office be vacated.

3.8. If at any time, members of the existing Steering Committee cease to be members, leading to a situation of there being fewer than five members on the committee, a General Meeting shall be called within two months to elect new committee members so as to ensure the effective administration in accordance with the structure of the UMP.


4. The Secretariat and Administrator of the University Maritime Platform

4.1. The UMP shall seek to engage an Administrator who shall report to the Chair and Vice-Chair. The Administrator will be the person entrusted to coordinate the day to day activities of the UMP and to take initiative in this regard, in line with the main objectives of the UMP. The Administrator shall attend meetings of the Steering Committee, but shall not have voting privileges. 

4.2. The Chair, Vice-Chair and Administrator form the Secretariat of the UMP. The Secretariat shall be contacted through the chairperson as indicated on the UMP website.  The Secretariat will report to the Steering Committee.

4.3. The founding chair and vice chair are: Prof. Inġ. Claire De Marco and Prof. Aldo Drago respectively. 


5. External Members from the Malta Maritime Industry

5.1. The external members to the University, involved in the Maltese maritime sector, are nominated for a period of two years. The nomination expires at the end of the General Meeting.  Nominations of the external members are as described in section 7.3(d).


6. Membership of the University Maritime Platform

6.1. Membership to UMP is open to academic members of staff with a maritime interest who are willing to contribute towards the objectives of the platform.

6.2. To attain membership, the applicants require the approval of the Steering Committee of UMP, which shall not be unreasonably withheld.


7.   General Meeting of Members of the University Maritime Platform 

7.1. A General Meeting of all members of the UMP shall be held at least once a year in Autumn.  

7.2. During the General Meeting the steering committee will present an administrative report to members and propose the way forward.  Other items on the agenda of the meeting will be proposed by the steering committee or by a group of at least five members.

7.3. The General Meeting will also elect the steering committee of the UMP every two years for a period of two years.  Election of members to the various positions on the UMP shall be made by ballot during this General Meeting.  

a). Any registered member of the UMP may nominate, after obtaining the nominee’s consent, any other academic member for election to the steering committee of the UMP.   All nominations must be made in writing and be received by the Administrator, not less than fourteen days before the date of the General Meeting.  

b). Two scrutineers shall be nominated from the outgoing steering committee to count the votes in the election of the steering committee.  In the case of a tie in electing the academic members, a recasting of the vote for the tied members shall be pursued until the tie is resolved.  The result of the secret ballot shall be announced at the General Meeting.

c). All committee members and other persons retiring at any meeting shall hold office until the conclusion of that meeting.

d). Within one calendar month the subsequent steering committee meeting, following the in-coming committee formation, the steering committee is to discuss the nomination of the external members.  The steering committee shall nominate the same or appoint new members.

7.4. Decisions taken by the General Meeting, except changes to the procedure, will require approval by simple majority of those members present at the General Meeting.  In case of a tie, the chair has one additional casting vote.

7.5. Changes in any procedure will require two-thirds majority of those UMP members present at the general meeting.



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