‘Approaches to Personal Presentation’ for Library Staff The Human Resources Office organised a training course in ‘Approaches to Personal Presentation’ between 18 and 28 June 2007. The aim of this course was to aid library staff who conduct library tours, gain skills in techniques for making presentations in English.

Dr Gorg Mallia, the training course tutor, focused on helping participants develop speech and communication skills for general presentations, as well as the use of presentation media to help get their message across better. Dr Mallia also exposed participants to the basic concepts of personal communications, including public speaking, audience perception, non-verbal language, voice and speech maximisation.

The course consisted of two sessions totalling five hours. During the second session, participants were invited to give a 10-minute presentation on a topic of their choice which was then peer and tutor analysed. They were also given the opportunity to provide their general feedback on the course by means of an evaluation form, distributed to them at the end of the last session.

Members of staff who attended the course were: Maria Abdilla; Anton Abela; Jonathan Attard; Mona Lisa Azzopardi; Mark Camilleri; Edward Camilleri; Carmen Caruana; Chris Cilia; Lorna Grima; Rachel Grixti; Nadia Pirotta; Kristine Saliba; Stefan Sant; Sandra Sciberras; Josette Vassallo; Josianne Vella; Kevin Wain; Max Zammit; and Terrence Zammit.

Further information may be obtained by contacting Karen Cacciattolo on ext. 2479 or by sending an email at karen.cacciattolo@um.edu.mt.

The participants (standing) and (seated from left to right) Ms Joanna Felice, Head of Reader Services; Ms Karen Cacciattolo, Human Resources Office; Dr Gorg Mallia, Training Course Tutor; Mr Anthony Mangion, Director, Library Services; and Mr Kevin J. Ellul, Head of Resources.