Genetics Seminars The Continuing Medical Education Programme and the Department of Anatomy are organizing two seminars to be conducted by Professor Giovanni Neri, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuor, Rome where he is Head of Department of Medical Genetics. He is a fellow of the FRAXA Research Foundation and the European Editor of the American Journal of Medical Genetics. The seminars are to be held on Thursday 26th and Friday 27th October 2000 in the Conference Hall, Medical School, G'Mangia. The first is entitled "The genetic bases of mental retardation" and will be at 8.00pm.  The Malta College of Family Doctors will accredit participation.  Refreshments will be served after the talk, courtesy of Technoline Ltd. The second is on "Pharmacological reactivation of the FMR1 gene" and will be at 2.00 pm. Professor Neri's visit has been made possible through the Italo-Maltese Cultural agreement.

All medical students and medical practitioners are cordially invited to attend.

11 October, 2000