Woodwinds for Summertime

Clarinet Virtuosity in Gozo

WOODWINDS FOR SUMMERTIME with ‘The Victoria Clarinet Quartet’

The central courtyard of the University of Malta Gozo Centre was the perfect venue for its annual summer activity entitled “Woodwinds for Summertime” with The Victoria Clarinet Quartet. The event took place on Friday 31st August 2007. An audience of about two hundred persons attended an unusual clarinet virtuosity.

The Victoria Clarinet Quartet was established in January 2004 and the four founding members are Mario Galea (1st Clarinet), Marvin Grech (2nd Clarinet), Joseph Debrincat (3rd Clarinet), and George Larry Zammit (Bass Clarinet/4th Clarinet). All performers reside in Victoria, Gozo.

During the evening the ensemble performed music by Gershwin (Summertime); Rossini (William Tell); Monti (Czardas); Lennon & McCarthney (Yesterday); Mancini (The Pink Panther), Pace (L-Imnarja), Elgar (Pomp and Circumstance), (My Way) among others.

The concert also included video features related to the musical pieces being performed. The well acclaimed soprano Georgina Gauci and Michael Camilleri on drumkit, also joined the quartet to perform classical and pop music. The event was very ably compered by Mr Rob Ricards.

Among the guests were the Hon. Giovanna Debono, Minister for Gozo, Hon. Anton Tabone, Speaker of the House of Representatives and Professor Lino Briguglio, Director of the Centre. The annual activity organised by the University Gozo Centre has become a popular event for many Gozitan and Maltese patrons as well as for tourists.

from left to right: Mr Mario Galea, Mr Marvin Grech, Mr Joseph Debrincat and Mr George Larry Zammit, performing one of the musical pieces.

The audience during the activity.