Dementia Study in the Malta Medical Journal Dementia Study in the Malta Medical Journal

Estimated prevalence of dementia in the Maltese Islands

Stephen Abela, Julian Mamo, Carmelo Aquilina, Charles Scerri

A peer-reviewed study on present and estimated dementia prevalence in the Maltese islands has been published recently. This scientific contribution appeared in the latest edition of the Malta Medical Journal (June 2007). Among the most important findings is the fact that the estimated number of dementia cases in the Maltese islands will increase significantly in the next 25-40 years reaching 2% of the general population by 2050. Due to the nature of the disease, in which areas of the brain involved in cognitive functions become diseased, such an increase will undoubtedly result in huge socio-economic consequences on patients, carers and the health system in general.

The projections contained in this study may be extremely useful to health authorities to plan future policies that best meet this increasing and predictable health need.

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