Solar Water – Heating Technical Guidelines MUS Ltd has teamed up with the Institute for Energy Technology of the University of Malta to launch a new course on solar water heating technologies aimed at system designers and installers, engineers and architects involved in the building services sector, environmental educators and all those interested in solar heating systems.

The objective of this 18 hour programme is to provide interested applicants with the knowledge needed to make optimum use of the sun’s energy for their everyday heating needs and to make an informed choice of any solar system. The course will also highlight the benefits, issues and limitations of solar water heaters in the local context.

Sessions on the solar resource potential in Malta, economic and social benefits of solar water heaters, solar collector types and components, SWH applications, and SWH systems will be presented by Mario Fsadni, Robert Farrugia and Charles Yousif.

For further details and registration forms, please contact Mr C.J. Falzon at