Evenings on Campus - Film Noir Dr Salvu Catania, a film expert and lecturer in the Communications Studies chose four films which follow the evolution of film noir starting from the 50’s up to the present day. The films show how film noir pervaded also show Asian film bringing about a change from the martial arts films as we know them.

Film noir is a genre of film that expresses mood. This genre emerged in the darkest moments of history just before during and after World War 2. This left a scar on humanity perpetrating a dark vision of reality, a bleak outlook on life.

What is striking in film noir is the feeling of seeming hoplessness which we live through the eyes of the actors. It is in these moments of darkness, precisely when we touch our nothingness that we can experience an immanent moment of Grace. This happens if we succumb to our fate, if we believe that there is something lying in wait in our nothingness…

“You become something when you realise you are nothing” King Lear

The films being screened are Kiss me Deadly (3rd July), Le Samourai (10th July), The Killer (17th July) and Sonatine (24th July). All films start at 8.30pm

This year’s Evenings on Campus organised by the Koperattiva Kulturali Universitarja and the University of Malta is being held with the collaboration of KSU, BOV and KPMG, who are the main sponsors.

Tickets at Lm2 will be on sale at all Agenda bookshops, from the Euro Institute and at the door.

All events start at 2030hrs and will be held on the University Campus at Atriju Vassalli, (near the fountain). For further details please call on 21 343562 and on 2340 3080, or e-mail eveningsoncampus@um.edu.mt and http://events.um.edu.mt/eveningsoncampus