Prof. Mayo lectures in Spain and Portugal Professor Peter Mayo from the Faculty of Education, currently on sabbatical leave, returned from an intensive one and a half week period in Seville, Spain where he was invited professor at the University of Seville. During his stay in the Andalucian capital, he delivered seminars to graduate students of the University of Seville’s Adult Education programme at the University of Seville itself and at Villareal de San Antonio in Portugal. The seminars focused on the theme of adult education and social movements. He also shared a platform with Professor Alberto Melo at the University of Algarve in Faro Portugal to deliver a presentation and engage in a public debate on ‘The meaning of radical education today.’ Doctoral students from different universities in Portugal, including those of Lisbon and Porto, were present for the event and engaged with some of the issues raised in the two presentations. Professor Mayo was also one of the three guest speakers at a presentation on citizenship education delivered to students from the School of Social Work at the University of Huelva. His list of activities, ably coordinated by Professor Emilio Lucio from the University of Seville and the Paulo Freire Institute of Spain, included a meeting with social movement educators working in the Seville area and a meeting with participants in a project of oral history and collective memory recuperation concerning the Spanish Civil War and the subsequent Franco years.

This October, Professor Mayo will be delivering, via teleconferencing media, a keynote address at a Spanish-Portuguese Adult Education conference taking place at Villareal de San Antonio.