Dr Charles Bonello

Dr Charles Bonello

Dr Charles Bonello


Visiting Senior Lecturer

Faculty of Education
Mathematics and Science Education
Room 225B
Old Humanities Building
  +356 2340 3415
Charles Bonello is a Senior Lecturer in science education within the Faculty of Education. He started his career as a Physics teacher and has taught at secondary and post-secondary levels. Before joining the Faculty of Education on a full-time basis, he was a senior lecturer in Physics at the Junior College.

His research interests and teaching areas in science education include physics education, pedagogy, classroom talk, technology in the teaching of science, values in science and the history of science.

He is involved in initial teacher education for secondary school science teachers and also teaches on a number of post-graduate programmes. Charles participated in a number of European projects aimed at improving science education in Europe.
  • Science Education
  • Physics education
  • Pedagogy
  • Classroom discourse
  • Use of technology in science teaching
  • Values in Science Education
  • History of Science
  • MSS1005 - Conceptual Physics
  • MSS5002 - Resources for the Secondary Science Curriculum
  • MSS5003 - Learning Theories in the Sciences
  • MSS5005 - Teaching Secondary Science Specialisation
  • MSS5008 - Values in Science Education
  • PHY3208 - Short Review Paper and Philosophy of Science
2011 – 2013: Member of the PRIMAS research project group. This project aimed to promote
inquiry-based learning in mathematics and science at both primary and secondary levels across
Europe. This was an international project within the Seventh Framework Program of the
European Union [https://primas-project.eu/about/].

2016 – 2019: Member of the IncluSMe (Intercultural learning in science and mathematics
education) Erasmus+ project focussing on intercultural learning in mathematics and science
initial teacher education. IncluSMe [https://inclusme-project.eu/project/] offered a
constructive contribution for tackling one of Europe’s greatest challenges: education for
refugee and immigrant youth.

2018 – to date Member of the EDUCHANGE project [http://educhange.net/], an international
project that aims to develop innovative ideas related to climate change and the role of water
in cities through innovative place based education and blended learning. Four universities
from the Czech Republic, Netherlands, Norway and Malta are participating in this project and
the duration of the project was for two years [2018 – 2020]. The project coordinators have
applied to continue on this project up to 2022.

2020 – to date Member of the Girls4STEM in Europe [GEM] project. This project is intended to
empower girls to embrace their STEM, digital and entrepreneurial potential. The project also
encourages girls to pursue STEM and ICT carriers, enabling society to support these
endeavours. The duration of the project is for two years [2020 – 2022] and is co-funded by
the European Commission. The coordinator of the project is the International Centre for STEM
Education (ICSE) [http://icse.eu/].

Chairperson of Local Organizing Committee - GIREP International Webinars 2021-2022
The International Research Group on Physics Teaching - GIREP [Groupe International de
Recherche sur l'Enseignement de la Physique] together with the University of Malta, Faculty
of Education and Faculty of Science have organized two international webinars entitled:
'Physics Teacher Education - What matters?'. These international GIREP webinars were held on
the 16th - 18th November 2020. and the 15th - 19th November 2021. Information about the
logistics and themes of the Seminar can be found in the website - ww.um.edu.mt/events/girep/.