‘Customer Care’ for Messengerial Staff

The Human Resources Office organised a training course in ‘Customer Care’ in August 2007. The aim of this course was to aid messengerial staff understand who the clients of the University are and what service is expected by them.

Michelle Vigar and Hilary Caruana, the trainers from Outlook Coop, focused on offering information and tips to help messengers feel more confident in the way they deal with staff and students. The trainers also exposed participants to simple and effective techniques on how to offer excellent customer service. Topics of the training course included; ‘Dealing with Customers by Telephone’, ‘Dealing with Difficult Clients and Complaints’, and ‘Grooming and Personal Appearance’.

The course consisted of four sessions of two hours each and included analysis of short video clips related to the course. Trainees were encouraged to participate in the discussions and group exercises. They were also given the opportunity to provide their general feedback on the course by means of an evaluation form, distributed to them at the end of the last session. All participants were provided with a certificate of attendance at the end of the training course.

Members of staff who attended the course were: Joseph Agius; Mary Grace Agius; Carmel Baldacchino; Paul Bartolo; Francis Borg; Josianne Borg; Mario Borg; Rita Borg; Sandra Borg; Bray Henry; Joanne Camenzuli; Michael Camilleri; Godwin Cassar; Censina Dalli; Adrian Farrugia; Frans Farrugia; Joseph Farrugia; Joseph Fenech; Roseanne Fenech; Raphael Galea; Paul Gatt; M’Lourdes Gauci; John Kind; Josephine Lauro; Carmelo Mamo; Georgina Micallef; Alan Saliba Gauci; David Sammut; Daniel Sciberras; Michael Scicluna; Corinne Seychell; and Joseph Spiteri.

Further information may be obtained by contacting Karen Cacciattolo on ext. 2479 or by sending an email at karen.cacciattolo@um.edu.mt.

Photo Group 1
Group One participants:
(Front row from left to right) Frans Farrugia, Mario Borg, Mary Grace Agius, Joanne Camenzuli, Trainer Michelle Vigar, Josephine Lauro, Joseph Spiteri, Carmel Mamo, John Kind, Daniel Sciberras.
(Second row from left to right) Godwin Cassar, Joseph Fenech, David Sammut, Joseph Agius, Rita Borg, Paul Bartolo.

Photo Group 2
Group Two participants:
(Front row from left to right) Michael Scicluna, Francis Borg, Adrian Farrugia, Alan Saliba Gauci, Michael Camilleri.
(Second row from left to right) Censina Dalli, M’Lourdes Gauci, Josianne Borg, Sandra Borg, Corinne Seychell, Paul Gatt.
(Third row from left to right) Raphael Galea, Joseph Farrugia, Trainer Michelle Vigar, Carmel Baldacchino, Henry Bray, Georgina Micallef.