Large Turn out for International Lifelong Learning Summer Institute There were over 45 participants at the first International Summer Institute on Lifelong Learning organized by the Faculty of Education, University of Malta at the University Residence in Lija, Malta. The Institute was held on 18th and 19th September. While most of the participants were Maltese, including a large number of nurses and other health care professionals, as well as teachers, there were also participants from England, Montenegro, Sweden and the United States.

The key speakers for this summer institute were Professor Peter Jarvis (University of Surrey), Professor Margaret Ledwith (Cumbria University), Professor Peter Mayo (University of Malta and Institute Convenor) and Professor Kenneth Wain (University of Malta). All have published extensively and internationally in the field. Dr Valerie Sollars, Dean of the University of Malta’s Faculty of Education, opened the summer institute which forms part of the Faculty Summer Institutes’ Programme coordinated by Dr Carmel Borg.

The themes discussed by the invited speakers and participants during the plenary sessions and workshops included the following: The meaning of Lifelong Learning in this day and age, Lifelong Learning and Health, Lifelong Learning and Work, Lifelong Learning and Aging, Lifelong Learning and the Community, Lifelong Learning and Women, Lifelong Learning and Migration.

The International Summer Institute on Lifelong Learning was the second activity of this kind organised by the Faculty this summer. In July, an equally successful summer institute on Students at Risk took place and the key speaker was Professor John Portelli from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education University of Toronto, Canada.