Dr Barbara Baschiera

Dr Barbara Baschiera

Dr Barbara Baschiera

 D.Lett.,M.Ed.,Corso di Perfezionamento,M.Eu.(Project Design),Ph.D.(Ca' Foscari)

Senior Lecturer

Room 5
Car Park 6
University of Malta
  +356 2340 2742, +356 2340 2928, +356 2340 3751
Resident Academic Full Time Lecturer in Instruction and the Development of Effective and Inclusive Pedagogies at University of Malta. Designing, coordinating and lecturing study-units related to person centred strategies throughout the lifespan in inclusive settings and ICT for students with disability.
Research in several fields of Education: People with special needs; Intergenerational Learning; Active ageing; ICT; Design and implementation of strategies for the development and qualification of new teaching/training methods and related learning environments; and Training of operators in adult education).

Lecturer in Didactics and Education for students with Special Needs at University Ca' Foscari of Venice, Italy.
She worked as a Lecturer at University of Bologna “Alma Mater” and at Accademia di Belle Arti of Venice and as a Researcher in Intergenerational Care and Adults' Learning at University of Bolzano – Fakultät für Bildungswissenschaften Ricerca – Forschung – Research Freie Universität Bozen. She was Designated Lecturer for first-level Master in Communication and Non Verbal Language and for second-level Master in Family Policy at University Ca' Foscari of Venice, Italy.

She was Guest Editor, Journals (Banzato M, Baschiera B., Insegnamento e Formazione, Volume 3 (2012), Open Learning per il dialogo tra le generazioni (Open Learning for Intergenerational Dialogue). She is member of the Editorial Board of The Journal of Education, Culture and Society, Wraclav.
  • Inclusive Education
  • Intergenerational Learning
  • Adult education

Baschiera, B. 2015, "Digital Storytelling: a Powerful Cooperative Learning Methodology for Inclusive Education and the acquisition of Citizenship key-Competencies. L'uso del Digital Storytelling in contesti di apprendimento cooperativo per l'inclusive education e l'acquisizione delle competenze chiave di cittadinanza", FORMAZIONE & INSEGNAMENTO.Rivista internazionale di Scienze dell'educazione e della formazione, vol. 12, no. 3, pp. 181-188.

Baschiera, B. 2015, "Intergenerational learning for developing entrepreneurship and promoting active citizenship", LLL - Focus on Lifelong Lifewide Learning, vol. 25, pp. 1-19.

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Baschiera, B. 2014, "Intergenerational Learning and creative experiences to foster reciprocity between generations. Apprendimento intergenerazionale e creatività per ricostruire la reciprocità tra generazioni", FORMAZIONE & INSEGNAMENTO.Rivista internazionale di Scienze dell'educazione e della formazione, vol. 12, no. 2, pp. 211-224.

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Baschiera, B., Deluigi, R. & Luppi, E. 2014, Educazione Intergenerazionale. Prospettive, progetti e metodologie formative per promuovere solidarietà fra le generazioni, FrancoAngeli, Milano.

Tosato, P. & Baschiera, B. 2014, "Interactive Robot and Peer Tutoring. Robot interattivi e peer tutoring: imparare dal compagno", Bricks, vol. 2, pp. 71-84.

Baschiera, B. 2010, "Formative Counseling for the learning support teacher.Tra accoglienza e supervisione. Il counseling formativo per il docente di sostegno" in Ricerca didattica e counseling formativo, ed. F. Tessaro, Pensa multimedia, Lecce, pp. 213-230.

  • EDS5002 - Educational Contexts: Learners and Learning
  • EDS5005 - Educational Contexts: Curricula and Pedagogies
  • EPE2003 - Sharing Responsibilities with Families and Pluralistic Communities in Early Childhood Education
  • IAL1004 - Students with Diverse Developmental Disabilities and Learning Needs
  • IAL1006 - Basic Inter- and Intra-Personal Skills in the Classroom: A Positive Psychology Approach
  • IAL1007 - Foundations of Inclusive Education from a Universal Design for Learning Perspective
  • IAL1008 - Introducing Literacy and Mathematics for Students with Learning Disabilities / Difficulties
  • IAL2005 - Parental Involvement
  • IAL2009 - Curriculum Knowledge: Language Learning in Secondary Years
  • IAL2010 - Designing and Evaluating IEP in the Secondary Classroom: Advanced
Responsibility in European Projects:
2015 -17 CONTACT “Creating an On-line Network, monitoring Team and phone App to Counter hate
crime Tactics” - JUST/2014/RRAC/AG/HATE/6706 – Researcher for University of Malta

2013-15 KEY “Key competences to Lifelong Learning in education of seniors” – 2014-1-PL01-
KA204-002858 (Coordinated by Fundacja Pro Scientia Publica – Polska) – Researcher for
University Ca' Foscari of Venice

2012-14 HIHTAST “Hand in Hand to a Social tomorrow“ 2012-1-BE3-GRU06-05804-4 t
Project Manager and Researcher for University Ca' Foscari of Venice

2011-13 ALICE “Adults Learning for Intergenerational Creative Experiences” 518106-LLP-1-2011-
1-IT-GRUNTWIG-GMP- ctr. N. 2011-3375/001-001
Drafted parts of the project's proposal, delivered training for trainers, undertook all the
practical experimentation of the project and participated in national and international
conferences with a view to disseminate project information and findings.