Understanding Politics and Political Ideas A two-year evening course leading to a Diploma in Political studies is being launched by the University of Malta. The course seeks to introduce participants to the study of political ideas and their prime exponents, governing institutions, political history, issues of human rights, policy-making and social issues relevant to the study and understanding of politics.

The course is open to all those who have a desire to understand better the workings and processes involved in political action and how political ideas have shaped the modern world. It is also of interest to individuals currently engaged or wishing to engage in local councils, pressure groups, non-governmental organisations, political parties or the media. The course can lay claim to a number of graduates who now hold responsible positions in various social fields and who agreed that this diploma had played an important part in their career development.

For admission to the course mature candidates require one A level or a comparable qualification. Other candidates need to satisfy the University’s entrance requirements For more information please e-mail the secretary, Ms Amanda Bartolo, at amanda.bartolo@um.edu.mt