Outreach and events

ALICE's new automatic luminosity levelling algorithm developed by University of Malta, CERN Courier, November 2016

Pilot project to bring fundamental research closer to schools (HORIZON2020 CREATIONS), November 2016

CERN, ALICE and the Universe, Science in the City, Malta, September 2016 

Interview with UM ALICE team leader, Dr Gianluca Valentino 

ALICE visit to Malta, by Iva Raynova (ALICE Matters, December 2015)

ALICE's Adventures in Switzerland, by Scott Wilcockson (THINK Online, December 2015; ALICE Matters, December 2015)

Collaboration in the ALICE experiment at CERN (Newspoint, November 2015)

Wara l-'Big Bang' (ONE News, November 2015) 

University to join ALICE experiment at CERN (Times of Malta, November 2015)

The ALICE experiment at the Large Hadron Collider (Newspoint, November 2015)

Series of talks for University staff and students by Paolo Giubellino (ALICE spokesperson), Pierre Vande Vyvre (O2 project leader) and Giacinto de Cataldo (HMPID project leader), at the University of Malta's Faculty of ICT (November 2015)

Public talk by Paolo Giubellino at the University of Malta's Valletta Campus (November 2015)

A Special Visit From Malta, by Panos Charitos (ALICE Matters, May 2015)